Awesome: Obama’s Mentor, Francis Fox Piven Rings In The New Year By Calling For Violent Revolution!

By Gary P Jackson

Well, that didn’t take long, did it!

Many have been warning that the violent radicals who helped put Barack Obama in power were an impatient bunch. They pinned their hopes on Obama, someone they could mold into shape and control, helping them bring about radical and fundamental change to America.

Thankfully, for America’s sake, Obama has turned out to be just as inept as predicted, and the American people have awakened to the dangers he and his fellow travelers pose to the Republic. In November of 2010 we witnessed the greatest political re-alignment in over 100 years, with Conservative Republicans not only taking control of the House of Representatives, and making big gains in the Senate, but winning unprecedented victories in state houses all across the country.

Obviously, the radical left is not pleased, because Obama, the most radical leftist ever elected to the presidency, has made himself re-election proof, thus dashing all hopes of the left’s radical restructuring American society. Obama was their one and only shot, and [thankfully] he blew it!

So, as all radicals are want to do, the next step is violent revolution!

Astute observers of history know the name Frances Fox Piven well. In the 1960s, Piven, along with her husband Andrew Cloward, while at Columbia University, [which Obama once attended] created the Cloward-Piven Strategy for overthrowing government through engineered crisis.

Their initial plan was to overload the nation’s welfare system, by encouraging as many people as possible to sign up, thus collapsing the entire United States economy. This, in their mind, would destroy capitalism, thus allowing them to usher in a communist form of government that all of the 60’s radicals pined for.

Piven and hubby Cloward were known to associate with other 60’s radicals like the Weather Underground, murdering terrorist [and Obama’s friend and mentor] William Ayers’ nasty little group.

As always, it is our hope readers will be intrigued enough to learn more, and not just take our word for it, but for those unfamiliar with the Cloward-Piven Strategy, here is a nice little video primer:

Jonathon M Seidl over at The Blaze has a very lengthy report on Piven’s latest threat to the Republic, what amounts to a declaration of war: A call for violent revolution.

She’s considered by many as the grandmother of using the American welfare state to implement revolution. Make people dependent on the government, overload the government rolls, and once government services become unsustainable, the people will rise up, overthrow the oppressive capitalist system, and finally create income equality. Collapse the system and create a new one. That‘s the simplified version of Frances Fox Piven’s philosophy originally put forth in the pages of The Nation in the 60s.

Now, as the new year ball drops, Piven is at it again, ringing in 2011 with renewed calls for revolution.

In a chilling and almost unbelievable editorial again in The Nation (”Mobilizing the Jobless,” January 10/17, 2011 edition), she calls on the jobless to rise up in a violent show of solidarity and force. As before, those calls are dripping with language of class struggle. Language she and her late husband Richard Cloward made popular in the 60s.

So where are the angry crowds, the demonstrations, sit-ins and unruly mobs?” she writes. “After all, the injustice is apparent. Working people are losing their homes and their pensions while robber-baron CEOs report renewed profits and windfall bonuses. Shouldn’t the unemployed be on the march? Why aren’t they demanding enhanced safety net protections and big initiatives to generate jobs?” [Emphasis added]

Those are the questions that frame what can best be called a roadmap for revolution. And it’s not long before those questions give way to directions. The first instruction: get angry.

[B]efore people can mobilize for collective action, they have to develop a proud and angry identity and a set of claims that go with that identity,” she writes. “They have to go from being hurt and ashamed to being angry and indignant.”

And along with anger must come a denunciation of personal responsibility. Instead, workers must realize that others have put them in their current, uneasy situation: “[T]he out-of-work have to stop blaming themselves for their hard times and turn their anger on the bosses, the bureaucrats or the politicians who are in fact responsible.”

Only then, once their rage has been properly stoked, can the angry take action. And when they do, she says, the “protesters need targets.”

For Piven, the best “targets” are the people or organizations “capable of making some kind of response to angry demands.” Regular demands, notice, just won’t do. No, people must be fired up and not easily deterred. Angry and not quickly placated. It’s a concoction Piven has seen recently in other countries — countries such as England and Greece, which she uses as models for American unrest:

Read more about this truly nightmarish scenario here.

