Listen Up Lefties: The Difference Between The DNC’s Bull’s-Eyes And Sarah Palin’s Surveyor’s Crosshairs

By Gary P Jackson

The radical left and their allies in the media have been working over time trying to blame the tragic mass murder in Arizona Saturday morning on Sarah Palin. The “smoking gun” they claim is the “Take Back The 20” campaign Sarah launched last year. This was an effort to defeat vulnerable democrats in congressional districts that she and John McCain won in 2008. It was a targeted effort.

Most ad campaigns for ANYTHING are targeted efforts. Doesn’t matter if you are selling Coca-Cola or Ford Mustangs, advertisers target markets, or groups. Here Sarah was targeting districts and the voters, hoping to get the voters to chose the Republican candidate over the democrat. In all but a few districts Sarah’s program was highly successful.

Now at the time, the left tried to make hay with this, and attack Sarah. Back then the lies from the left were countered with the fact those symbols on the map were not gun sights, but surveyor’s crosshairs. Talking with Tammy Bruce Saturday evening, Rebecca Mansour confirmed as much.

Of course, those on the rabid and radical left aren’t having it. Ignorance happens to be one of their greatest commodities.

With that in mind, I thought we’d take a little trip back in time, all the way back to 2004, and the presidential election. The lead photo is from an effort by the Democrat National Committee. If you notice, rather than use surveyor’s crosshairs, as the graphics in Sarah’s ad did, they use traditional bull’s-eyes. the symbols for targets and target shooting.

Of course the radical and rabid left insist that Sarah Palin was inciting violence since she used “military terms” in her ads. Big whoop. Sarah is a championship basketball player. Most people in sports use military metaphors all of the time. Every basketball player dreams of “taking the winning shot” as Sarah Palin did to win the state championship for her team.

But let’s say we sorta buy in to the left wing nonsense. The first three words in the DNC advertisement called “Targeting Strategy” are “BEHIND ENEMY LINES.” [capitalized] Those are military terms too. It’s interesting that Barack Obama also looks at anyone not on board within his agenda as enemies as well. As he stated in an interview with Univision before the 2010 elections:

If Latinos sit out the election instead of saying, ‘We’re going to punish our enemies and we’re going to reward our friends who stand with us on issues that are important to us,’ if they don’t see that kind of upsurge in voting in this election, then I think it’s going to be harder.

Such is the mentality of the left.

Now back to the issue at hand. Clearly it’s OK when the left uses “military language” and puts up actual bull’s-eye targets in their advertising, but if Sarah Palin “targets” someone she’s “inciting violence.”

The hypocrisy on the left knows no bounds.

This is what the democrats use when they target and put a bull’s-eye on their enemies:

Now let’s look at Sarah Palin’s advertisement:

Now to the sissies at the New York Times, and ignorant left wing bloggers, those symbols might look like gun sights, but they simply are not. As was explained to the radical and rabid left at the time, these are surveyor’s symbols. Now of course, presenting facts to the left is usually meaningless, as they are indoctrinated from birth, so I figured some visuals were in order.

This is a surveyor’s crosshair:

Amazingly, that looks EXACTLY like the symbol in Sarah’s ad. Hmm.

This comes from the website Survey History and a page entitled: From A Treatise on Land Surveying, by W. M. Gillespie, New York 1870.

This shameless asshattery from the left is just disgusting. They protest the use of “military terms” by anyone but themselves.

Well, as yet another grand lie blows up in their faces, and once again they are hoisted with their own petard, maybe they should give up being pathetic and degenerate liars altogether.



