This Is Lauren B., Who Wished Sarah Palin Was Shot Instead Of Congresswoman Giffords

By Gary P Jackson

The blood libel against Sarah Palin has borne fruit, and we reported on the left wing violence that has been stoked by democrats and their media allies. In our report we noted that numerous loons took to Twitter to call for Sarah Palin’s death, as a result of the hate ginned up by the democrats and their media. We also noted the loons, once they realized they were being watched, their hate was being documented, and the implications to all of this, cried to You Tube about a “violation of privacy” and You Tube took the video down.

Of course, this is BS, as Twitter is an open public forum.

No matter, the creators who documented the vile hatred hosted the video on another site as well. One the left can’t shut down. You can read more and view the hate speech for yourself here.

Now, courtesy of BigFurHat we have more info on one of the violent democrats:

The imbecile, RedHeadOnFire2, the dunderhead who claims her privacy was violated after she broadcasted her asinine thoughts to the world, is in this video. What a dunce.

Here, let me violate this asshole’s “privacy ” a little more-This is Lauren B., who wished Palin was shot instead of Giffords:.

My name is Lauren, I’m 21 years old and a psych major at UOP. Follow my tweets!

Psych major, eh? Will you be in the chair or on the couch? I say couch.

And as Grayscape points out – she has ONE WORD to get right in her One Word Project and spells it wrong.

The Soviets used to call people like Lauren B. “useful idiots“. They are mindless zombie drones who believe whatever left wing crap the progressive movement throws at them, and are all too eager to do the radical democrat’s bidding for them. Of course the leaders view these lemmings as expendable. Mere pawns in a dangerous game.

This vile little liberal chick may want her friends to think she is some sort of “loving” and “caring” progressive, but her diseased soul has now been exposed. The world can now see who Lauren B., a psych major at UOP, really is. 



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20 responses to “This Is Lauren B., Who Wished Sarah Palin Was Shot Instead Of Congresswoman Giffords

  1. NormaJ

    So where can we still see the video of hateful Lauren?

  2. NormaJ

    If I were as ugly as Lauren, I guess I would hate a beautiful successful woman like Sarah Palin too. Poor Lauren, ugly on the inside and out, and ugly is as ugly does.

    • Peggy

      How sad our children are this hateful of TRUE Americans like Sarah. Even folks near my age do not appreciate the fact Sarah fought corruption in HER OWN PARTY. How sad.

  3. Don't Tread On Me

    Lauren B. isn’t a psych major; she’s a major psycho.


    She is just a victim of the brain washed liberal youth….
    Public schooled I am sure.

  5. Susan

    I hope that Lauren B. paid attention to the president’s comments at the memorial. We don’t need any more lunatics. If she isn’t careful, and something should happen to Sarah Palin, she just might get a knock at her door.

  6. Lauren Bendik
    Class of 2013

    “I’ve been through a lot in my life and I’ve overcome many obstacles. I was born with spina bifida, a defect in the spine. When I was born, it was uncertain if I would be able to walk or keep up academically with my classmates. Not only can I continue but I was a straight A student in high school and continue to do well at Pacific. I enjoy pushing myself and hope to continue exceeding the expectation of others and myself in the future. ”

    Look under “Perseverance”

    I think she might have a compelling life story if she wasn’t so bitter about it.

  7. David G.

    What a dumbed down pathetic piece of trash this ‘can opener’ mouth is to wish that on someone…Meanwhile, Giffords is more and was a Republican. Not that it makes a difference to me because I know the bs game.

  8. Robert W.

    This cache of her tweets shows her to be a very immature, unintelligent person:

    But she clearly has a hate-on for George Bush and Sarah Palin & her family. 😦

  9. ChrisinMB

    Call me a sucker but I honestly feel sorry for her.

    • Gary P

      Actually, the more one learns, the more one does.

      Most college professors these days are radicals themselves, and shove their left wing nonsense down the kids’ throats. If they aren’t already firmly grounded in Common Sense conservatism BEFORE they are shipped off to school, they are ideal targets to be infected with the left wing ideology.

      Still, a decent human being doesn’t go round wishing death on someone they don’t even know.

      It’s pretty sickening.

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  11. Mark V. Basile

    “Sickening.” Gary P. Jackson. And worse. That is as concerns Lauren B., who by the nature of post-comment claimed violation of annonymity, qualifies her as a big old “dummy.”

