Politico’s Andy Barr Caught Red-Handed “Making Things Up” About Sarah Palin

Above: Andy Barr. Lying, corrupt, left-wing hack.



By Gary P Jackson

The corrupt, left wing media is at it again. Andy Barr, a “journalist” reports an absolute lie at the so-called “political news sitePolitico. At least this time he names a source, highly unusually for a website that’s famous for smearing Sarah Palin, and others, by quoting “unnamed sources.”

Barr used the lie to further the blood libel that somehow Sarah was responsible for the mass murders in Tuscon, even though that has been totally discredited. This is what Barr writes:

Palin retreats, won’t reload

Palin’s putting the safety catch on her references to weapons in the wake of Rep. Giffords’s shooting.

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Her speech last night to the Safari Club in Reno was closed press, but thanks to the Reno Gazette-Journal’s David Jacobs putting his ear to a closed door, we’re hearing the former Alaska governor’s new line.

Palin dropped the “reload” phrase from her routine, telling the audience of hunters “don’t retreat, stand tall” — a shift from her now infamous and well-known “don’t retreat, reload” line that played on a loop on cable in the after the Tucson shooting.

In the wake of the tragedy, Palin came under attack for having put Giffords’s district in crosshairs on her website.

In Reno, Palin also spoke in favor of gun rights and of her love of hunting, telling the crowd that hunting and fishing is part of American “exceptionalism.”

This is, of course, not true. Almost as soon as this BS story broke, a member of Free Republic, SFMom, posted that she attended the event and Sarah not only used her and her dad’s trademark line: “Don’t retreat, reload” but used it several times.

Rebecca Mansour, who works for Sarah, confirmed via Twitter that the Politico story is “inaccurate” and Sarah indeed used her trademark line.

Is it just me, or is anyone else just a little pissed off this twerp put the word: “exceptionalism” as in AMERICAN EXCEPTIONALISM, in quotes?

How cosmopolitan of Barr.

Now some people may be asking “what’s the big deal?

Well, there are several. One, this lie creates the false narrative that maybe somehow Sarah feels guilty for an event she had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH, or that maybe she is somehow “effected” or even “cowed” by the attacks on her from the vile left wing media, and the democrat party.

It also gives Barr a chance to continue the lies and blood libel from the Tuscon shootings. To plant that little seed again, that Sarah IS responsible, AND now maybe realizes it herself. That’s how these corrupt bastards work.

We make it habit of never believing a single thing written on the pages of Politico …. ever. We always consider anything they write an outright lie, unless it can be verified through many other sources, independently.

It should be noted that while Barr himself may not have been a member of the left wing media conspiracy known as JournoList, Politico is lousy with corrupt JournoListers. Many who have conspired to write false stories about Sarah Palin, and cover up damaging stories about Barack Obama.

The bottom line is: Sarah Palin has NOT retreated and has ALREADY reloaded. She’s loaded for bear and ready to take on the entire bunch.

This little story does, however, serve to remind Americans nationwide that our media is corrupt, and can no longer be trusted.


After we wrote this article, a bunch of people took to Twitter to tweet the news story around. Corrupt “journalist” Andy Barr scrubbed the website Politico of the story altogether.

Barr has NOT publicly apologized to Sarah Palin though.

You can encourage Barr to do so on Twitter. His handle is @AndyBarr34

Free Republic and other websites reported Barr’s false story as fact, so you can still view what Barr wrote, even though he threw his bogus nonsense down the memory hole


As the night rolls on, this just gets sadder for “journalism.”

Barr has restored the link to his original lie, but NOW his story reads:

Palin retreat? She’s reloading

Palin’s firing back after a Nevada newspaper reported she put a muzzle on her trademark “Don’t retreat, reload!!” phrase in the wake of Rep. Giffords’s shooting.

Her speech last night to the Safari Club in Reno was closed press, but the Reno Gazette-Journal’s David Jacobs put his ear to a closed door.

