Daily Kos Blogger: CongressWOMAN Giffords Voted Against Nancy Pelosi! And Is Now DEAD To Me!

By Gary P Jackson

As reported earlier, Marcos Moulitsas, the publisher of the far left hate site: Daily Kos, targeted Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords as a “sell out” and put a “bulls eye” on her, using very heated rhetoric.

We can now report that Daily Kos blogger “BoyBlue” who lives in Congresswoman Gifford’s district, went on a wild rant because the Congresswoman voted against Nancy Pelosi as House Minority Leader.”BoyBlue” posted his disturbing rant on Thursday, January 6, roughly 48 hours before the Congresswoman was gunned down by left wing crank Jared Loughner.

Tell me these people aren’t extreme and insane. The vote “BoyBlue” refers to was the opening vote for the newly sworn in 112th Congress. The very first vote was to elect a new Speaker of the House, and a democrat Minority Leader. As Republicans have an overwhelming majority, the results of the vote were a foregone conclusion, with John Boehner getting the nod. Frankly, so was Pelosi’s election as Minority Leader.

In a Washington Times story we included in our Thursday [January 6] news round-up, 19 democrats voted against the very unpopular Nancy Pelosi. It was the worst showing for a party nominee since 1923. From what I’ve read, Congresswoman Giffords voted for Congressman John Lewis.

Now again, one has to ask what kind of wing-nut goes off against their Congresswoman over a a vote for leadership?

Evidently a Daily Kos blogger!

BoyBlue” goes on and on ranting about the “THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS” of dollars he sent Congresswoman Giffords. He goes off on Jesse Kelly, her 2010 Republican opponent, and uses the vile “teabagger” slur as well. It goes downhill from there as you can see below in screen grabs courtesy of our friends at HillBuzz.org.

After surviving a suicide attempt, when his “spouse” left him, and recovering from the wounds, this guy goes crazy because after  he worked for Giffords and raised a claimed amount of “over $100,000” as well as maxing out his own donations, the Congresswoman had the gall to vote in a manner he didn’t approve of. Incredible. And extremely disturbing.

You can see from the comments section that “BoyBlue” was on a tear.

After reading this, I can’t for the life of me understand why Markos Moulitsas ever let this get published. “BoyBlue” is obviously someone who is deeply disturbed and needs real help, not a blogging position at the Daily Kos.

Of course, the reason we are using screen grabs rather just linking to this poor disturbed blogger’s post is because Moulitsas scrubbed it from his website once he realized people weren’t buying his attempts to smear Sarah Palin and the Tea Party and blame them for the Arizona murders carried out by left wing mad man, Jared Loughner.

Again, courtesy HillBuzz.org:

It’s hard to see any good coming from the senseless mass murder in Arizona. But if there is one thing good that may come from the left’s vile attempts to blame someone else for what one of theirs has done, let it be that reasonable human beings will take the time to go read the pages of the Daily Kos, the Huffington Post, and the Democrat Underground, and experience for themselves the vile, deranged hatemongering that goes on there. These are some sick puppies.


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7 responses to “Daily Kos Blogger: CongressWOMAN Giffords Voted Against Nancy Pelosi! And Is Now DEAD To Me!

  1. Roland Farrar

    So, You see, It is obvious that Sara and the Tea Party are responsible???
    You have to hand it to the left wing jerks!

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  3. daq

    BlueBoy clearly has significant emotional issues but his love for Nancy Pelosi is hardly an inspiration for a violent anti-government, constitution-orginalist like Jared Loughner. It’s also fairly unlikely Mr. Loughner would have been inspired by Sarah Palin’s gunsight map (yes, they are gunsights not “surveyor marks;” shame on Sarah for not standing up for her own actions). Nonetheless, the gunsight map didn’t cause Mr. Loughner to shoot 20 people.