    But is this “hate” an example of “speech” or “advocation?” Strongly, I fear, the latter. But this is the kind of thing you can get from “dummies” where Leadership does not exercise the role of respnsibility elected to or unelected, as in the media.

    A reader. More extensive comment, several minutes prior. Gary and Stace will dig it up. “Under” legal name. 1/15/11. What do you call a “mass libel” anyway ?!? Brain-freeze, led by calculation, or just BRAIN-DEAD. ?

    Post-Note: Lauren B. states herself to be 21 years of age. My dearie, that is called “legal.” You will never in your entire life get a ‘break’ like the Governor of Alaska is giving you on this ‘mis-statement.’
    “Twitter is an open public forum.” Gary P. Jackson, co-chair Palin communications.

  12. Mark V. Basile

    I’m afraid you had it more closely than myself, Gary: Soviet-style useful idiots.
    (I need to clean up my sites that hang around from time to time, and as I indicated that I looked over the longer one and felt that I had consistent presentations, I think it’s all a matter of language; as there were more than one person advocating serious violence to a full Vice-Presidential Candidate, after, never disavowed in any fashion by her partner, POW and Naval Aviator John McCain, of 2 4-Star descents in the United States’ Navy).
    Advocating death for Sarah Palin, without receiving process, mainly an hysterical isuse of blood libel with improper Jewish implications, is about the biggest break these young 20-some are ever going to receive.
    And the steamroller ride is over: John Boehner out of Ohio’s 8th has the House.
    So you can calm down a little on the hystrionics, Mr. Jackson a Progressive or a Conservative Democrat, for example, has nothing in the world to do with Marxist Utopianism. Christ man, in the largely failed Age of Reform, one of the very best we have ever had called his party The Progressive Party, then of course lost as Bull Moose. Not his idiot relative who came later, but Teddy Roosevelt. (Site cleaned up, no further comment.)

    • Gary P

      Sorry Mark, but when I hear these losers I got no love.

      BTW, Teddy was the ORIGINAL progressive. He did some evil things and ushered in the era of Big Government. There’s a LOT of things to truly admire about the man. His presidency ain’t one of them.

  13. Mark V. Basile

    Below, take it from there – I give the floor (and apologize Mr. Jackson); checks and balances, as provided for and core to:
    THE CONSTITUTION. (all that bi-partisan “promise,” JABBER — we didn’t do it, I was AGAINST, at least as of 11-12/09; “Independent.”
    12/18. OK.
    “Advocate” with or without hate for violence. Got no love. We “agree.”
    Was “trust-busting” lie, where you talk about BIG GOVERNMENT and I was talking about “market share.” That’s big Business. When too big, in violation of allowable market share, we had at that time a “trust.” We do not use that term now except in the vestige of language or honor of Teddy Roosevelt: the Anti-Trust Division.
    Violation of anti-trust in combination with “leaking” which you boss addressed I believe as regards her seat on the energies/oil and gas commission; causes my articulation as Bull Moose in time — the Economy Shall not Govern.
    On market share and industrial/finance mis-construct ‘octopi,’ did you catch that 1914 zinger by Louis Brandeis, Other People’s Money, 2 years before the “third branch called.’ [You’ve been waiting on me — we do not see a direct answer: the Economy Shall not Govern, so that is “the evasion,” voice from ago, when we smashed these Liberals to shreds at the mid-terms?]
    Hopin’, not Phryccic (sp.?) victory, as regards “evasion” and HATE, for all that is decent in this county. Did I out a date?

    By the way, as regards “brain dead youth,” could we speak of Joe Biden, the man of a thousand mouths — who when there were only a handful left at, OK?, corral -became ‘dumb’ on vote aftervote of “Supermajority” vote/

  14. Mark V. Basile

    You know when this started, Gary. Was in 2010, when you folk were not so much a part of the picture. There were references to a “Civil War in Arizona.” I was imposed though. You know those incredibly poorly rated couple of persons from Santa Clara, which in retrospect seems to have contained an underground think tank — now we can feel a little safer since the guy who tanked 22 of Steve Kappes’ men on an anti-terrorism assist has gotten at least a term under his belt, albeit a 4 knocked down to a one. They are hiding the underage sex with a prostitute at this time. So, we know this parole business. I have a full blast 7/8 NYT assault on Arizona using “soft issues” and placing NAMI in “the big lie:” on VIOLENCE/MI viv-a-vis non-MI.

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