Noted Profile In Courage Mitt Romney Comes Out Of Hiding, Makes Endorsement

By Gary P Jackson

I know Lt Col West needs all of the support he can get, but this is kinda pathetic. Typical of Mitt Romney though. At least he’s not waiting until AFTER the election, like he did with New Mexico’s next Governor, Susanna Martinez, who he endorsed after she won her primary.

For the record, Sarah Palin endorsed Lt Col West way back in March, when it wasn’t so politically fashionable.

Cubachi has some strong words for Romney:

It’s about time: Mitt endorses Allen West today. Take a lesson from Sarah Palin on political courage Mittens

Look, Allen West needs all the help he can get, but this is ridiculous. Mitt Romney waits until 10 days before the election to endorse Allen West?

Sarah Palin endorsed Allen West since March. For me, she demonstrated more political fortitude in getting behind such a great conservative candidate.

All of a sudden, since West is in a positive growth in the polls, getting him ahead of Ron Klein, Mitt finds it safe enough to endorse Allen West. This reminds me of Romney endorsing Marco Rubio so late in the game against Charlie Crist.

There are many reasons why Romney, for me, represents the same liberalism that I detest about the republican party establishment. Romneycare, his waffling on economic and social issues, etc. If Romney thinks this endorsement will ingratiate me to his candidacy, as somehow proving that he’s a conservative, he’s wrong.

Not much political or conservative bravery on the part of Mittens.

Via Sun-Sentinel:

On Monday, Romney’s Free & Strong America PAC added Republican candidate Allen West to its list of 30 critical House races to watch (and donate to) in the coming midterm election…

By giving a shout out to West, Romney hopes he’ll be viewed favorably by West and his supporters after the election.

I know some of our readers will be reminding me of Reagan’s Eleventh Commandment, “though shall not speak ill of fellow Conservatives.” But that’s the really the deal here. Mitt Romney is not a “fellow Conservative.” He’s not one of us.

No, Romney is another establishment hack. An unprincipled progressive who blows with the wind. He’s also the guy the elite Ruling Class is backing for 2012. He’s the establishment’s show pony. Proven liar Jonathan Martin of POLITICO, who some say likes to dress up like Ethel Merman and sing show tunes, penned an article claiming all of the big money elites are getting behind Mitt. He’s their boy. Sources also say Martin is a shill for Romney.

These are the same big wigs and party elites who backed losers like Senator Arlen Specter, Florida Governor Charlie Crist, and of course, Senator Lisa Murkowski, all of whom promptly left the Republican Party when it became obvious they couldn’t win their primaries, or, as in Lisa’s case, after getting whipped in the primary. All trashing the Republican Party along the way.

Of course, Lisa is the worst of the bunch. Once she got beat, instead of accepting the will of the voters, she first tried to shop herself as a replacement for the Libertarian Party candidate, and when rejected, decided to run a write in candidate, backed by unions, special interest lobbyists, and even democrat operatives.

Showing what they are really made of, the GOP Ruling Class elites refused to strip Murkowski of her committee assignments, even though she was no longer a member of the Republican Party, and actively trying to defeat Joe Miller, who IS the Republican Party nominee.

Much like the Ruling Class’s fear of Sarah Palin, the fear of Joe Miller is he is a principled man who will seek to put an end to the corruption in Washington. He will end their gravy train.

Why does this matter? These people, these Ruling Class elites, these are Mitt Romney’s kind of people.

Romney seems to have chosen a “careful” path toward the presidency: Stay in hiding, say nothing controversial, and then when all of the heavy lifting is done, good old Mitt will show up and offer his services to save us all.

America needs fighters, people who will go all in, to try and save the nation from certain destruction. We need leaders who say things like: “Politically, if I die, I die, but I won’t sit down, and I won’t shut up!

Mitt Romney doesn’t even come close.

What really offends me about Romney though, is here we are, a week away from the most important election in our nation’s history, and this clown is angling to further his career.

Mitt Romney’s naked lust for the presidency is repugnant.

What’s sad is Romney is thought well of in some circles. He could have been out there for the last two years using his name, and that goodwill, to help defeat Obama’s dangerous agenda, an agenda that has America staring into the abyss.

You know, had Romney been an actual leader, and had the cojones to step up in our nation’s darkest hour, like many patriots have, he might have even made a difference, but we’ll never know, because Romney is just too big of a political coward, and more interested in his own ambition, than the fate of the nation.

I agree with Cubachi, Romney could learn some lessons in courage, and leadership from Sarah Palin.


