Did Barack Obama’s Violent Rhetoric Inspire Mass Murder In Arizona?

By Gary P Jackson

Well, using the very same standard the left wing, and their corrupt media partners have used to smear and slander Sarah Palin, all evidence says yes, Barack Obama may have very well inspired radical Marxist Jared Lee Loughner to commit mass murder.

As we reported earlier, Loughner has been fixated on Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, one of the many victims, since at least 2007, long before the Tea Party was formed, or anyone knew who the hell Sarah Palin was.

Of course, seeing as how Loughner is against everything Sarah Palin and the Tea Party stand for, it’s highly unlikely he would have sought them out for inspiration anyway.

No, it’s more likely Jared Lee Loughner would be inspired by a fellow traveler, and a fellow Marxist, like Barack Obama.

Jim Hoft over at Gateway Pundit has compiled a short list of Obama’s “greatest hits” his strongest and most violent rhetoric:

** Obama: “They Bring a Knife…We Bring a Gun
** Obama to His Followers: “Get in Their Faces!
** Obama on ACORN Mobs: “I don’t want to quell anger. I think people are right to be angry! I’m angry!
** Obama to His Mercenary Army: “Hit Back Twice As Hard
** Obama on the private sector: “We talk to these folks… so I know whose ass to kick.“
** Obama to voters: Republican victory would mean “hand to hand combat
** Obama to lib supporters: “It’s time to Fight for it.”
** Obama to Latino supporters: “Punish your enemies.
** Obama to democrats: “I’m itching for a fight.”

Although there are undoubtedly more, we know of one case for certain where Obama’s rhetoric directly resulted in extreme violence. The “Mercenary Army” Hoft is referring to above are the purple shirted union thugs from the SEIU. As our readers know, SEIU chief Andy Stern is a top Obama adviser, and has made more visits so far to the White House than any other person. SEIU, the Service Employees Union International, is affiliated with another long term Obama supporting group, ACORN.Obama once worked for ACORN, actually training the violent street thug “rent-a-mobs” that ACORN employs.

In 2009, at the height of the heated town hall debates where America stood up and told the Obama regime they did NOT want government run health care, Obama gathered up his union thugs from the SEIU, and told them to “hit back twice as hard“!

The direct result of Obama’s violent rhetoric was the severe beating of Kenneth Gladney, a black man, at a ST Louis town hall meeting. Gladney was beaten by a large group of the purple shirted union thugs, and called a n*gg*r numerous times. Gladney was beaten so severely that he was confined to a wheel chair while he recuperated. Big Government has the nasty details of the results of Barack Obama’s direct call for violence, here.

Oh, and it gets better, an NAACP leader spoke out saying Kenneth Gladney DESERVED the beating that almost killed him because, get this, he wasn’t “black enough” and was acting like an “Uncle Tom.” You see, in the black community, and the democrat party as a whole, any deviation from the party line is simply not tolerated. You can read the details of the statement here.

You wanna hear the rest of the story? Gladney was at the town hall event,not as a participant. Instead, he was outside, having set up a small booth, selling American flags, Gadsden flags, and other patriotic goodies. That is why this American businessman was attacked for being an “Uncle Tom” and “not black enough.” I never knew being black meant you couldn’t also love your country. Someone needs to tell that to Allen West, Tim Scott, and millions more in the black community who love America dearly.

I mention the fact that Gladney wasn’t a participant for a reason. You see Kenneth is just a businessman providing a product. At other events he had sold Barack Obama t-shirts and other left wing paraphernalia. He wasn’t at the event to be political, just to make a buck. That’s the American dream! Obama’s union thugs snuffed that dream out. They didn’t even bother to talk to the man. They just attacked. These are the sort Barack Obama inspires to violence.

If the democrats and their allies in the media want to talk about about toning down the violent rhetoric by politicians, I suggest they start with their top attack dog, Barack Obama.


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18 responses to “Did Barack Obama’s Violent Rhetoric Inspire Mass Murder In Arizona?

  1. KingShamus

    The media is going to push this ‘OMG!TeaParty=JaredLoughner’ narrative till it becomes inoperative.

    That means we on the right who don’t want to be tarred by this lie have to make the MSM narrative inoperative.

    Nice work on this post doing just that–pushing back against the lamestream liars.

    • Gary P

      Thanks man! We are just getting started. The left is a violent bunch and we are going to expose them in all of their “glory.”

