Correcting Gossip Huckster Shushannah Walshe

By Stacy Drake

I realize that many Palin supporters are tired of hearing about Frank Bailey and his hideous manuscript. However, we cannot let members of the press continue to regurgitate the lies within the text of that unpublished book, with their charges going unanswered. A few days ago, Shushannah Walshe published a couple of articles pertaining to the Bailey manuscript. Since the links to her pieces are still bouncing around, all over the internet, her repeated assertions deserve to be highlighted for what they are, and the record corrected.

I addressed the most insidious segment her first article in the piece I posted at Big Government, last week, dealing with Bailey’s lie in regard to the RGA. Today, I want to tackle some of the other assertions Walshe made. She began:

“Bailey Quashes Gossip About Trig Palin’s Birth”
Although most of the tell-all is incredibly scathing, Bailey—who was not only an administrative staffer but also booked personal travel for the Palin family and worked around the clock to please his boss—aims to put the gossip about Bristol Palin giving birth to Sarah’s fifth child, Trig, to an end.

How noble of him… Considering how detestable that piece of “gossip” is, I’m not too impressed with Bailey’s effort. I gather it’s nice to have the sort of source that the fruitcakes who push that theory would trust, out there. If only to get them to think twice before pushing their conspiracies on to the public. Obviously Bailey addressed this issue because it was easy for him to do so, and to give himself an ounce of credibility.

What strikes me is that Shushannah opens her double hit-piece with this item. It’s a classic Walshe move. Play nice in the beginning, then turn around to take shots and push horrible lies later. They say, “every good lie has some truth to it.” Perhaps Shushannah thought the same goes for her gossipy sourced tabloid-style attack articles.

Next, Walshe offers up a host of segments in which she uses the title of each as a stated fact, then attempts to back it up with blurbs from Bailey’s manuscript. Posting demonizing titles such as Palin Used Her Children for Political Gain,” “Palin Helps Publicize Rumors About Her Family,” and “Palin Said She Hated Being Governor.”

By the way, even after you read the section that insinuates Governor Palin publicized “rumors about her family,” you realize that what the governor was alleged to have done is correct the record for her family’s sake. It would be the same for Shushannah Walshe to claim that this piece is also publicizing rumors about the governor’s family. Earth to Walshe – You have to repeat a charge in order to clear it up. Where’s the scandal in that?

The words Walshe pastes into her article under the other sections, are words that have already been discredited. Most of them are old left-wing attack lines, recycled for the once prospective readers of this non-book, and now by a columnist for the Daily Beast. The majority of the insinuations referenced by Walshe cannot be verified, and Bailey usually offers no evidence in the form of communications (i.e. emails) with the governor to back them up. Essentially, these people (Walshe included) are partaking in character assassination using hearsay, and in some instances, using the governor’s children as a weapon.

In the second installment of the Bailey infused hit-pieces, Walshe once again uses the governor’s husband and children to attack her. She states the following:

Todd and Sarah Palin Had Marital Problems, Neglected the Kids”
Sarah Palin appeared to trust Bailey and confided in him on all topics, including family matters. In an email, Palin told him that Todd was working behind her back on the Troopergate affair, writing to Bailey: “We’re not like normal couples, Frank. We don’t talk.”

Walshe is either lying or that was just a lazy guess on her part. She wrote that “In an email, Palin told him that”… Ah no, there was no email cited. As I have stated elsewhere, I have read the manuscript and can even tell you what page Walshe should have been looking at to write this section. Bailey’s assertion is printed as a quote (which I guess we are all supposed to believe came from his vast memory bank) not an email. This quote is hearsay, not documented proof that the governor ever said such a thing.

Then, from the mind of the discredited disgruntled former employee, Walshe repeats the manuscript’s attempt to twist normal behavior from children, into a damning critique of the governor’s parenting skills. He cites events (without proof) such as a child not wearing a seat-belt (for however long) and alleging that one of her kids may or may not have received a bad grade. All in an effort to paint the governor as a horrible parent. It’s one of many dirty avenues the writers of the manuscript, drove down to trash Governor Palin.

Walshe continues her piece in the same fashion, repeating the many claims of Frank Bailey. From demonizing the governor’s use of basic political strategies, to trashing her faith, to trashing her husband’s alleged response to a prankster, to trashing the people who vetted the governor for the McCain campaign, to scapegoating Bailey’s own record, Shushannah’s pieces is another heap of unsubstantiated garbage.

It didn’t surprise me to see these articles from Shushannah Walshe, given her recent history writing about Governor Palin. After she co-wrote a book with the governor as the center-piece, Walshe took a turn for the worse. I imagine that it’s possible that her need for attention directed her shift. After all, MSNBC is the only network who gives her any exposure, so it’s a possibility that she’s playing to the owners of the cameras.

Walshe, who once had the opportunity to interview the governor’s family, is now trashing that family. From writing multiple hit-pieces (designed to appeal to a left-wing audience), to openly communicating with the likes of Palingates, this woman has developed into quite the smear merchant. I have to wonder what kind of character a person has to have in order to make their living by perpetually slandering and libeling another individual. Does Walshe not possess any redeemable qualities or skill-set to make an honest living? I know Palin supporters who once regarded Walshe as an objective writer. That is no longer the case. Shushannah Walshe has now reduced herself to irrelevancy. You cannot expect to be successful by repeating discredited information, while trashing another person, when there are hundreds of other vulture columnists doing the same thing. At the very least, maybe Shush should consider picking a different topic to write about once in awhile.


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2 responses to “Correcting Gossip Huckster Shushannah Walshe

  1. KingShamus

    Sleazey cash in nonsense.

    The Palins better pick more loyal soldiers in the future. Bailey is grade-A slime.

    • Gary P

      Yeah, I think that’s why she only has a handful of staffers now. There’s a LOT more about Baily that will probably come out some day.

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