Bristol Palin Tells Kirstie Alley To Hang Tough

By Gary P Jackson

Haters are gonna hate. That’s the message Bristol Palin has for actress Kirstie Alley who is appearing on this season’s Dancing With The Stars:

Kirstie Alley, you danced beautifully, and the haters will hate no matter what. Plus, when others criticize your weight, you just might end up going all the way to the end of Dancing With The Stars! (It’s happened before.)

This kid is a class act.

I know we can all be guilty of it from time to time, but what does it say about us that many take a fun and entertaining show, and turn it into a hate fest? Many put more effort into ridiculing the performers than just enjoying a little bit of entertainment.

I’ve always enjoyed Kirstie’s acting, and hope she does well on DWTS.



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4 responses to “Bristol Palin Tells Kirstie Alley To Hang Tough

  1. Joy

    You’re right, Gary – Kirstie Alley has earned a treasured place in TV sit-com history, and she should just follow Bristol’s advice – and her own gut instinct – and dance the weeks away! Bet she’s gaining a BUNCH of new fans, too!!

    • Gary P


      I’ve always enjoyed Kirstie’s acting. She’s made some good movies. She’s a real stunning woman as well. She has a weight problem, but so do a lot of people. Doesn’t change who she is.

      So-called “comedian” George Lopez attacked her for her performance on DWTS. Too many of these hacks go for an easy laugh rather than craft something truly funny and entertaining. It’s laziness on their part.

      We deserve better!

  2. patricia cala

    Well said by Gary. I respect Kristie, and as for George Lopez, he should remember that it was his ex wife that made his career for him. Then she gave him a kidney and for some reason he divorces her. Nothing more can be said, perhaps that he is a poor excuse for a man.

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