Sarah Palin Wins January Straw Poll Decisively

By Gary P Jackson has been conducting an extensive straw polling operation for the past month, and will be conducting a new one each month throughout 2011 to gauge the mood of the nation. Sarah Palin won the poll by a significant amount over second place Mitt Romney.

The results are as follows: is a national news magazine with some of the nation’s top Conservative writers. Obviously, this is not a scientific poll, and is only meant to judge the mood of the country. Townhall has heavily promoted this poll, actively seeking participants, and all voters must supply a valid email address when submitting their vote.

To learn more, and vote in February’s Straw Poll, check out Townhall on Facebook here.

H/T: O.P. Ditch



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4 responses to “Sarah Palin Wins January Straw Poll Decisively

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  2. Hugh Largey

    Even taking into account the same kind of relentless liberal mainstream media daily bashing/belittling of Sarah Palin (as they tried with Ronald Reagan) and you have the potential of the next Ronald Reagan, gender updated, and with the same historic elements that moved the electorate to trust Barack Obama with their vote in 2008 and the people’s house in 2010.
    Why Sarah can win:
    1. Great speaker projecting attractive, youthful, energetic charisma.
    2. Speaks directly and credibly to the issues with no hedging doublespeak.
    3. Believes in American Exceptionalism which can again lead the world by unshackling our homeland’s productive resources (including 120% equivalent to Middle East oil), natural gas, nuclear, and clean coal.
    4. Would pull a winning margin of women voters, regardless of their political affiliation, wanting to be part of thehistoric election of a representative of their minority (women never before given the opportunity to do this “man’s job”). And, similarly she would attract a sizeable amount of male voters sympathetic to “making history” in this way, asuaging their “guilt” for allowing the delay of this event for so long.
    5. She can choose a running mate who could complement her perceived needs in other areas.
    Naysayers and late nite TV Show “Pundits” beware: If Dick Nixon could come back and win twice after they wouldn’t have him “to kick around anymore” – so can President Sarah Palin!

  3. Gene Terenzio Sr.

    The American, Sophia Loren, I love her, She got my vote. Geno777

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