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23 responses to “Listen Up Lefties: The Difference Between The DNC’s Bull’s-Eyes And Sarah Palin’s Surveyor’s Crosshairs

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  2. rock

    I agree with all you have said. But there is much more. We know the liberal mind ,and it’s infection. Just listening to Obama , tells me all i need to know. That man would sell his own mother ,if it gave him political gain. worry is the devil within.
    The Republican elite,men like Rove ,and Krauthammer,and Scarbourough,and Mrs. Bush, all creatures of habit. They perceive Sarah Palin as a threat somehow to them.. When something works ,they do it again. They scuttled Christine O’donnell in Delaware,and they think they can do the same thing to Gov. Palin. They want it badly. they are using the same scripted rhetoric..
    I am glad you are blogging ,telling the truth. Each of us can do our part. I go into these political dens ,and fight their vitriol on there own turf. Of course they hate me also,but i am hoping that a few honest ones ,will see how rotten a “progressive” can stoop (on either side of the aisle), and like a child ,remember my words at a crucial time… I tell you this because,as you say, this is “a time for choosing”,and we must not let Governor Palin down.
    Speak louder ,and longer. Do not fear these people. They have only their large mouths. When their real policies ,and motives are exposed ,the people shun them.
    Trouble is that a lie spread ,can take hold long before the truth can destroy it. I know you are working hard here,this is for all that read this ,and care about this country. Stay strong ,we do not need the approval
    of “the progessive”. As a mattter of fact ,i reject it.

    Roosevelt said that “we have nothing to fear ,but fear itself”.
    HE WAS WRONG. (along with a lot of other things)
    We have nothing to fear but being unprepared..that is the truth.

  3. Bill1954

    Don’t hold your breath on their giving up lying, Gary. The unfortunate thing for America is that it works. Even worse, too many politicians on both sides do it. The only hope for America is the truth, even if it hurts our “side.”

  4. Truth&Justice

    This shooter killed a Bush appointed Judge, and The Communist Manifesto was a favorite of his, his fave youtube video was of someone burning the flag, and his friends in high school said he was a radical liberal, so he must be one of those left wing radicals like some of Obama’s buddies who bombed buildings. See how easy it is to play this stupid villification game, liberals?
    When Reagan and Ford were targeted and shot at by mentally unstable psychotics, Conservatives didn’t go on rants painting all liberals as violent fanatics. Why do liberals insist on constantly villifying tea partiers and other conservatives as ignorant violent people. After all, we are the vast majority according to all the polls. So are you saying that the vast majority of people are ignorant violent lunatics?

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  8. Ham

    I haven’t been able to find anything on this clarification before the shooting occurred. I always thought they were Crosshairs too! Do you have a link or anything? Thanks!

  9. Chris

    Yeaaaaaaah, only….no. The idea that these are “surveyor crosshairs” is some pretty desperate grasping at straws. She’s a member of the NRA and a hunter. Of course they are gun sights. Poor choice of graphics? Yeah, probably. But backpedaling to say they are something else is also foolish.

    However, that aside, assigning blame to one party or the other is a huge waste of time. And in fact only furthers the cause of this shooting. American politics has gotten so divisive down party lines that it’s become less about what is good for the country, and more about a retarded us vs. them mentality that paints everyone on the other side as your enemy. Instead of placing blame on a particular political party, this country needs to get focused on working together to repair the situation we’ve found ourselves in.

    • Gary P

      Actually at the time the ad was put out there it was explained that the were surveyor’s symbols. This was a year ago, so no one is “grasping at straws.” This was dealt with a year ago, and yeah, it was pointed out that the left has used more violent imagery in similar types of ads.

      In fact the left wingers targeted Congresswoman Giffords and put a bull’s-eye on her, because she wasn’t a radical. Marcos Moulitsas, the publisher of the vile Daily Kos called her a “sell out” and one of his bloggers called her DEAD two days before she was gunned down. Just a decent woman doing what she thought was right.

      I do agree with you, we need to all work together to fix the mess this country is in. You make great points.

      With that said, left started this, and it will not stand. Conservatives have had all we are going to take of the left’s nonsense. Their hypocrisy will be exposed over and over until the nation sees what they are and shuns them.

  10. Diggety

    Those are crosshairs…. but so what? The metaphor has been used before as shown in this article.

    Why do I say they are crosshairs? Because that is what they look like at first glance…. and when you do graphics, you often go for the simplist, most basic representation of an object. It need not be exact, just a resemblence… and it resembles the more well known crosshair.

