From The Office Of Why Chris Christie Will Never Be President: New Jersey Wants to Seize Your Unused Gift Cards And Travelers Checks!

By Gary P Jackson

Can we PLEASE stop worshiping these “shiny new object” politicians!

New Jersey’s Chris Christie has become somewhat of a You Tube celebrity for his antics while taking on the union thugs who have cause the state all sorts of grief.

Of course all of this attention has the “look at the shiny new object he should be our next President !!!!!11!!!!!” crowd” having hot flashes. We saw the same thing after big time RINO Scott Brown was elected. He hadn’t even made his victory speech yet and the usual suspects were already printing up “Brown 2012” t-shirts! Since then he’s been a dismal failure for the Conservatives who sent money from around the country supporting his run. He’s become a reliable vote, for the democrats!

Brown is not the only “shiny new object” who isn’t what he was sold as, just one of the newer ones.

Which brings us back to Chris Christie.

Look, the man deserves credit for taking on the unions. That’s a big deal, and they should be taken down. States that don’t have “right to work laws” which pretty much put unions out of business, are crazy. But that’s another blog topic.

Christie is a One-Note-Johnny. He’s doing that one thing right, but he simply is not a Conservative in any way shape or form.

I’m not just talking about the fact Christie endorsed far left Senate candidate Mike Castle over Conservative Christine O’Donnell in Delaware, or his backing of establishment candidate Meg Whitman in California. Those do give us an insight of where his heart lies though.

No, Christie has bigger issues. He’s weak on the Second Amendment, for amnesty for illegals, thinks it’s marvelous radical Muslims want to build a mosque at Ground Zero, and is weak on the human rights of the unborn.

Even all of that is not as big of an outrage as this latest nonsense:

Now it seems that Christie is as heavy handed as any communist thug out there. Christie backs a law that would allow the state to literally steal private citizen’s unused gift cards and travelers checks!

Think about this a minute.

You take your hard earned [and already taxed to death] money and buy a gift card for yourself or someone else. This is property. YOUR property! Just as if it was a house or an automobile. Or you could even think of it as cash, for that matter. No matter how you look at it though, it’s government sanctioned theft of private property.

Fausta Wertz reports:

The legislation amended part of the state Uniform Unclaimed Property Act to include gift cards for the first time, allowing the state to consider a card abandoned two years after purchase and seize the balance.
The amendment also allowed the state to consider a traveler’s check abandoned if it is not cashed or spent three years or longer from the purchase date, instead of after 15 years under the previous law — the rule in most states.

Think about this for a minute. You have property, in the form of an unused gift card, or traveler’s check, and just because you haven’t found a use for it in a totally arbitrary amount of time [made up by greedy politicians who lust after money to fund more failure] those greedy politicians can come in and just steal it from you, and Chris Christie is on board with it!

Christie’s administration estimated that the amendment would bring in $80 million to help solve the state’s chronic budget problems. A key element of the legislation was that it would be retroactive, allowing the Treasury to seize money from travelers checks as far back as 1994.

Read more of Fausta’s shocking report here.

So Chris Christie, who presents himself as a fiscal hawk, sees stealing the private property from hard working New Jersey citizens, already some of the most over-taxed in the nation, as a way to cure “chronic budget problems.” I guess it never occurred the this genius to cut spending!

Oh, and this government sanction theft of private property will be retroactive all of the way back to 1994!

What’s next?

Let’s say you are a car guy, and restoring an old car, a process that can take years. Since you can’t drive it while it’s apart, and not “use” it, would Christie and his money hungry thugs come confiscate that?

How about a second home? What if you have a second home that is vacant, for whatever reason, will Christie want that next to feed the government monster?

Even better, what of vacant land? It’s just sitting there and you aren’t using it, why not let Christie and his thieves come and take it, by force of law!

After all, the government machine MUST BE FED!

This is no different than being mugged in an ally. No wonder New Jersey law makers [and Christie] don’t want New Jersey citizens owning guns!

The media, which has built Christie up as some sort of “Conservative star,” has been very silent on this, and the usually loud and obnoxious Governor hasn’t made any You Tube videos bragging about it either. I wonder why ….

This is outrageous. Big Government run wild and completely out of control. And Christie, whose only claim to fame is as a supposed “fiscal Conservative,” is not only enabling this fiasco, he’s cheerleading it on!

This guy has no clue on how to handle out of control government. His only solution is to keep feeding the monster, not matter what it takes. 

Look, the bottom line is this. Christie is no Conservative, not even a pretend one. He’s another Big Government progressive who will do anything, including stealing from his own people, to feed the beast. To continually grow and sustain the monster, rather than put it on a diet, and shrink it down to a manageable size. He’s a fraud.

The bigger issue though, to me, is how some Conservatives act every time someone new pops up and does one thing right. Rather than setting back and watching to see if it’s a fluke, and rather than going back and actually researching the person’s record, they loose their minds and start claiming this “flavor-of-the-month” is the second coming, and the next thing you know, everyone is pushing that person as the next President!

