Juan Williams, Exit Stage Left!

By Whitney

Yet another one of Governor Palin’s Fox News colleagues attempted to perpetuate the “dumb” meme regarding Governor Palin. Appearing on Fox News Sunday today, Juan Williams stated:

There’s nobody out there, except for Sarah Palin, who can absolutely dominate the stage, and she can’t stand on the intellectual stage with Obama.

After all, according to Williams, Governor Palin is nothing but a centerfold for conservative men, right? What should we expect? How in the world could a state college educated female and former journalist carry a candle to a Ivy League educated male president?

However, perhaps this time Williams is right. Governor Palin and President Obama can’t stand on the same stage. A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a post describing the difference between Governor Palin’s intelligence and President Obama’s intellectualism:

The critics of Governor Palin’s intelligence miss the distinct difference between intelligence and intellectualism. Intelligence involves the ability to process and apply information in a successful manner. By comparison, Thomas Sowell, an esteemed economist, author, and favorite of Governor Palin’s, describes intellectualism: “at the core of the notion of an intellectual is the dealer in ideas, as such–not the personal application of ideas”. In 2009, Sowell wrote a book entitled Intellectuals and Society where he highlights how the role of “intellectuals” have negatively influenced all aspects of society–from economics to law to the media. The common thread that runs through each aspect that Sowell covers in his book is that intellectuals feel that they are needed to dictate to the unwashed masses how they should conduct their lives. This is where you get the intellectual politicians who feel that they should control the economy through regulations, taxation, and the like, and this is also where you get the pontificating pundits who feel that they know best. After all, they have the Ivy League education and the self-declared credentials to do so, right?

In just under 2 years as president, Obama has ushered in the government takeover of the healthcare, college loan, banking, and internet industries, in addition to extending the extensive government involvement in the auto industry that he supported during President Bush’s administration. President Obama has given further regulatory control to unelected agencies like the EPA, FCC, and FDA. He has added more to the national deficit in 2 years than his predecessors did in more than 200 years. His stimulus package led to over 10% unemployment, when it was promised to prevent unemployment from going over 8%. President Obama kowtowed (or as I like to call it, bowtowed) to both America’s enemies and union bosses. He pushed for a treaty with Russia that allows Russia to continue to produce nuclear weapons while America must halt weapon production; all the while reducing funding for missile defense. He mishandled America’s most destructive environmental disaster in history by blaming the previous administration for his own appointees’ failures. He is joined with foreign nations in suing the state of Arizona for desiring to enforce federal border security and immigration laws.

As Governor, Sarah Palin put $5 billion in state savings and decreased state spending by more than 9%. She reduced earmark requests by 80%. She stands for smaller government and reduced intervention by unelected, appointed bureaucrats. She stood firmly against the stimulus package and called for President Obama to veto the bill. She stood against cuts to missile defense and called for the Senate to not verify the START treaty. She called for the President to turn away from his “enemy centric” foreign policy. She stood for oversight of the oil industry and federal responsibility in cleaning up the oil spill, rather than burdensome, job killing regulations and drilling moratoriums. She stood with Governor Brewer in a desire to secure the border.

Governor Palin has private sector experience as a journalist, fisherwoman, and small business owner in addition to nearly twenty years of political experience between the city council, mayor’s office, Oil and Gas Regulator, and Governor. President Obama has experience as a community organizer, state senator, and US Senator. By the time President Obama was elected to the U.S. Senate in 2004, Governor Palin already had three times as much executive experience as President Obama currently has. She has had to balance a budget as a small business owner and a governor, and she has understood the importance of handling both prudently and responsibility. President Obama established a deficit commission after he signed legislation that added more than a trillion dollars to the deficit–willfully oblivious to the effects of his lack of executive experience.

If you juxtapose President Obama’s experience, policies, and record against Governor Palin’s experience, stances and record, then I suppose Williams is right. Governor Palin cannot stand on the “intellectual” stage with Obama, and rightfully so. While President Obama’ s supposed intellect has made us a less secure nation in every sense of the word, Governor Palin’s gubernatorial record and stances would lead America to a more financial stable and a more secure nation.

Governor Palin stands on the stage of common sense, practicality, and smart governance. Juan Williams and President Obama can exit stage left.


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8 responses to “Juan Williams, Exit Stage Left!

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  2. Bloodhound

    I haave known “intellectuals” that can’t even tie their own shoes! Ideas, yes, they have plenty. Good Ideas, well, that is debatable. In Obama’s case, his ideas are better flushed down the toilet! One thing Obama does not have and Ms Palin is ate up with, and that is “Common Sense”! I would rather have someone with common sense running our Great Nation than an Intellect that acts like a Retard!

    Palin 2012! She has my vote!

  3. Joy

    So many comments comes to mind, but will state just a few of them:
    (1) I think Sowell may have been quoting or even influenced by a great libertarian writer, journalist and thinker, Robert LeFevre, who died several years ago, but in the last years of his life had a very successful column in the Orange Country Register. He famously coined the phrase (which I’ve used repeatedly in the 45 years since I first hear him speak those words!), “Intellectuals are merely second-hand dealers in ideas!” (I added “second-hand” to Sowell’s quote.)
    (2) I just heard on one of the radio talk shows this past week (Tammy Bruce, I think, but it may have been one of Rush’s subs or one of Hannity’s subs) that, indeed, one should HOPE that Palin isn’t “on the same intellectual stage” as Obama! Why denigrate her to an inferior position? She is naturally elevated, compared to empty suit Obama!
    (3) The writer hails and prefers Palin’s “executive experience” and demonstrated competence, and Bloodhound attributes Palin’s success to “Common Sense” judgments & governing style. I’ll add my two cents’ worth and single out her incredibly prescient “political instincts” – this woman has radar and antennae that many? most? politicians simply lack. She has the organizational mind of a CEO and the pioneering & unflagging spirit of an entrepreneur; she thinks outside the box and has confounded both her supporters and her most severe critics alike by her bold actions and unexpected/uncharted moves. Compared to Palin, Obama is just a thug, an “operator” and someone who plots how to get his way no matter the consequences to anyone or anything else!
    (4) Finally, pretty soon this meme, this lie – that Palin’s “stupid” and “not as smart” as Obama – will start to wear thin and only the die-hard haters & fools will cling stubbornly to it – all the while continuing to drink the spiked koolaid…

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  5. GloriaJH

    I heard/saw Juan repeat that talking point.

    Another lie on the premise if you say it enough times it will become true.

    When he said it I thought to myself, “Well if Obama defines the word ‘intellectual’, then I don’t want it – give me an American that has good instincts, that has common sense, that loves the principles on which the United States was born – I’ll take that person over an Obama intellectual any day.”

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