    The killer was obsessed with Giffords since 2007, long before Palin came on the national scene. So get a brain, she had nothing to do with the shooting at all. But let’s not try to dance around the fact that the symbol used was what most people think it is at first glance… which is how graphics are supposed to be designed.

    And the DNC beat her to it by four years….

    • ms

      First, I would like for Ms. Palin to be honest. They were cross-hairs! Fits perfectly with “Don’t Retreat, Re-Load”. Her general and continuous use of weapons imagery and rhetoric is well documented. Ms. Gifford’s opponents M-16 party speaks volumes. The fact that the shooter had Ms Gifford in mind even as early as 2007 doesn’t mean that the same general atmosphere wasn’t around then- it was. It just gotten worse! I can’t say that Ms. Palin’s ad or anything she did or said contributed to this man’s actions. I would not claim that necessarily. But I do think that folks need to be honest in admitting that such talk does not help.

      • Gary P

        Typical left wing illogic:

        You forget that Jared Lee Loughner is a radical left wing Marxist who hates EVERYTHING that Sarah Palin and the Tea party stand for, why in the world would he take inspiration from her?

        More likely he would seek inspiration from his own kind like Barack Obama, Claire McCaskill, Frances Fox Piven [who just called for violent revolution] Van Jones, murdering terrorist Bill Ayers, Van Jones, and many more we will be exposing i the days to come.

        The left wing is all about violence. Always has been.

  11. Good write up, Gary. I don’t think that the Left is interested in the truth, except only when it suits their needs.

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  13. Neil B

    Gary, do you have more info and links etc. about the “crosshairs” being explained as surveyors’ symbols when the ad came out? That would pretty much settle the point FWIW.

    • Gary P

      Not at my beck and call. Frankly this was asked and answered when the ad was first used almost a year ago.

      I have found Bing to be a superior search engine though, and there are any number of websites that discuss it.

      • Joe McC

        A sincerely friendly “Hey” from the left.
        I also firmly believe that NO ONE has a right to say there is a direct causal link between any right wing rhetoric and this tragedy.
        If you are sincerely positing that these were “surveyor’s marks” (even when coupled w/”reload” language) and the issue was already dealt with, probably should have a cite or two to back it up.
        If Palins “crosshairs ” were so harmless, why were they pulled from her webpage immediately after shooting? Please don’t say she foresaw liberal liars would take advantage of the issue; she’s Mama Grizzly and by God if you’re going to ignore complaints (including one from Gifford herself) before the shooting, why not man up and defend the map now? Maybe because it’s indefensible??..If so, wouldn’t that be a text book case of that hypocrisy word you like to bandy about?
        If liberals are “all about” violence, please post a quote equivalent to Sharon Engels second amendment remedy remarks (no vague Marxist rhetoric please). And name the single Democratic Congressperson who yelled at Bush during his State of the Union speech, Name the democratic equivalent of “death panel” lies. We’re all lovers of truth here, we know only thing in bill was a reference to advisory advice for end of life treatment.
        What is it exactly that liberals started? And when? And isn’t “started” couching in terms of a battle or fight?
        And as a shout-out to Rock , a lover as truth as are many here, I’d like to quote that Tea Party conveyor of Truth, Mihele Bachman, “There are hundreds and hundreds of scientists , many of them holding Nobel Prizes, who believe in intelligent design” Well its really dozens (all Christian) and not a single darn one of’em has a Nobel Prize to their name. Ain’t truth grand?
        A sincere “Peace out, baby” to all and God bless America!

      • Gary P

        Sorry, but Sarah has NOT removed the “Take Back The 20” ad off of Facebook. That’s another left wing lie:

        I was going to blog this but let’s just discuss violence directed against Sarah Palin by the left. Do you not know lefties went to Wasilla, Alaska at Christmastime in 2008 and fire bombed her church WITH PEOPLE IN IT? This was reminiscent of the way Barack Obama’s best buddy, murdering terrorist Bill Ayers used to do it.

