Today’s Comic Relief: Newt Gingrich Forming Presidential Exploratory Committee

By Gary P Jackson

For those that need a good laugh. From the National Journal:

Gingrich will follow the move with two trips to early presidential battleground states: He’s scheduled an appearance in Iowa on March 7 and one in New Hampshire on March. 17.

Good luck with that Newt, you’ll need it.


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5 responses to “Today’s Comic Relief: Newt Gingrich Forming Presidential Exploratory Committee

  1. Joy

    My thoughts exactly, Gary! But Newt’s ego needs to get out & about and hear how wonderful & intelligent he is, etc. So, let him go through the paces – he’ll get his a** handed to him in good time! But that image of him sitting on that love seat with Nazi Lugosi will haunt him for a very long time…

    • Gary P

      He has so little chance that I didn’t even bother to list the reasons why he’ll never win. His second ex-wife is salavating at this. She can’t wait to unload on him. (and has said so)

      The man has a jumbo liner full of baggage.

  2. Roland Farrarrolfarr

    Imho it was Gingrich and his crew who thought they had the country by the tail several years ago, and could do what ever they wanted. It set up the election of the Democratic congress that Bush had to live with, and thought they could do what ever they wanted.

    Which puts us at this stage in the history of American politics. We do not need any more of that, lets just concentrate on the wishes of the American voters today!

  3. Joy

    Gary, I read a fascinating piece a few months ago about Maureen (I think that’s her name, but forget now), his “sceond ex-wife,” as you so succinctly ID’d his marital adventures – and she was simultaneously glad to be rid of him, but still hurting somewhat from his rotten behavior toward her (leave very sick wife redux). I actually met her several years ago when she was out in CA to campaign for Mary Bono (Mack) in one of her first campaigns after Sonny died in that accident. She was very intelligent, had a good sense of humor and was very supportive, etc. But that, apparently, wasn’t good enough for skirt-chaser Gingrich. My take: He should just remain happily on the sidelines with his attractive Calista and sort of retire – except to venture forth to give the occasional over-price speech…

    • Gary P

      Yeah. I have no respect for him at all, nor Calista, for that matter. If she’s smart, she’ll watch her back. A leopard doesn’t change it’s spots!

      BTW, I’m hearing now that he’s flip-flopped on his announcement date of Thursday. As Drudge would say: Developing ….

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