WTF? Obama Tells Businesses Not To Worry About Inflation!

By Gary P Jackson

Win The Future?

Our genius President tells businesses not to worry about inflation, or the situation in Libya.

From Robert Schroeder at Market Watch:

WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) — U.S. companies shouldn’t worry about inflation if they’re planning on expanding their business, President Barack Obama said Thursday. “We’re not seeing a broad-based inflation trend,” Obama said at the first meeting of his Council on Jobs and Competitiveness. At the same meeting, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said substantial world oil reserves should help with any disruptions to oil supplies, amid worry over turmoil in oil-exporter Libya. Obama said he thinks “we’ll be able to ride out the Libya situation” and that it will stabilize.

Libya is bad, and oil is prices are about to go through the roof, but thanks to Obama’s overall policies, food prices are rising incredibly high as well. It’s a one-two punch that will only cripple the American economy more. Instead of leading, we have Obama doing his best Alfred E. Newman “what, me worry?” impression.

I bet Jimmy Carter wakes up every day and thanks God for Barack Obama! Thanks to Barry, Jimmy C is no longer our worst President in history.

A spokesman for the Obama regime reacts to the upcoming disaster:


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5 responses to “WTF? Obama Tells Businesses Not To Worry About Inflation!

  1. My good friend, President Obama is the vivid icon of the American Dream. I wonder how Mrs Sarah Palin would have handled these issues!
    With all due respect, Mrs Palin shines when networking but a nation needs leaders, not social media stars.

    • Gary P

      Are you kidding me? Obama is the very definition of failure,. He’s nothing more than a rabble rouser and a Marxist street thug.

      As for Governor Palin, well, since she predicted this mess six months ago, I’m quite sure she would have averted it in the first place. Palin addressed this issue multiple times, including a series of op-eds in the Wall Street Journal, which had to take her side, when one of their own writers said she was wrong, and quantitative easing would not cause inflation. Of course he was the one who was wrong, and anyone with a high school education (or who lived through the Carter years) knows it.

      In Alaska, Sarah Palin took over a corrupt, out of control government. She cut spending, balanced budgets, created jobs, and got Big Oil under control. And she did it in short order.

      There’s a reason why her approval ratings were in the low 90s, high 80s. The highest in the nation.

      I suggest that instead of trolling the interwebs and posting snarky comments, which only show your ignorance to the world, you take some time to look at our next President’s actual record of solid leadership.

      People will stop laughing at you then.

  2. Ray

    I totally agree Gary. People need only to compare the Palin and Obama records. Obama is over his head.

  3. Sylvia

    Roosevelt Vs. Obama

    What did President Teddy Roosevelt say?
    “Speak softly and carry a big stick.”
    What does Barack Hussein Obama say?
    “Fight for Allah and not for America!”
    Want facts re our lawless Hypocrite-in-Chief?
    Just Google “Obama Fulfilling the Bible” !

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