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7 responses to “Noted Profile In Courage Mitt Romney Comes Out Of Hiding, Makes Endorsement

  1. Joy

    Good for you, Gary – “Mittens” (I LOVE that soubriquet! How fitting!) needs to be reminded that he’s almost irrelevant now – and he certainly needs to be chastised for being a ridiculous Johnny-come-lately as well!! But I think you’re right; his ego tells him he just has to lay low and not rock the boat; then, when (in his pea-size brain) he thinks everyone has seen & heard too much from Palin, he’ll come in on his white horse and save the day!! He’ll be the anti-Palin! Well, I hope & pray that his strategy is 180 degrees off base, ’cause that would totally discourage & disgust me. And I also think that the great “unwashed Tea Party masses” have built up such a head of steam against the Insiders & GOP establishment that it won’t be so easy for the “elites” to rule the day anymore (or, at least for this and the next election cycle).

    It’s important to remember (not that YOU need reminding), but this tug-o-war between the Liberal GOP Establishment (the RINOs) and the strong Conservative base has been going on for decades – way back to the 30s (maybe even the 20s) – and certainly had a lot of play in the 40s. My own father was a strong supporter of Robert Taft against Gen. Eisenhower; and although I was just a little girl, I still remember how strongly he felt about that right up to the Convention!!

    So, I guess, this may be a very long-running soap opera, although I’m not-so-secretly hoping that we may FINALLY send those old whigs packing once & for all!! Their standing has never been lower in recent years – and I don’t think the TP Movement will abate any time soon!!

    BTW, Pam Geller at Atlas Shrugs endorsed Allen West back in 2009 when few of us had even heard of him, she was giving him a major shout-out – and frequently, too!

    One final note – and perhaps the subject of future discussion – the Patriotic Black Storm PAC (backed by several other TP groups, including iCaucus, etc.) has been waging a rather lonely battle in support of the 15 outstanding black Conservative Congressional candidates (incl. Allen West) who emerged victorious from an original field of 37 hopefuls in the Primaries. The GOP elites have done sweet fanny adam/piss all for these great Patriots – in fact, acc. to a recent email I rec’d, no one in a current national leadership position has come to the aid of these candidates and lent any meaningful support (standing with them at rallies and/or using funds to support their candidacies, etc.). I’m not quite sure how accurate this is, but I trust the source; and , given the spineless nature of most of them, it’s not hard to believe. As you would say, additional “profiles in courage” (NOT!)…

    • Gary P

      Thanks Joy.

      Romney is just a disappointment at every level. He really could have lent his name early and often, and made some noise, but he’s simply not a leader. After looking into his real record as a Governor, he becomes an even bigger disappointment. How anyone thinks this guy is some kind of economic genius is way beyond me. He governed like a progressive democrat, with predicable results.

      He’s simply not the sort we need.

      Pamela Geller is always on the cutting edge of this stuff! It fits that she “discovered” Allen West! I love the guy. He is just incredible. He will be an incredible congressman.

      When I daydream about these things, I think about how great a Palin/West ticket would be in 2012. He’s really the only non-governor I can think of who would make a good VP.

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  3. Joy

    I think we mused about this before – Palin/West – my God, what an incredible team! Can you just imagine the sort of image those two would project?!? The world, indeed, would take notice, once again, of AMERICA – and no apologies needed, extended or expected!! And we could actually COUNT on them to project a strength and honesty that would make every other nation take notice! Like Moses & the Red Sea: The waters would just part! (OK, dream over – for the moment…)

    Meantime, I also recall your remarks from an earlier posting, and repeated here: Namely, Romney, showing true LACK of leadership, lost valuable time – time he can never recapture – by remaining silent. He could well have come out, a la Palin, if not swinging, than, at least, stating his support of all those wonderful TP candidates who have dared to step out of their respective comfort zones and risk being vilified and hit by umpteen cream pies!! And if for no other practical reason than the ability or likelihood of “calling in those chips” come 2012!! What a dunce – and how many wasted opportunities!! What Romney lacks in vision is more than made up by what Palin has in spades!

    • Gary P

      Sarah Palin is truly Ronald Reagan in heels. Reagan always said we need to think in bold colors, not pale pastels. Sarah is indeed bold, and Romney is faded and pale. Or as the boys over at HillBuzz say, a soggy cucumber and mayo sandwich.

      Reagan also said it’s amazing what can be done when no one cares about who gets the credit. Here again, Sarah is doing this because she feels she is called to stand up and serve. To lead. Everything Romney does is a calculation, hoping to benefit Romney. Just as like this endorsement.

  4. Joy

    So true! “Stand up & serve without concern about who gets the credit!” – that’s a wonderful statement.

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