Concerned yet? You should be. Think these people don’t mean business? Consider the story of Larry Grathwohl. Grathwohl, working as an an informant for the FBI, infiltrated Barack Obama’s good friend Ayers’ Weather Underground terrorist organization. Grathwohl worked as what can best be described as a “field commander” for the violent terror organization, taking orders from the “Central Committee” and making sure terrorists nationwide carried them out.

In the video below, Grathwohl describes the sort of America the terrorists envisioned after they violently overthrew the United States government. This includes communist style “re-education camps”and the cold hard fact they would “eliminate” those who refused to get with the program.

Barack Obama’s mentor, Bill Ayers and his group where fully prepared to murder 25 MILLION Americans, the estimated number of people who would NOT go along with their communist plans.

You can read a lot more about all of this here.

As a reminder, Ayers who is also widely thought to have penned Obama’s first book, Dreams From My Father, also penned the Weather Underground manifesto Prairie Fire, which he dedicated to, among others, Sirhan Sirhan, the Muslim assassin who murdered Bobby Kennedy.

This came back to bite the violent terrorist, who has posed as a “respectable” professor for years, when a member of the Kennedy family protested loudly against Ayers being given the honor of emeritus, when he recently retired.

Ayers wife, Bernardine Dohrn, is a lovely piece of work in her own right. She’s a convicted felon stemming from her part in an armed robbery carried out by the Black Panthers terrorist group, that left security guards and a policeman dead. Both she and Billy were big fans of Charles Manson, posting his likeness on the cover of many of their newsletters back in the day.

Dohrn is such a sweetheart that after the Sharon Tate and LaBianca murders she made this endearing statement in front of over 400 people at a Weather Underground “War Council” meeting in Flint, Michigan:

Dig it! First they killed those pigs, then they ate dinner in the same room with them. Then they even shoved a fork into the victim’s stomach! Wild!

Ayers who told the New York Times in a profile published on Tuesday, September 11, 2001 that he did not regret setting bombs and carrying out violence against his country, saying “we didn’t do enough,” once said this:

Kill all the rich people. Break up their cars and apartments. Bring the revolution home. Kill your parents. That’s where it’s at!

Kind of ironic, since Billy’s dad was a very wealthy man. He was a high level executive with Consolidated-Edison in Chicago. It was daddy’s money that hired the lawyer that kept Billy from achieving room temperature decades ago.

I guess it’s a good thing this little hypocrite didn’t take his own advice and off dear old dad! It saved him from prison and most certainly the death penalty. One has to wonder how many misguided kids DID follow this evil terrorist’s advice.

Why did I go off on Ayers and Dohrn in a story about Frances Fox Piven and HER call for violent revolution?

All of these people are tied together in more ways than one, but most importantly both were mentors and supporters of the current President of the United States, Barack Obama.

When Ayers realized he couldn’t overthrow the U.S., and wasn’t going to get the thrill of murdering 25 million Americans, he and his cop killing wife decided to get into the education business with the goal of recruiting students to become teachers, radicalizing them, and having them teach your kids. In this, they have been a world wide success.

Ayers hired Obama to help run his foundation that funneled millions into subversive activities disguised as “teaching initiatives.”

Of course, this isn’t Obama’s only contact with Ayers. The Ayers and Obama families are almost next door neighbors in Chicago, and the Ayers’ have baby sat the Obama children. Obama also launched his political career in Ayers’ living room at a fund raiser held in his honor.

Piven was also a mentor, and worked very hard to get Obama elected.

Now you have two different radicals, both who have no qualms about attempting to violently overthrow the United States government, who are also personal friends of the President of the United States.

Friends or not, these violent radicals are restless. Obama is not carrying out his assigned tasks. Us pesky Americans aren’t having it. His [and their] radical agenda for America was soundly defeated in November, America wants no part of Obama or the rest.

We are just waiting for 2012 to get rid of him and elect a real leader who actually loves America, and wants to restore, not destroy.

Our problem is, the radicals are not going to stand for it. They want their change and they want it now.Piven is calling for violent revolution, and you can be the other 1960s rejects will be joining in before long.

