Sarah Palin: Barack Obama’s Post American Theory of Intervention

I think it was a profoundly disappointing speech because it proved that the Obama doctrine is still full of chaos and questions…Why in the world would our military might be used according to the UN and Arab League’s desires and NATO’s leadership in this skirmish or this war or whatever it is that Obama calls it?

~ Sarah Palin

By Gary P Jackson

On Monday night Sarah Palin went On The Record with Greta Van Susteren to talk about Barack Obama’s incoherent speech on Libya. Sarah takes the speech apart piece by piece.


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2 responses to “Sarah Palin: Barack Obama’s Post American Theory of Intervention

  1. patricia cala

    In this year of 2011, some time before the presidential election, this speech will be used against the president, but as all politicians, the electorate has a short memory. The same way Obama got elected will work again. He pulled Hilary Clinton’s support from her at the last minute and his stage presentation and aura pulled him through. He’ll do it again. What disaster a second term will do to this country is frightening to think about. Be prepared America.
    And, there is no vice-president, as yet, to follow him into office after that re-election. I don’t think Biden will be asked to stay for a full second term. The democrats will be in that office for a second 8 years, after that time.

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