        People were inside the church wrapping Christmas presents, and the would-be murderers blocked all of the exits before setting their fire bombs off. Luckily, this was a relatively new church, and it had a sprinkler system, so no one died. The thugs caused over $1 million in damage though.

        Before that, a couple of dirt bags in West Hollywood hung her in effigy, and even though people in the community, and later world wide, demanded the evil display taken down, the two liberal scum bags refused, and the local police backed them up. This filth also tried to sell their display on eBay numerous times. Thankfully eBay shut their auctions down as fast as they could put em up.

        Speaking of Hollywood, I didn’t hear one liberal bitch when Hollywood made a movie about killing President George W Bush. In fact, when decent human beings complained, we were told to STFU because it’s “art.”

        Oh, back to Sarah. What about the liberals, especially those in Obama’s hand picked Alaska Mafia, that claimed [and still claim] the Trig is not really her son? Nut job Andrew Sullivan has turned it into a career! Think that crap isn’t hurtful to a mother? And lets not even talk about the REALLY evil liberals who are pissed off because she didn’t abort the child. And have said so IN PRINT!

        As for comparable quotes from a democrat, I guess you missed this post from earlier:

        More Violent Democrats: Congressman Paul Kanjorski On Florida Governor Rick Scott: “Put him against the wall and shoot him.”

        This was a sitting [and incredibly corrupt] United States Congressman speaking about candidate, now Florida Governor, Rick Scott! Here’s the entire quote:

        That Scott down there that’s running for governor of Florida,

        Instead of running for governor of Florida, they ought to have him and shoot him.

        Put him against the wall and shoot him.

        He stole billions of dollars from the United States government and he’s running for governor of Florida. He’s a millionaire and a billionaire.

        He’s no hero.

        He’s a damn crook. It’s just we don’t prosecute big crooks

        Now Kanjorski is right, we DON’T prosecute big crooks, because if we DID, his butt would be spending the rest of his life in a federal pen.

        Again, I was going to blog this, but Michelle Malkin has put together violence and hate from democrats, from the last decade alone. It’s not complete, but only because there’s not enough bandwidth to hold it all.

        Read Michelle’s: The progressive “climate of hate:” An illustrated primer, 2000-2010

        You might want to look through our blog and read our piece on left wing icon Francis Fox Piven, of Cloward-Piven infamy. As 2010 turned for 2011 this loon called for VIOLENT REVOLUTION.

        Piven is very close to Barack Obama. She was a mentor, and worked hard to get him elected. You can also see her and her husband in photos, at the White House, with Bill Clinton.

        In case you don’t know, the Cloward-Piven strategy was developed by these two communist professors in the 1960s. The idea was to sign up so many people on welfare and other government programs that the whole thing would collapse, a revolution would take place, and they could usher in a communist utopia.

        That failed, but Obama is working a similar plan now. He tripled the deficit in just one year, and has doubled THAT in his second. We are now at a point where our over $14 trillion debt is 100% of our yearly GDP. Cloward-Piven on steroids.

        Oh, back to liberal hatred, this is something else we’ll be blogging about. Violent liberals took to twitter, en masse, to wish Sarah Palin dead. You can watch the video with all of these death wishes HERE:

        Is that enough proof that liberalism, especially the sort Obama and his ilk wallow in, is steeped in hatred and evil?

        If not, don’t forget who one of his close friends is The man who hired him to run his bogus non-profit, gave him his political start in his living room, and along with his wife, baby sat the Obama children. [He also allegedly ghost wrote Obama’s first book]

        I’m talking about murdering terrorist William Ayers and his convicted felon wife Bernardine Dohrn. Dohrn was once on the FBI’s most wanted list for her part in a botched Brinks armored car robbery that she and members of the Black Panthers terrorist group tried to pull off. A policeman and a couple of security guards were killed.

        [and don’t forget, Obama’s justice department dismissed a case, where a conviction had already obtained, against ARMED Black Panthers who were standing at a polling station and intimidating voters]

        Ayers is considered a “respected educator” by the left. So is his wife.