What can you do? Well, besides spreading the information, you can bend your Congressmen and Senators’ ears. Let them know this sort of thing can’t be tolerated. Put pressure on them to look into these subversives and stop them. They are no less a danger to America than al Qaeda, and have a record to prove it.

Sadly, it looks like 2011 is going to bring some real challenges for patriotic Americans who wish to save the Republic, and restore it.

May God help us all.



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16 responses to “Awesome: Obama’s Mentor, Francis Fox Piven Rings In The New Year By Calling For Violent Revolution!

  1. Uffda

    “So where are the angry crowds, the demonstrations, sit-ins and unruly mobs?” she writes. “After all, the injustice is apparent. Working people are losing their homes and their pensions while robber-baron CEOs report renewed profits and windfall bonuses. Shouldn’t the unemployed be on the march? Why aren’t they demanding enhanced safety net protections and big initiatives to generate jobs?”

    Unfortunately the American people aren’t as stupid as they think. Beyond the radicals on crack, that is.

  2. NavyVet

    NYC is a lost cause because of self loathing politicians such as Schmuer, Dinowitz, and Elliot Engel.

    These are the same Jewish mind set that during the 1930’s supported Aloof Hitler and his socialist party.

    These are the real problems facing America IMHO

  3. Bloodhound

    Let these Progressive Pukes bring it on! I have been waiting for these lowlife scum to raise their scaggy heads but I doubt very seriously that they have the testicles for it anymore. Cowards. My Powder is Dry and my Weapons are Clean, just waiting for these scum to knock on my door! If they do, it will be the last knock they ever make! We do need a revolution, but one to rid us of Progressive Scum, Communists, and Traitors, like Piven, Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Ayers, Boxer, and the rest of the Feces! Let them make all the noise they want, but Patriotic Americans are ready for these animals, anytime, anywhere! Bring it On!

  4. KingShamus

    I think the Left really took the 2010 midterms hard.

    When Obama strode the world as a lefty giant with 80% approval ratings, liberals were content to let the electoral process go ahead.

    Now that the Donkey-Punchers took it on the chin, it’s time for violent revolution because the elections didn’t give them what they wanted.

    What a bunch of pathetic whiney douchetards.

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  7. Mark V. Basile

    Almost next door neighbors … ‘the Ayers have babysat the Obama children.’

    [‘Hosted fund-raisers at home — ?? — ] (Carol for Mayor, MVB)

    Dreams of My Father? penning. CP? Definitely Foreign Government; Kenya. Level of responsibility, student at Harvard. “Letters.” Seem firmly established. At very least, father was a Socialist or a Left Socialist. Son, “formative years,” exactly as in the Wonder Bread commercials, foreign soil. Foreign language with Islam. Nature of question concerning the whens of “practicing.” Also in light of throwing over of Chicago years pastor who baptised his children, ‘I didn’t pay that much attention to what he was saying.’ Political structure Indonesia, changing. Established: terrorist war against pristine East Timor.

    “We didn’t do enough.” To New York Times. Ayers.

    The question is: How unreasonable was Sarah Palin in election 2008 when she merely preserved the issue that Ayers had never apologized for violence of 60’s and that he had sat in committee, two adults Ayers and our friend from Indonesia/Hawaii, at the University of Chicago — acclaimed as the Leader in the Midwest?

    A reader. Two prior comments. First under “legal” name, which Gary and Stacy will have immediately available; as of 2 nights ago Stacy was Blogging for Jews for Sarah (Palin), which as of last night also included commentary by the most or among the most liberal/liberal law professors in the country, Harvard’s Dershowitz. I think he’s one of the guys who jammed abortion into the 4th Amendment. I just know what John Hancock would have had to say about that. –I think it’s called ‘on the issue,’ believe me, this is a solo shot by professor Dershowitz my friends. Reader: ‘not convinced.’ 1/15.

