Time Magazine Also Reports Satirical Palin Story As Real News

By Stacy Drake

Yesterday, I wrote about US Weekly getting “busted” by the Gossip Cops for reporting a story based on a satire from a parody website. While it’s one thing for US Weekly to get caught doing this, it’s quite another for Time Magazine to do the same – or at least it should be. Unlike US Weekly, Time hasn’t scrubbed their article yet. It’s still posted on their website as if it were fact.

Glynnis MacNicol from Business Insider reported on this earlier today. She wrote:

Turns out US Weekly isn’t the only magazine willing to believe anything about Sarah Palin.

Earlier this week, US Weekly picked up a satirical story about Sarah Palin calling Christina Aguilera an ‘airhead.’

Turns out they weren’t the only ones. Time also fell for it. Yes. Time magazine. From their post:

Was Christina Aguilera’s Star-Spangled Banner slip-up enough to provoke war? Conan apparently thinks so. And you thought Sarah Palin went overboard by commenting that she wanted to deport the singer?

That ‘wanted to deport’ link goes to a CurrentTV.com post titled ‘Palin says she’d deport Christina Aguilera for botching the national anthem,’ which is taken from the same satirical source that US Weekly fell for.

Fear not, Al Gore and Keith Olbermann lovers, Current did not fall for it. Their post is under the comedy section and at the bottom it says “For more Election 2012 laughs, visit www.SuperTuesdayNews.com – political satire served up daily”

Apparently Time didn’t get that far.

You can read her piece in it’s entirety here

Kudos to MacNicol for writing the article. For those of you who are familiar with MacNicol, you know she is not a fan of Governor Palin. It’s nice to see someone put that aside and call Time Magazine out for their lack of journalistic ethics.

So, this is the state of the media today… They are either too lazy, too biased, or too stupid to perform the actual duties of their job. The more they do this sort of thing, the more people wake up to the fact that we cannot rely on these people to deliver accurate information. We have to use different avenues to verify what the lamestream press is reporting to us.

Perhaps someone should tell Leon Panetta.

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