        You won’t find any other element of society, anywhere on earth, that is as vile, hate filled, or violent, as progressives.


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  15. Neil B

    OK, I found the old Free Republic post where they called them “surveyors symbols” way back in March 29 2010:
    But their saying it that long ago doesn’t prove that those are such symbols. I see some rare use of similar symbols in that regard, like for monuments used as reference points, or other reference points, cell towers, and other surveyors. That wouldn’t be reasonable for just marking locations in general (but we might imagine transit crosshairs as shown in your old illustration, an actual physical component imagined in a field of view.)

    Aside from what someone says they meant, a symbol is taken as whatever it is commonly used for, unless you carefully note otherwise. If not, as a matter of principle for taking meaning – anyone could just say they meant some other, obscure meaning for it – that would too easy to scam if not true, we have no way to know, it’s what they call a “get out of jail free card.”

    IMHO they are indeed crosshairs/targets but that’s not a wrong thing to do – it’s better and looks better for her and defenders to just call them that, and then say lots of people use target imagery, it’s not a big deal.

  16. Rick

    Interesting blog, in that there’s genuine debate between folks who strongly disagree. Regarding Bernadine Dohrn (who I’m no fan of) she was legally guilty of murder, but only as an accomplice. She was in the getaway car when ONE of her group ignored the pleas of the others to get in so they could flee, and the guy instead shot it out with the cops (dying in the process, I think). Realistically, the nutjob seemed determined to “go down in a blaze of glory” vs. the police, Dohrn just happened to be involved in the underlying crime.

    Regarding the 2 unprosecuted (New) Black Panthers, they were only shown holding billyclubs, and I doubt that any white voters use that polling place in West Philly. They were probably there for some free publicity, which they got. If they’d told any voters to turn away, it would have been in a district where Obama probably got almost all the votes anyhow. (Not a very effective way to have helped him carry Pennsylvania.)

    I won’t pretend to be an expert on what’s a crosshair sign and what’s a surveyor’s mark. To some extent its unfair to Gov. Palin (in the comparison with Markos from the Daily Kos, regarding the Giffords district) but does he look like a guy who’d even “know which way to point a gun”? Whereas of course she’s skillfully cultivated an “Annie Oakley image”, even if only to sell books and be paid the reported million dollars an episode by TLC, etc.

    • Gary P

      Bernadine did more than “just” drive a getaway car in the brinks robbery. She was involved in bombings and other terrorist activities. Recently, she and her terrorist husband have helped organize the flotillas that have attacked Israelis. Dohrn has been a supporter of the terrorist group Hamas, for decades.

      BTW, Ayers’ girlfriend before Dohrn blew up herself and three other dirtbags making a bomb to kill a bunch of military recruits.

      These are evil people.

      You are quite naive when it comes to the New Black Panthers. This is a very racist terrorist group, who has called for the murder of all white people. White “cracker” babies. And YES, white people were voting at that precinct. There’s plenty of video of these terrorists intimidating voters. Some how I suspect your attitude would be different if these were members of the KKK instead of Black Panthers. Then again, since both a democrat groups, maybe not.

      Sarah hasn’t “cultivated” and Annie Oakley image. She’s the real deal. Has hunted since she was old enough to hold a gun, fished since she was old enough to hold a rod.

      Remember, Sarah Palin literally grew up in a log cabin in the Alaska wilderness. They hunted for what they ate, and grew a garden for their vegetables. She has lived a true frontier life.

      The fact is, Jared Lee Loughner, the killer, was a left wing loon. He had been stalking Congresswoman Giffords long before anyone knew who the hell Sarah Palin was, or the Tea Party was formed. He was angry at her because she wasn’t radical enough. They same reason the radicals over at Kos wanted her gone and put a bull’s-eye on her.

      BTW, Gabby is very much pro-gun, and there are some nice photos of her out there shooting what you liberals call “assault rifles.” (what the rest of the world just call rifles.)

      Thanks for stopping by. Keep reading we’ll help educate you.

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