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  10. Mark V. Basile


  11. Mark V. Basile

    Test. There were some difficulties with the mechanics of determining the nature of this site remaining within myWeb under my personal name, but as long as it is understood that I have not used this Web site for blogging or comments since at least January, with some reservations concerning the politics of Mrs. Palin in Chicago, specifically as regards the Clinton/Barack Hussein right hand man Rahm, then we’ll just see how this primary proceeds — otherwise. I mean man alive, we had problems enough around here when Barack Hussein was running the country with his home base and mansion on the South Side at the University of Chicago, but now with a Daley unity moving to Chief of Staff as Rahm Emanuel rolls the dice and the ‘numbers’ just happen to fall his way — JPMorgan/Chase as providers if you recall William Daley’s grand entrance from the cloisters (that’s Rosthchild’s/Rockefeller by the way — Rosthchilds not being an American citizen, FYI – got nothing to do with religion, he’s in a foreign government) — “we got headaches, baby, hereabouts.”

  12. Mark V. Basile

    Well I don’t know about “violence,” but I’m pretty sure it was Dohrn — to get up to date, who had a Chicago-based mass media out let on the May, mega-McCormick Place reportage for NATO troops generally, 2011. Gave i-Packing Scheme
    Still, as the Great Depression entered its sixth year, Roosevelt faced an increasing amount of opposition to his New Deal. Aging, conservative Supreme Court justices, for example, struck down the National Industrial Recovery Act in Schechter v. United States in 1935 and the first Agricultural Adjustment Administration in Butler v. United States in 1936.
    In 1937, Roosevelt asked Congress to allow him to add as many as six new Supreme Court justices (bringing the total number to fifteen) and to give him the power to force justices over the age of seventy to retire. This move was meant to effectively “stack the deck” in the Supreme Court to prevent the Court from striking down any more New Deal legislation. The American people, Republicans, and even some conservative members of the president’s own party saw right through this “court-packing scheme” and were rightly outraged by it.
    The Courts. In relief; historic. Ebb and flow; Audacity and “Rhetoric,” So we DO NOT see this again my friends – John Roberts in proprietary function. Commentary various additional on all-so-elusive original intent.
    EMBOLDENED by his landslide electoral victory in the election of 1936 and frustrated with an old, conservative Supreme Court, to which he had yet been able to appoint a justice and that he perceived was intent on slowing down the progress of the New Deal, President Roosevelt made a bold and perhaps miscalculated decision to direct an internal shift in the power of the judicial branch.
    [cf: disestablishment, alten.; 2010/]

    March 9, 1937
    Listen | Text

    “The balance of power… has been tipped out of balance by the Courts in direct contradiction of the high purposes of the framers of the Constitution. It is my purpose to restore that balance”

    In a private meeting with cabinet members and the Senate Democratic Leadership, Roosevelt announced a plan to introduce legislation that would reform the federal judiciary. Under the guise of easing the backlog of cases that faced the “aged, overworked justices,” Roosevelt intended to ask Congress for the power to appoint one additional judge to the federal judiciary (including the Supreme Court) for every justice who had reached the age of seventy but declined to retire. While his ostensible purpose was to increase the efficiency of the judiciary,
    [there is an “intent” in national stability for ‘permanence of appointment’ of the bench as said levels, as opposed to liberty of appointment/removal of prosecutors, for example. In Chicago, we have Shackman (Google) for an analogy, to limit personal discretion as regards ‘the numbers’ of allies/assistants, historically referred to as patronage.]
    it was clear that Roosevelt was targeting six of the nine Supreme Court justices who had challenged his domestic programs.

    But see, esp: Other People’s Money, 1914. Guess Amy can’t get it out.
    The make-up of the Hughes Court when Roosevelt took office was relatively balanced. Of the nine justices, the conservative coalition of McReynolds, Van Devanter, Sutherland and

    ‘Targeting 6 of the 9 Judges …”

    Shall the Supreme Court be turned into the personal organ of the President? If Congress answers yes, the principle of an impartial and independent judiciary will be lost in this country:.

    Chicago Tribune.

    3 Editorial Boards join on the issues. The Nation, The Chicago Tribune and The New York Times.

    Sparks Notes compared Teapot Dome to the Court Packing Scheme as regards another instance of “government corruption.”