Now Christie says he wants no part of the presidency, which is awesome, since I doubt America would want anything to do with Christie, if they knew the truth about him. But what scares me is some other “shiny new object” is going to pop-up out of nowhere and squeak past us all, only to turn out to be another Chris Christie, who is to the left of even some democrats. What do we do then?

What if, god forbid, this “shiny new object” got elected President, and we find out he’s a Chris Christie clone? A Big Government progressive.

We already know that Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee are frauds, because EVERYONE has done their homework and looked at their extensive and disastrous records. We need to make sure that we fully vet anyone before were start proclaiming they are the “second coming.”

People got behind Barack Obama not knowing a damned thing about him. Too lazy to look at his record and find out just how radical he was. How dangerous he was. I’d like to think, as Conservatives, we are more intelligent than that …. but I’m starting to have my doubts.

While this article is about Christie, and exposing him for the fraud he is, there is a bigger picture to consider.

Quite simply, stop worshiping every “shiny new object” that comes along! Instead sit back and watch them. See how they perform over time. Sadly, over time, most will let you down. But …. if one turns out to be the real deal, then …. and ONLY then …. should you get excited.

Hack politicians are a dime-a-dozen. Good solid leaders are hard to find. One thing is for sure, the latest “flavor-of-the month” politicians are seldom what they seem, and rarely, if ever, real leaders.



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13 responses to “From The Office Of Why Chris Christie Will Never Be President: New Jersey Wants to Seize Your Unused Gift Cards And Travelers Checks!

  1. Elaine in MO

    Christi doesn’t fool me.
    We need people with honesty, interity, who live by the Bible and the Constitution of the United States. The presidency is not a popularity contest. I don’t know who would be the best person for the job in 2012 but almost anyone would be better and more qualified than what we have now. Obummer has too many chips on his shoulders and wants to get even with too many ghosts from his past.

  2. NormaJ

    I don’t think conservatives were all that taken with Scott Brown. did donate to his campaign, but I clearly understood he was no true conservative, but our last ditch effort to stop Obama care.

    Now as far as Chris Christy goes, I do love what he has to say. It’s about time!
    We have Sarah Palin, Jan Brewer, Chris Christy, Col West. It is a very exciting time to watch all the rising consevatives take a stand, and not back down.

  3. Cheri

    Way to say it, Gary. I think that we’ve had enough “Shiny New Objects” being pushed on us. Records matter and I want proof that someone is conservative.
    Then, show me a record of true conservative leadership.
    I hate being manipulated by someone who lies just to get elected.

  4. KingShamus

    He’s a mixed bag, at best.

    He might be what New Jersey needs, but it feels like he might drift into RINO territory on the national stage. We already have one John McCain.

    • Gary P

      Yup. Perfect for NJ, and probably as good as it gets, but not right for America.

      I was always iffy on the guy, but this deal is just too much. It’s outrageous and immoral.

  5. whitneyz

    Great post, Gary, and good challenge. There will continue to be flavor of the months, but we must be healthily skeptical of all politicians until they have proven themselves or show themselves to be different than who they seem to be.

  6. flyfish

    Right to work laws don’t necessarily impede unions. I give you Maine where the unions have destroyed almost all the manufacturing that was ever here and where the legislature kowtows to the State Employees Union. All this may change since the Republicans swept the statehouse and legislature last year but given that Snowe and Collins are “republicans” from Maine I tend to doubt it.

    • Gary P

      Depends how they are written. There’s a reason why all of the overseas car companies come in and set up shop in the South. No unions.

      Other than public sector unions, which should be outlawed altogether, I don’t have a problem with the idea of unions. The problem is, they have grown too powerful, and own too many politicians. They are part of the reason that businesses pack up shop and move out of the country. Unions have hurt the manufacturing businesses greatly.

      It would be un-American to ban private sector unions, but laws need to be enacted that allow people to work without having to be a member, and be treated the same.

      Maine is a different place, for sure.

      • How can anyone blame the unions as they only want to follow the American greed that the traitors in the senate and congress have done over the years.

        This is the “Give me ” generation of no personal responsibility and of entitlements

        Here the democrap senate /congress just about bankrupted America caused the loss of millions of jobs to go over seas lost forever and then being very inept instead of being tried for treason or even fired they decided to give themselves a undeserved raise

        Here people are losing their homes and Zero Bama spent over ONE BILLION DOLLARS on vacation going to Spain

        Pelosi used air force jets as her personal taxi service and we have one term retirement for the leaders of the country

        Name one company that gives full medical / full pay retirement after 6 years!!!

        Mrs Obama said “this is the second time I am proud to be an American” and wants to thank the American tax payers for allowing her to travel with her personal staff ( the largest of any other former first lady)

        The Union members see the good life the Obama’s lead with billion dollar vacations $3,000 a night hotel rooms just like Pelosi and her friends so why should unions be blamed for following the lead of the Czars of America?

        Because of the “change” I was forced to fire all my employees and many have still not found a job BUT you would never know the country is bankrupt by seeing how the leaders are spending money as all they have to do is have the federal keep printing money ALMOST as fast as Zero Bams wife spends it

        We should have accountably starting with the best federal judges /senators./ congress money can buy

      • Gary P


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  8. Thank you for useful information, im waiting for your next post…

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