Murkowski Lacks Intellectual Fortitude Among Other Things

By Stacy Drake

Monday, in the midst of the still ongoing Alaska Senate vote count, the “perky one,” Katie Couric gave an interview to write-in candidate Lisa Murkowski. With a Senate seat at stake, and all the legal wrangling happening with this election, it makes sense that Murkowski’s opinion about Governor Palin would be the headline, right? Well, this is perky’s CBS we’re talking about folks. A network more than willing to give Princess Lisa a warm setting, I’m sure.

CBS “reports:

Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowki told CBS News’ Katie Couric today that she would not support Sarah Palin for president because Palin lacks the “leadership qualities” and “intellectual curiosity” to craft great policy.

“You know, she was my governor for two years, for just about two years there, and I don’t think that she enjoyed governing,” Murkowski said. “I don’t think she liked to get down into the policy.” The Alaska senator added that she prefers a candidate who “goes to bed at night and wakes up in the morning thinking about how we’re going to deal with” important issues.

As if Lisa had a clue what Governor Palin thinks about first thing in the morning. Also stunning is the fact that Lisa was handed her position of power by her father, yet still finds herself a worthy arbiter of leadership.

Then, as someone who FAILED her bar exam FOUR TIMES, Murkowski has the nerve to say that Governor Palin lacks “intellectual curiosity.” Perhaps if Murkowski had any intellectual curiosity herself, she may have realized that daddy couldn’t hand her a law license. There are still some standards to obtain that credential in Alaska.

The notion that Governor Palin lacks the intelligence to “craft great policy” is both insulting and bereft of fact. Murkowski, with no real policy accomplishments of her own, acts as though ACES and AGIA never happened. Lisa also doesn’t take into account the years Governor Palin spent as a City Council Member, a Mayor, and AOGCC Chair either. All positions which required more than just simple “curiosity” to serve her constituents.

The CBS “report” goes on to talk about the “acrimonious history” between Governor Palin and Murkowski. They repeat the past snipes from Lisa towards the governor regarding her resignation from office. Then the “report” quotes Governor Palin’s Facebook page, speaking about Murkowski, when she wrote that she had “never seen a candidate stoop as low as was seen last night in Alaska’s senatorial debate.” However, CBS omitted the reason Governor Palin wrote that. In case you forgot, Murkowski questioned Joe Miller’s honor during a debate. Joe Miller is a West Point graduate and a decorated combat veteran, so the governor was quite correct with her statement.

After talking about the history between Governor Palin and Murkowski (minus the governor’s side), the “report” continues:

In the interview with Couric, Murkowski said she did not have much of a relationship with Palin, though she said their interactions were “always professional.”

“We just don’t really have much in common – I mean, we don’t talk to one another,” she said.

“We have common interests in a shared love for our state, and I would like to think that if there were an opportunity to help do something good for Alaska, she would call me, or I could call her,” Murkowski added. “But in fairness, she is not really that keyed into the state anymore. She is looking, obviously, at a bigger pond, and so we don’t see her up north as much.” (The comment comes one day after the debut of Palin’s reality show, which is meant to showcase the state.)

I’ve got to hand it to CBS for that last part. Although it is glaring right at the readers, they still point out how foolish Murkowski looks trying to insinuate that Governor Palin wasn’t “keyed into the state [Alaska] anymore,” a day after the premier of Sarah Palin’s Alaska on TLC.

Lisa Murkowski isn’t entirely wrong in this interview talking about her relationship with Governor Palin. She said, “We just don’t really have much in common.” I couldn’t agree more. Lisa Murkowski shares none of the quality character traits of Governor Palin. She isn’t a self-made woman like the governor – instead she was handed her whole life on a platter. Governor Palin is a woman of principle versus a woman who clings to power. Governor Palin is person who respects the will of the people. Murkowski put on a clinic during this last election about ignoring the voters and holding on to power at any cost. Lisa Murkowski goes to Washington to serve her political interests and the interests of those who fund her ride, no matter the cost to the people. Governor Palin’s political backers are the people.


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5 responses to “Murkowski Lacks Intellectual Fortitude Among Other Things

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  2. door28yard

    What’s particularly galling – and, of course, in a general election, one can vote “across the aisle – is that at least half those who managed to write in Lisa Dumbass were Democrats! In other words, the Republican voters of Alaska voted for Miller (if not by a wide margin, then at least sufficiently to win the primariy election); but in the general election, Murkowski pulled in not only all her “Daddy’s” old cronies (or their children) – i.e., the ones still fighting the Hatfields & McCoys dual – but MANY demoncraps as well. They knew their guy – the affable, but super Liberal, Mayor of Sitka – didn’t have a chance of a snowball in Hell to win, so decided to go with what everyone knows is “Democrat-lite” – namely, Lisa with the ugly face.

    I’ve thought about this – and about Palin – and know that Palin is so far above that petty s**t, that she’s just lookin’ to the future and staying out of the way of the skunk in the road. Also, Miller made a few missteps – not the least of which was his unintended – but well-recorded – tepid response to/endorsement of a possible Palin presidency. I think it may have beeen Karmic justice just come back to bite him in the ass – and Palin, a very wise person, is quietly just looking ahead – both to solid Conservative candidates for future races and to her own plans.

    Lisa is such a nobody that had not Palin endorsed & supported her rival, no one would have even known who she was! She’s such a big nobody that this election will have been the highlight of her entire political life. Now she’ll just recede into the woodwork and be a good RINO and a nondescript Senator.

    Palin is nonthing if not practical as well as philosophical. You win some, you lose some – but never lose your sense of self or your self-confidence. Palin has more talent, intelligence and guts in her little finger than Murkowski has ever had or will ever have!

  3. GloriaJH

    Anyone that dares go against the long established network of “good ‘ole boys” already knows that the battle will be difficult.

    I am amazed (and thankful) at just how many anti-establishment candidates were successful – that’s a huge victory and not to be discounted. HUGE!

    I’m sorry for the wounded warriors that were unable to succeed, but I hope they remain bravely engaged in the war.

    This is just one battle out of many yet to come – we’ve only just begun to restore our Country.

  4. door28yard

    Right you are, Gloria – we don’t give up now, and the fight has just begun!!

  5. Rock Minor

    Murkowski is just one of many luke warm republicans ,who would gladly join the democrats to see Sarah Palin fail. Though Murkowski is particularly rotten in the fight. These high brows, do not want to give up their status of knowing what is best for the poor ,little man.

    “If you want to know the true soul of a man ,give him power”..that is the truth.

    Don’t think for one minute ,that this all consuming media fire aimed at Sarah is coming only from the progressives.. There are many devils in this fight..

    Sarah Palin would put the people first, and that is what they cannot tolerate.
    We must work twice as hard, be twice as strong ,to defeat these Nimrods.
    Men who want to make all the people, as Bricks,all the same.
    That they can mold them, as they choose to.
    The good news ,is that they cannot win. In the end ,as Thomas Jefferson said,…”when the people have all the facts ,they will make the right decisions”..I believe that.

    Can Sarah Palin win the presidency?…Your dam right she can!!
    It would be our honor.

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