Sarah Palin To Headline Reagan’s 100th Birthday Celebration At The Reagan Ranch

By Gary P Jackson

This is an exciting announcement. As we start the year long celebration of the life of one of our nation’s greatest leaders who better to be front and center than Sarah Palin, a true Reagan Conservative who embodies the spirit of everything that made Ronald Reagan great.

From Publius at Andrew Breitbart’s Big Government:

Governor Palin Chooses Young America’s Foundation’s Reagan Ranch Center as the Backdrop for her Speech to Honor the 100th Anniversary of Ronald Reagan’s Birth

Young America’s Foundation announced today that Governor Sarah Palin will give the keynote address on February 4 at its Reagan 100 Opening Banquet at the Reagan Ranch Center in Santa Barbara, California, for the 100th anniversary celebration of President Reagan’s birthday. Governor Palin was Alaska’s youngest and first woman governor and the first female Vice Presidential candidate in the history of the GOP.

I am very excited to have been selected to address Young America’s Foundation’s Reagan 100 dinner,” Governor Palin said. “Young America’s Foundation has been sharing the values of President Reagan with young people for more than 40 years, and there is no organization more committed to preserving freedom’s future.”

To commemorate the 100th anniversary of Ronald Reagan’s birth, Governor Palin will reflect on the seminal speech by President Reagan, “Time for Choosing,” that discussed the risks and rewards before an America at a crossroads in the early 1960’s. Governor Palin will draw parallels to today while calling for young people to continue the Reagan revolution into the future.

Vice President Dick Cheney will also headline the celebration weekend and deliver the keynote address at the closing Reagan 100 Dinner Banquet on Saturday, February 5 at the Reagan Ranch Center.

On Saturday night, the celebration weekend will close with a screening of Young America’s Foundation’s first film production, Still Point in a Turning World: Ronald Reagan and his Ranch. The film, directed by Stephen K. Bannon, addresses the importance of the Ranch as a representation of the values of the President and the urgency of passing those values on to the next generation.

The weekend’s festivities will include a series of panel discussions on Ronald Reagan’s lasting accomplishments as well as his important role in the future of freedom in our country. Panels will feature an array of scholars, writers, artists, and luminaries, including Reagan authors Lou Cannon, Peter Schweizer, Craig Shirley, and Lee Edwards; best-selling novelist Brad Thor; Reagan intimates and former Secret Service agents John Barletta and Dennis LeBlanc; artist Steve Penley; renowned film maker Stephen K. Bannon; Reagan administration alumni Frank Donatelli and Michelle Easton; as well as Young America’s Foundation President Ron Robinson, Director and author Wynton Hall, and Vice Presidents Kate Obenshain and Andrew Coffin.

These special events kick off an entire year-long celebration of President Reagan’s life and ideas and his relevance for today’s times. The weekend is part of Young America’s Foundation’s Reagan 100: Freedom’s Future initiative, celebrating the leadership of President Reagan and how important his vision is to the future of freedom in our country.

During the birthday weekend, select members of the press are invited to observe the birthday weekend festivities and tour the Reagan Ranch—Rancho del Cielo—where President Reagan spent nearly a year of his Presidency. Press must make reservations to participate. Space is very limited.

For further information on this event, or to request non-transferable press credentials, call Evan Gassman at (800) USA-1776.


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6 responses to “Sarah Palin To Headline Reagan’s 100th Birthday Celebration At The Reagan Ranch

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  2. Joy

    Wow – but what better choice than Sarah Palin!?! And doesn’t that just leave all the other GOP wannabees in the dust! (God is good…).

    Funny – actually, nasty – thought just flicked across my mind (and with the pathetic SOTU still in mind): Namely, so why isn’t the current Fraud-in-Chief – laughably compared to Reagan by the LSM and nauseatingly referenced as “Reaganesque” (BARF!!) by that same group of idiots – participating in these official centennial events? Even the thought of this travesty turns my stomach!

    • Gary P

      The attempts to compare Obama with Reagan are going to backfire spectacularly. Reagan HATED Communists and Communism. Fought his whole life against it. He would despise Obama.

      I can’t wait for Sarah to give this speech though. It will be inspiring.

      • Joy

        The counterpart to your excellent argument is that Obama hated Reagan his whole political life as well! Reagan was everything Obama is not and his values were 180 opposite of this socialist POTUS! From the earliest days of Obama’s political life in Chicago (and in our own domestic terrorist Ayres’ home, to boot!), Illinois and then DC, Reagan was anathema to Obama. Probably the ONLY thing of which Obama took positive notice vis-a-vis Reagan was the fact that he (Reagan) had such a large & loyal following and he beat the crap out of both Democrat opponents (in 1980 and 1984)!

      • Gary P

        The left is doing it’s damnedest to make people too young, or too stupid, think Obama = Reagan.

        Obama himself penned a tribute to Reagan in the same USA Today issue Sarah did. Sadly, it was better than the one Mitt Romney wrote!

        Back in 1995, in “Dreams From My Father” Obama wrote some incredibly nasty things about Reagan.

        The left is pushing the lie anyhow.

        So much breaking news this week I haven’t had time to really comment on it, but will.

        Sarah is the natural to carry on the Reagan legacy. She’s been governing as a Reagan Conservative for 20 years. No one embodies Reagan more than her.

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