He reported Palin dropped the “reload” phrase from her routine, telling the audience of hunters “don’t retreat, stand tall” — a shift from her now infamous and well-known “don’t retreat, reload” line that played on a loop on cable in the after the Tucson shooting.

But Palin aide Rebecca Mansour denied that the former governor dropped the line, suggested to her by her father.

The governor actually did use the phrase ‘Don’t retreat, reload,‘” Mansour told POLITICO in an email. “She also said, ‘Don’t retreat, stand tall.‘”

Her father, Chuck Heath, was present at the speech yesterday, and the crowd cheered when she pointed to her Dad and repeated this favorite saying of his,” the aide added.

Compare the two stories.

Notice how Barr STILL refuses to apologize for his lie?

More diabolically, since he scrubbed the first story, someone who did not see the original story might get the idea that Barr is just a good old boy “objective” reporter who is merely reporting both sides of the story.

Notice he has no problem throwing the local reporter, who had no clue himself what Sarah did or didn’t say, right under the bus.

This is how the corrupt media works. They lie all day long, and when caught red handed, just erase the lie like it never happened.

BTW, Barr DID leave up the nearly 400 hate-filled comments from the left wing loons that read Politico. Make sure you read those. They represent the “cream of the crop” of the democrat party.

These sort of people do not deserve to have a job in the news business. At best Barr should be asking diners if they want fries with that burger. He represents everything that is wrong with journalism, as does the corrupt left wing publication that employs him.

Again, feel free to let Barr know how you feel.



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10 responses to “Politico’s Andy Barr Caught Red-Handed “Making Things Up” About Sarah Palin

  1. Joy

    This ongoing crap from the Left and the totally corrupt & dishonest media (not even up the standards of Pravda, as this point in time…) just serves to galvanize “little people” like me! I read all the defenses of Palin (and am grateful that people like you and other Palin bloggers are hardened enough to stomach reading through all that b.s.!) and get so damn mad – but it’s a healthy way to let off steam AND reinforce my dedication to The Cause even more!

    Bring it on, Leftist scum of the Earth, we’re ready! Loaded for bear, indeed…

  2. Bloodhound

    I just went on Politico and read the article and left a post, telling the little liar that he was lying about Ms Palin and called him a couple of choice names, like Progressive Puke. I just can’t help myself. I know I should restrain from name calling, but they push a person to anger with their lies. If we let these sick people run the country, we would be just like Zimbabwe!

    • Gary P

      A bunch of folks took to Twitter and called Barr out, see our update. He SCRUBBED the Politico website, but offered no apology to Sarah for lying.

  3. Liberal and Proud

    I feel that while Mr. Barr may have been wrong to not double-check the information, there is no reason to attack him or the so-called, “corrupt, left wing media”. It seems to be a simple mistake and there is no need to start throwing conspiracy theories out there. As for Politico, there is no need to attack it either. I find it a reliable source (no not because I’m Liberal). I also think that this article is extremely biased. I mean just look at the caption to your picture. There is another way to write this. This article worries me immeasurably, the amount of hate is overwhelming. I certainly don’t hate conservatives or Republicans. Some of my best friends are conservatives. This also wasn’t an attack on Former Gov. Palin and if you notice Mr. Barr’s article wasn’t rude or biased, it simply stated (I’m not saying if this is true or untrue) that her way of speaking about guns may have changed in sight of what happened to Rep. Giffords. This certainly wasn’t big news, it was just something interesting to look at. So I don’t understand why everyone is treating him like he made an attempt on the former Governors life. I do not think that he needs to apologize to Former Gov. Palin for a misunderstanding, it wasn’t a personal attack. He has already admitted to misreporting the article, I think that is enough. This is my opinion. Thank you for listening, and take care.

    –Kyle R.

    • Gary P

      Politico has a LONG history of publishing outright lies and stoking hatred.

