Investor’s Business Daily: Hey GOP Leadership, When Sarah Palin Speaks, You Need To Listen

The lesson: When Mama Grizzly roars, maybe the Beltway know-it-alls should listen.

By Gary P Jackson

The editors over at Investor’s Business Daily have penned an editorial praising the wisdom of Sarah Palin, and how she made the right choices of candidates to back during the primaries and general election:

Palin’s Vindication

Congress: The GOP establishment — and some conservative pundits — ridiculed Sarah Palin for backing rough-edged Tea Party challengers over establishment figures. Recent congressional votes prove her right.

Read the editorial here.

Even though those mentioned, Christine O’Donnell and Sharron Miller lost [thanks to the GOP elites, in our opinion] and who knows how the Miller/Murkowski contest will shake out, Sarah made bold choices to back principled Common Sense Conservatives.

Of course, Sarah backed 94 candidates for local, state, and national office, 63 of which won. That’s a record anyone would envy.

As for the Republican leadership, especially the Senate leadership, well, let’s just say their record of success was nil. The Republican group responsible for recruiting and backing candidates picked the wrong horse in almost every primary. Thankfully most were defeated before they had a chance to join pathetic RINOs like Mike Castle and Lisa Murkowski.

The GOP would do well to seek Sarah Palin’s council in the future, on pretty much every issue. Their batting record would improve greatly.


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2 responses to “Investor’s Business Daily: Hey GOP Leadership, When Sarah Palin Speaks, You Need To Listen

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  2. Bloodhound

    The sad part is that we still have too many RINOs ruining things and voting for Idiotic changes, like letting Gays to serve openly! Snow, Brown, and the other six should be shown the door and never allowed to serve in office in our great nation again. Brown is truly a disappointment! I now place him right up there with the Leftists Kennedys! America does not need these wishy washy idiots!

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