Latest Polling: Sarah Palin Leads All Republican Candidates For 2012 Nomination

By Gary P Jackson

The latest Public Policy Polling survey shows Sarah Palin leads all potential candidates for the 2012 nomination for President.

The numbers look like this:

Sarah Palin 21%, Newt Gingrich 19%, Mitt Romney 18%, Mike Huckabee 16%, Ron Paul and Tim Pawlenty are tied at 5% each, John Thune 3%, Daniels 2%.

Sarah also leads the “second choice” picks as well, with 20%. This is well ahead of Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney who clock in at 13% each. The rest of the field is in the single digits.

Sarah also leads in favorability among GOP voters and is only bested by Mike Huckabee in low unfavorables.

Sarah Palin F/U: 68/22, Mike Huckabee 63/17, Newt Gingrich 57/28, Mitt Romney 56/24.

PPP didn’t ask this question of other candidates, but did ask about newly elected Florida Senator Marco Rubio, with these results: F/U: 43/16. Frankly this one shocks us, we would think Rubio’s favorability would be sky high among Conservatives, but not so.

These Favorability numbers differ a bit from the latest Rasmussen polling where those surveyed gave Sarah an 82% favorable 17% unfavorable rating.

It’s quite early yet, and two years are a lifetime in politics, but Sarah Palin continues to trend high and most certainly is the front runner. Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee continue to slide backwards, and the backbenchers are still back benchers.

As a side note, we find PPP, a democrat polling firm, rather hilarious in their bias as they reported their findings. Generally PPP leads with presidential polling, if that’s what the polling is about, but this time, chose to make their entire blog entry [which links to the poll data] about a totally different subject: Whether or not RNC Chairman Michael Steele should stay or go. They don’t mention the presidential polling at all!

It’s a complete surprise for readers who actually are curious enough to know the breakdown on Steele’s numbers.

Could it be because Sarah Palin continues to trend so well in early polling around the country?

And the lamestream media wonders why no one trusts them.

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