      Sarah Palin HAS NOT changed the way she speaks about anything. See, YOU fell for Barr’s lie. You are his target audience. He wants to reinforce in your mind that somehow Palin was responsible for the shooting in Tuscon. And that she somehow feels responsible.

      Never mind the fact that Jarred Lee Loughner is a left wing wack-job who was stalking Congresswoman Giffords for years before anyone knew who Sarah Palin was or the Tea Party was formed. Loughner attacked Giffords because she wasn’t liberal enough!

      This is why the Daily Kos put a target (bulls-eye) directly on her and called her a TRAITOR. It’s also why a Kos diarist said “she’s dead to me” just two days before the Congresswoman was gunned down.

      This whole deal was left wing on left wing violence, but the corrupt media instead, instead of reporting the truth, blood libeled not only Sarah Palin, but the 40 million Americans who belong to the Tea party.

      What Barr did was wrong. His cover-up and refusal for lying about Sarah Palin was worse.

      Palin isn’t the only person Politico lies about. They are no better than the Huffington Post, or the Daily Kos, two hatemongering outfits that exist purely to disseminate hate.

      Politico has more known members of JournoList than any other publication. They are nothing more than a propaganda wing for the left. To his credit, Barr is NOT a member of this conspiracy.

      He is corrupt though and a liar.

      He could have passed on the story, OR when it was pointed out that he published a lie, he could have issued an apology and told both sides. THAT’S what honest reporters who make a mistake do.

      Barr didn’t do that. He took the entire story down, and deactivated the link. THEN he quickly rewrote the story in order to look like a good guy and just an “objective journalist” with no apology for lying to his readers, or even an explanation. And he did this in the dead of night, after many outlets picked up his original lie, and reported that as fact.

      That’s not just corrupt, it’s calculated.

      There was a way Barr could have handled this, and come out looking like a decent, honest guy. He chose a different path.

  4. Bloodhound

    Politico just sent me an email telling me my comments have been deleted because of improper conduct! I said Obama was a Failure and he would be out of there in 2012, along with his Legion of Demon Administration, and they deleted it! The Politico is nothing but a Progressive Puke website that tells lies and more lies trying to protect their Failed Leader, Obambi! Hope they rot in hell! Liberals hate the Truth!

    • Gary P

      Yup. That’s what they do. They are just as bad as the Huffington Post. It’s nothing but a liberal hatefest over there.

      You’re always welcome here!

      We have a policy on language and such as well, but I have never seen you come close to violating it.

      • Bloodhound

        I would never use vulgar language, but I will say what is in my heart about Obama and his horde of Demons. That is all I did at Politico too. I also was banned from the Huff&Puff long ago, after my second post. The Progressive Left hate the truth thrown at them. Can’t wait till we have decent, respectable, honest people back in the White House, and hopefully, Ms Palin will be leading them. I also want Bolton as Sec of State, and Tancredo as Homeland Security. That is my Dream Team! Napalitano is about a Retard when it comes to Security or anything else for that matter. Good Grief, Obama can pick some Looney Tunes, can’t he? God Bless!

      • Gary P

        That sounds like a solid cabinet too me!! The ‘Stache was born to be Secretary of State!

        You are spot on about Obama. You’ve never said anything offensive about the man. Reading Politico one can’t say the same thing about the filth that is published about Sarah Palin in their comments section. If a commenter is attacking her, it’s all good.

  5. Joy

    Wow, Liberal & Proud Kyle must have balls of brass and nerves of steel to venture forth on THIS site!! And his arguments are SO pathetic – as you pointed out, Gary, while shooting each one down in flames. Guess Politico has its target market – but it ain’t us!! We can see – and SMELL – the lies a mile away! Meantime, poor ignorant fools like Kyle keep reading the lies and believing the baseless talking points that the Looney – and LYIN’ – Left keeps spewing out to its zombie audience. And when they dare to step into our world, it’s sorta like shootin’ fish in a barrel – just too damn easy…

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