Breaking: Sarah Palin Interviews Barack Obama

Sarah interviews Barry.

Courtesy C. Steven Tucker.


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5 responses to “Breaking: Sarah Palin Interviews Barack Obama

  1. Joy

    FABULOUS!! You betcha it’s going out to all “my peeps!” Just love how the Left gives us so much material for satire & parody; unfortunately, that same “treasure trove” ain’t so good for the country!

    • Gary P

      Yeah, this is the best Robot Theater I have seen.

      I love it when “She” tells Barry he needs to learn how to ask “You want some fries with that?” Priceless!

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  3. GloriaJH

    nah, didn’t like it, stopped the video after the term “cracker babys” used …

    I’m sorry, I posted this comment in the wrong place just a few minutes ago – clicked on the wrong link – whoops! 🙂

    • Gary P

      He was quoting a couple of members of the loving, caring NAACP, who have said they need to kill all of the “cracka babies.”

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