Thursday’s News Picks

Thundering Thursday!

Check back for updates.

Civil Beat:

Oops, Obama’s Hawaii Vacation Rental Was Illegal

Obama has a LOT of problems with Hawaiian documentation.

Who The Hell Dresses This Guy?

Yahoo News:

Obama’s Continued Reverse Midas Touch. White House Loses 25% Of It’s Value!

As syndicated columnist Lew Sichelman first noticed, the property value of the White House has lost nearly a quarter of its value over the last three years, according to the real estate site Zillow. In fact, in the last month alone, the White House’s estimated property worth has dropped nearly $5.5 million.

When President Obama and his family moved in, the fair market value was listed as $292 million. Now Zillow says the property is worth just $252 million — even with all the redecorating the Obamas have done since moving in.

Washington Times:

19 Dems Vote Against Pelosi…Worst Showing For Party Nominee Since 1923…



Michelle Malkin:

Chicago on the Potomac


Liberals Say Conservatives Have a “Fetish” for the US Constitution

NBC Miami:

Insanity At The Airport: Man Arrested for Having ‘Suspicious’ Bagel on Plane

CBS Chicago:

Handcuffed Man Abandoned In Courthouse Conference Room For 18 Hours

My Fox NY:

Nanny State Run Wild: Town Bans Sidewalk Smoking, Threatens $1,000 Fines


Broader Underemployment Worsened To 19% In December — Up Sharply From 17.2% At End Of Nov

Radar Online:

Jennifer Lopez Caught Up In IRS Investigation

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