Rasmussen: Republican Primary Voters Like Sarah Palin Best: 82 Percent Approval Rating

By Gary P Jackson

From Scott Rasmussen’s latest polling on possible 2012 presidential contenders:

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey of those voters finds that 82% have a favorable opinion of former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, the party’s vice presidential nominee in 2008, while just 17% view her unfavorably. That includes 50% with a Very Favorable opinion and eight percent (8%) with a Very Unfavorable one.

This is quite a significant rise in Sarah Palin’s approval ratings, which have consistently polled in the low to mid 70s. Obviously, as her favorables have risen, her unfavorables have lowered significantly as well.

These numbers are getting close to her pre-vice presidential run approval numbers when she was Governor of Alaska, where her numbers were consistently in the high 80s to low 90s. The top numbers of any Governor in the Nation at the time.

For more polling results, go here.


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8 responses to “Rasmussen: Republican Primary Voters Like Sarah Palin Best: 82 Percent Approval Rating

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  2. beth deris

    Our country is gone bat azz crazy, Palin’s a entertainer not a politician. What crack pot’s think this nut can ever be in position for the highest office IN the WORLD. If you didn’t agree with her off to jail you’d go. Look at the revenge she’s done to all those that she formed a hate for. This women is out for blood. Be careful what you wish for. Palin for POTUS will be the end of our country.

    • Gary P

      I normally don’t publish reposes from batshit crazy commenters, but this one is just too funny not to share.

      Where do you moonbats come up with this nonsense?

      Sarah Palin has been in executive level politics for 20 years. She was the most successful Governor in the nation.

      As for sending people to jail, so far, the only people Sarah Palin has sent to prison were corrupt Alaska Republican law makers. That’s exactly the sort we need in Washington.

      As for being the end of our country, we are witnessing that now with Obama in office, who, BTW, DOES go after those who disagree with his insanity.

      Perhaps your comment is more projection than anything else.

      Anyhow, thanks for the laugh. I’m sure our readers will enjoy a good chuckle as well.

  3. Charlie

    Don’t know whether to laugh or cry for you, Beth. Gary is correct..you are projecting the behavior and attributes of your ‘chosen one’ upon Governor Palin.
    And you are projecting your own despair and self-hatred upon one of the most dynamic and honest leaders our country has had the honor to see emerge in a good long time.
    I often wonder if those who say the kind of things you just said are truly ignorant of the facts after all this time, or if you are just flat out insane.

  4. Joy

    Oh-oh, how did I miss THIS one? LOL… Beth Deris is one sick puppy – and she probably believes this insanity, too! Unfortunately, that mindset has poisoned thousands (maybe millions) of minds already – and it’s based on nothing but lies, hatred and ignorance. It’s one of those gut things that if a certain type doesn’t know one true fact about Palin – but relies on the MoveOn.Org crowd bec. of a certain “mental illness” – namely, Liberalism (thank you, Dr. Savage!) – then he/she just parrots that insanity and feels that he/she has made an intelligent contribution to the argument.

    Our goal for 2012 is to completely marginalize that type of thinking – and those who perpetuate it – and then just focus on the totally positive mission at hand: Support and spread the Good Word about La Palin. For a person to suggest that she has even one hate-filled bone in her body is to expose that person’s obvious ignorance. We don’t need to defend Palin; rather, the onus is on the REAL haters to provide proof of their own insane & mendacious accusations – and that’s a cause that’s DOA, folks!

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  7. People should understand that Beth Deris is probably a pseudoname. On the TMTParty.info blog, we have organizations asking us to blog for pay, as well as individuals approaching us to blog for us for pay. The Beth Deris character is likely doing just that, judging from the number of her posts there are on the Web. So these people may or may not actually believe what they’re posting but what they are doing is making money by capitalizing on Democrats’ follow-the-leader mentality.
    Case in point, Sarah Palin’s Paul Revere comments were almost verbatim from the Wikipedia article on Paul Revere. In fact, it was NBC’s Brian Williams that got it wrong. Democrats (and some Republicans and TEA Party as well) never bothered to look it up to see if Sarah was right. She was. We posted the information on TMTParty.info but how many people took the time to read our post, or for that matter, read anything? What you don’t know can hurt you. Join a local TEA Party and be in the know, or start one yourself if you’re already in the know. Trolls need not apply.

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