    Based on his youtube page, Mr. Loughner’s political beliefs defy easy categorization. He shares some of the anarchistic tendencies of the radical left of 40 years ago. That faction of the left died 20 years ago as today’s “radical left” tend to embrace government and support such ideas as universal health care and solar power. And whereas Mr Loughner’s atheism is hardly conservative, his hostility to government and his passion for firearms closely matches some of the core beliefs of the Tea Party.

    Mr. Loughner is clearly deranged and probably at the onset of schizopheria. He is neither left nor right. I do suspect that he may have been influenced by the vitriol of the last election as he was slowly losing his mind. The anti-government rhetoric of the Tea Party and particularly of Glenn Beck would fit into his world view. Perhaps worse, Ms. Giffords’ opponent Jesse Kelly, the Rambo-wannabe with his “Let’s get Gabby Giffords, shoot M16s with me” event could easily have inspired the disturbed young man with images of violent glory.

    Whether you are left or right (and there is good on both sides), if you are a decent American, surely you would be in favor of honest discourse and not hot-headed vitriol. Ms. Giffords’ last email was to the former Republican Congressman Trey Greyson asking him “I would love to talk about what we can do to promote centrism and moderation…we need to figure out how to tone our rhetoric and partisanship down”

    • Gary P

      For the most part you are correct, but you make the mistake most lefties make. Glenn Beck is NOT anti-government, neither is the Tea Party, or Sarah Palin. Or me for that matter. We are all for CONSTITUTIONAL government. Government as defined by our Founding Fathers.

      In other words, a small federal government, where the states are in control of most issues.

      Both parties have grown the federal government to the point it destroys individual Freedom, and the rights of the several states.

      We will be dissecting this nut-bag Loughner for years, but his ideology fits more left of center. Especially his hatred of the Constitution. Something that ABSOLUTELY proves he’s no Conservative.

      It should be noted that Congresswoman Giffords is very much in love with our Constitution, and while most of the democrats pissed and moaned about the Constitution being read as the 112th Congress opened, Giffords was one of the very first in line to read a section. Ironically, Gabby read the 1st Amendment, the one covering free speech.

      The left wing filth blaming Sarah Palin conveniently forget they have used far more violent imagery in campaigns for years, including using bull’s-eyes and “targeting” opponents.

      Hell, West Virginia’s DEMOCRAT Governor, Joe Machin, who ran for former Klansman Robert Byrd’s Senate seat this past November, was railing against Obama, ObamaCare, and cap and tax, and took an actual rifle and shot the cap and tax bill in a TV ad. That’s pretty damned far out, and it was a democrat doing it.

      It’s despicable and evil that people want to blame Sarah Palin.

      I have to ask, where were these “concerned” dirt bacgs when a group of left wingers firebombed Sarah’s church in Wasilla during Christmas of 2008? The thugs blocked all of the exits so the people inside couldn’t get out, then exploded their bombs. Thankfully the church had sprinklers.

      We sure didn’t hear any denunciations from the left. In fact, go back and look at stories on the Huffington Post, Daily Kos, and other left wing hate sites and their only regret seemed to be that Palin wasn’t in the church herself!

      The left is very vile, and very evil.

      Before her church was burned to the ground, a couple of West Hollywood liberal freaks hung her in effigy as part of their “Halloween” display. Despite calls from the community, as well as from decent human beings across the nation, this filth wouldn’t take it down, and the cops were on THEIR side.

      After it was over the losers tried to sell it on eBay numerous times, but thankfully eBay is a class act and took down their auctions as fast as they put them up.

      Again, the vile left was only mad because the real Sarah Palin wasn’t swinging from the rope.

      Pardon me if I don’t get to worked up over a goddamn map when deranged liberal cheer violence at every opportunity.

  4. Aimilie

    It would be smart if these liberals kept quiet for their own good, because the more they talk, they bring more attention to their own indictments. But we all know they’re not smart enough to shut up. With room temperature IQ’s, can we really expect that?

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