Introducing A New Feature: Headlines!

By Gary P Jackson

We are proud to introduce something new for all of our readers!

One of the things that has personally frustrated me for some time is the amount of interesting, and often vital news and information I read daily, that I simply don’t have enough time to write about or comment on, even though I feel the need to to just exactly that.

After thinking about this for a bit, the easiest solution is to offer up a daily posting of articles from around the nation that we find interesting, essential, or entertaining.

Current plans are to do this Monday-Friday. With each day’s initial postings being updated throughout the day, as needed. Please note this is a work in progress, and we’ll most certainly tweak things a bit as me move forward.

We’ll be placing the logo above in the upper right-hand corner of our blog where you can simply click on it, and be taken to the most current postings.

We hope our readers find this of some benefit, and encourage any input on how to make it better. We also encourage discussion and debate of any of the headlines presented.

With this in mind, here is our first installment:

The Blaze:

Shocking audio. New Black Panther Leader Reveals Collusion At New York City Meeting With Iran’s Ahmadinejad To Build An Alliance And Secure Raw Materials To Overthrow The United States Government

Gateway Pundit:

The Obama Regime Cooked The Books! 2010 Deficit Was Actually $2.1 Trillion not $1.29 Trillion

Anchorage Daily News:

Green Technology Could Destroy Sea Critters, Tidal Generators Could Disrupt Their Ability To Navigate

The Blog Prof:

Fleeced: The Upper 1% Earned 19.6% Of Total Income Before Tax, And Paid 41% Of The Individual Federal Income Tax.

No other major country is so dependent on so few taxpayers

American Thinker:

Peggy Noonan Is Jealous Of Sarah Palin

Thomas Sowell:

Political End Runs

New York Sun:

Sarah Palin, Scoop Artist

U.S. News & World Report:

Like Sarah Palin, Early Feminists Were Pro-Life



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7 responses to “Introducing A New Feature: Headlines!

  1. Joy

    Congrats on a terrific new endeavor, Gary – it’s already right up there with about half a dozen news brief roundups I get everyday now (but rarely have time to read, except in part). And the American Thinker piece was worth the price of admission alone!! It’s the PERFECT kick-off article to set the tone of your new news headline “service!” Just LOVED it – in fact, have already posted it to my Facebook page and expect others will love it, too!

    Thanks for all the great things you write & now forward to us, who have totally abandonned the network – and even cable – news shows! We’re getting more goodies from the Internet than we could ever hope to find and read in print or on the boob tube!

    • Gary P

      Thanks. I see dozens of stories sometimes that neither I Stacy or Whitney have time to blog about. At leas this way we can help spread some news around that folks may have missed.

      Hope everyone your way is having a great New Year’s Eve!

      2011 is going to be fun!!

  2. Joy

    “2011 is going to be fun!” Amen to that, Gary! And Happy & Healthy New Year to you & yours. As I joke with some of my sick friends, “Get well, you’re worth more to us alive than dead!”

  3. Cheri

    What a sweet way to begin a year!

  4. Jeanne

    This is AWESOME!!!! Loved catching up on all the things I have missed!!!! Great job and a great service!
    Keep up the good work!!!!!!

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