Sarah Palin To Democrats And Corrupt Media: I’m Not Going Anywhere!

If it weren’t for those double standards, what standards would they have?

~ Sarah Palin on democrats and their media partners

By Gary P Jackson

Sarah Palin in an exclusive interview with Fox New’s Sean Hannity, her first after the vile attacks and blood libel from the left, makes it quite clear she’s not going anywhere. In fact, after discussing the left and their corrupt media partners, Sarah goes after the Obama regime and it’s disastrous economic policies, foreign policies, and energy policies.

Sarah Palin has a conviction about her that is quite rare in these times. She has an inner strength that will not be challenge by the rabid little dogs on the left nipping at her heels. This is what a true leader looks like.

PalinTV has the full interview. Click here to watch.

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One response to “Sarah Palin To Democrats And Corrupt Media: I’m Not Going Anywhere!

  1. Rock

    First of all,We the people, have a right to know how every congressman ,or woman votes, on any bill ,of any kind. Then in peaceful dissent ,work to oust them from the position we do not agree with. It’s called freedom.
    No “enlightened” despotism required.

    While other lazy presidential candidates have gone fishing ,and played golf, for the last two years, you have stepped up ,and you have spoken out , against this culture of corruption in Washington. Thank You.
    Yes,Governor Sarah Palin, we also have your back..

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