    The CourtEnd of the New Deal
    Sparks Notes came to the conclusion which Berkeley orthodoxy did not approve of, that nothing more than America’s entry into WWII ended the Great Depression.
    Since, I have had the time to go through Home Town Hero Studs; where he assesses his Depression interviews book (meant to be oral history in time – you know, time capsules) and brings to his audience directly in his Pulitzer, the following book on the War, that only Pearl Harbor and WWII ended the Great Depression, not the New Deal.
    Upon more distant recall, the Harvard Guide not flawed so much with respect to content or accuracy, asked or implied a question they intended in no manner to be rhetorical, ‘were the alphabet agencies of Herbert Hoover equally as good or superior to those of Roosevelt the dandy’ but without any chance of performing the task in a timely fashion, even as Hoover a “good” engineer, acted immediately in the depths of a free fall?’

    (I have never really used Sparks Notes in the past, but sometimes one can look at the exact analysis of a source and determine if one agrees with what it has to say. At least on a particular topic. MVB. The only difference between Sparks Notes and is whether the court was essentially conservative or balanced. There is no difference otherwise, and with respect to the enormous arrogation of power intended by FDR.)

    Slingshot Effect of Liberal Judicial “Activism:”
    “FDR’s Scheme” 10/8/84. Time.
    It was a bald power play, a flouting of the separation of powers. A constitutional crisis loomed.
    But “a switch in time saved nine.” Quite possibly influenced by F.D.R.’s election mandate, Justice Owen Roberts changed sides and cast the swing vote to uphold important New Deal acts, including the National Labor Relations Act [and a bill establishing Social Security old-age benefits.] Another Justice, Willis Van Devanter, one of the conservative “Four Horsemen” who had been most ; resolutely opposed to F.D.R.’s pro” gram, announced his retirement. The New Deal was saved. The court-packing plan died in Congress.
    Before the end of his second term, F.D.R. was able to fill five vacancies on the court. By the time he died in 1945 he had appointed
    Supreme Court Justices, more than any other President since George Washington. F.D.R. wanted Justices who would show judicial restraint, who would defer to the authority of the Federal Government. The men he chose did show restraint, but only on economic matters. Two of his appointees, Hugo Black and William O. Douglas, went on to lead a revolution in individual rights that culminated in the activist Warren Court era of the 1960s.

    Read more: w.time
    Civil Rights Division in Justice, approval of Martin Luther King and the NAACP, “for balance.” In Stephen E. Ambrose. ‘Eisenhower, Soldier/President,’ (Touchstone.) Champion t

    other … to brother. Said not interested in Dohr no matter what !

    So maybe I was “influenced,” ah facilitator on TRo — I was not going to listed to a word Dohrn said whatsoever or look it up. (Comment other on “protestestors other at Glenwood Markets/Morse” — don’t worry Alderman Joe, these people aren’t interested in us, they seem surrying about their 1st Amendment business, I’ll remember the name of this impromptu movement/ alot of downtown and scattered US activity at the time 2011.

    But then “in comes Gary P. Jackson,”
    a) You have permission to Blog on a site I do not seem to be able to find anymore, but
    b) LOOK UNCLE MARK, at all these goodies I dug up on
    b.1) Violemce, and
    d.2) Revolutionism with real honest to God “advocation,” as I knew was impliedly prohibited in spite of any elisions in: The First Amendment. We don’t want to PLAY GAMES with the advocation/”killings” part do we?

    Sorry MB, little cavalier. Get in an over the table and let them know proposed
    a) 2011 proposed Arizona Law which had a clause on no advocation of overthrow of the government, which got cut off to me on way to US Sup, and Mr. Real Estate background “stated to,” tell them
    b) where is a_ses are under National Scrutiny for your ‘critique” of NATO Commanding General on the Floor of McCormick inquing upon the person of the Honarable newly-elected Messeaur Hollande of France – May to November, not a whisper on the legitimacy of his election, just in case —
    a–) GOTTCHA “List of 25,” which the boss (mine) has straightened out/no trolling — your in, she takes care of them?
    RUSH/timetable: “visionary” Panther; on human disease control — would please enjoy retaining as opposed to being left “crippled boat left standing — from the botton/’scurvey,’ baby — scurvey” yes, Carol Can. Where is she? –Why did I say that if [All were going to do shortly after was join her in prayer service Thanksgiving meals to the poor of her neighborhood(s) — ‘South-Sider.’] aka: The Guv./bettcha not here – Gary P.