  2. Sam Houston

    You are the very problem everyone is talking about. Give me a break with your false reasoning. You are trying to rationalize why the Democrats are just as guilty about what happened. Obama saying he wanted to kick BPs ass for ruining our ocean is not the same thing as Palin putting corsshairs on people and saying, “Don’t retreat, reload.” and you know it.
    All Palin had to do was say, “We are not responsible for what happened, but we are taking down the crosshairs map because it is in bad taste given the situation.” Instead, she spins the truth and claims the crosshairs are surveyor’s marks.

    • Gary P

      Typical left winger in denial.

      We’ve posted numerous occasions of both the DNC using bull’s-eyes and TWO instances of the very left wing Daily Kos targeting Congresswoman Giffords as a “sell out” and a traitor. Including one instance just two days before Congresswoman Giffords was gunned down, with the author calling her DEAD.

      President Barack Obama spoke DIRECTLY to the SEIU union thugs, and within DAYS they went out and beat a black man, Kenneth Gladney, within an inch of his life.

      Past that, the Arizona killer, Jared Lee Loughner was a left winger, like you. A Marxist who is anti-Constitution, anti-flag, and anti-religion. We also have solid evidence, as provided by the arrest document, that Loughner started targeting Congresswoman as far back as 2007, before the Tea Party was created, or anyone knew who the hell Sarah Palin was.

      The simple fact you left wingers can’t come to grips with is this mass murder, Jared Lee Loughner, who’s ideology was the polar opposite of Sarah Palin’s and the Tea Pary, was NOT going to look to either for inspiration. He WOULD however look to his own kind. Like Obama.

      Remember, one pf Obama’s closest friends, the man who gave him his political start, baby sat the Obama’s children, and at one time employed him, is unrepentant murdering domestic terrorist William Ayers, a man who firebombed military recruiting centers, the United States Capitol building, as well as the Pentagon.

      When asked, Ayers, whose wife is a convicted felon cop killer, says he regrets that he didn’t do MORE.

      These are your people, and the ones Jared Lee Loughner was inspired by. Deal with it.

      Get your own house in order before you come preaching here.

    • mike

      She put crosshairs on a map, not people you IDIOT!!!!, get your facts straight!

    • @Sam Houston – Go to USGS Topographic booklet at: http://egsc.usgs.gov/isb/pubs/booklets/symbols/topomapsymbols.pdf
      On page 2 there is a crosshair. Oops, I mean topographic symbol, used as a principal point on a map.
      By the way, what do you say about the Democrat Leadership Council’s map with Bullseyes all over Republican districts? Put the blame where the blame belongs – with the shooter, asshat.

    • Lou

      It is always easier to blame someone else than to accept responsibily anymore, for your own actions. The idiot who did this made his own choice to kill. It wasn’t because of Palin or Obama or anyone else. He made up his mind to kill over what he wanted for government. He got what he wanted, which is a voice and 15 minutes of fame. It makes me sick that our country is becoming divided because of some dumba$$.

  3. Snowball the Sourpuss

    Excellent article. Well done, Mr. Jackson.

  4. Diggety

    Excuse my rhetoric, but the Dems and MSM have fired the first shots on this issue… we are merely defending and pointing out the absurdity in the accusations. Sarah Palin clearly has a target on her back (pun intended) and the Dems have wasted no time in taking aim.

    (sort of weird how metaphors just work in poltical talk)

    So, yea… this nut-job Jared was not a tea partier and all indications are that he was a left winger. And he was obsessed with Giffords since 2007 — long before Palin was on the scene. And the DNC definitely used the same sort of map during the 2004 election… and there are endless examples where the battle/war/target metaphors have been used in politics since the beginning of, well, politics. Get over it Libtards! Lets get back to decency and focus on the victims of a SENSELESS act of violence.

  5. Jim

    Your argument does hold water. The rhetoric on the right is much more incendiary than anything Obama has said.

    • Gary P

      Bullshit, Obama has actually ordered violence, and his union thug army delivered.

      It’s always the left who calls for violence, and often gets it.

      Go learn some history.

      Remember, one of Obama’s closest friends, the one who once employed him, baby sat his kids, and gave him his political start, is a murdering domestic terrorist, and his wife a convicted cop killer.

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  8. Bloodhound

    The Left will never get their head out of their behinds! They are totally blind to the violence that their Worthless Messiah, Obambi, has called for and delivered. Are there no longer any Democrats out there with Honor and Integrity? Seems Not!

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