  13. Mark V. Basile

    So we call it Spectrum, do we? A “publication.” I said; Town Hall in an “hellacious” internalized form except for the guy with a smile – you put ‘in writing’ you don;t do this, said DVD, and backed it with Shepard. Some folk know like SOB’s who Shepard and his family are. ” Hardcopy,” I can shag down at the offender. But I agree; IT IS NOT FUNNY WHEN ONE SAYS Neville Chamberberlain and Winston Churchill in the same sentence in response to FDR — and are 100% cut off. Stanton Peale, got the facts on the ‘role’ Churchill — MVB has the IRON THEORY no-one had touched for 3 years. Doubled up, MB/Atlantic. “Smooth-” Doc, have to get a job somehow.
    MAKE MY DAY !! Stanton Peale, American Psychologists. (Heard about this ‘sprig for a while.)

  14. Mark V. Basile

    Well, I don’t know:
    “Kill your parents,” reprinted with or without condemnation by the New York Times.
    Live right by and babysat children; I happen to have a niece who does this who has had to show a virtual perfect character background, after finding she needed to make money to cut it a make a chance for herself in life off her own savings.
    The story was that University of Chicago old-time radical cliques, rather than what we used to call long-hairs or hippies who seemed to be “wierd,” had at least produced one Weatherman calmly sitting on committees with Mr. Hussein/Barach who had thrown bombs don’t know what the explosives which did expolde I hear were intended exactly to do, has no apologies. And won’t. Mr. B. Hussein, doesn’t seem to interest anymore,or [no particular comment]
    I’ve mentioned myself Indonesian most bloody coup with father dashed out of school and // correction for systems// need to submit and put in final sentence*//into army. 7years, 6 years. ‘Happiest times of my life.’

    My conclusion: Not thrilled. NOT the thrill is gone. I taught at Cal out of Chicago, TA, you know Cal Berkeley. Absolute ZERO violence on campus. Various groups, many but not most critical, lined up at abutting tables across from the student union. Everybody got their say, groups simply needed to sign up for halls. Mainly didn’t like California; I called it for a while Jagafornia. Most people around here found that funny; we use la-la-land. My count at 1980 in la-la-land, the general concensus was right, hipppies had found hippiedom less preferable to paying bills,raising a family, sticking with ols hippiedom friends. I didn’t see anything in this Hippie stuff, but I liked jazz and my friend liked Eat a Peach style of Southern Rock in High School, early 70’s. This hyped up rad./violence is over the top, and Gar-s probably right — some people somewhere got to be BIG MEN and darlings of the world. Perhhaps IMPERIALISM and “unipolar” quasi-legalese reversed for practice was nice for good old days criticism and Haymarket simulations, but Jeeze, your want to run the joint and tell some kind of story: he we are, Leaders of the Free World, except for some legalized prostitution Europe knows full well they should stop, times are very bad here, and not reflective of WE, THE NOT DUMB ANIMALS WHO GOT SCHNOOKERED and believe us, or alot, we are not represented by said below and hope we can curb these idiots in Dem RULING CLASS POSITION with their overweening largesse and supergovernment powers we simply cannot control.

    Sorry, and some of us are getting too old. Otherwise, I think Gary P. is a little wild in his tone, perish if his facts are even 30% correct. Mark V. Basile. From and born Chicagoland. cc: fine on this “clip.

  15. Mark V. Basile

    Above named book, in context or without, dedicated to Sirhan Sirhan. This is sad. I do not believe Gary would tell a mis-truth on that. The Guv could not POSSIBLY tolerate that statement; still, you include this note on objection: to the “tyranny” of failing to speak. When that is the jobs-description — without military or executive mansion experience – and I say, on this point of exception:
    Persons related are REPULSIVE as I do not prosecute, or have a law degree. This is sad. SICK.
    Sickening. — (maybe cra_py masters’ with ZERO qualifications to teach, would like to comment lawfully — or did that description not clearly identify a long held point of view —
    Of one — eh?

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