Jedediah Bila Posts Sarah Palin’s Presidential Resume

By Gary P Jackson

In her weekly Human Events column Jedediah Bila writes the qualifications she expects a our next President to have:

Here’s What YOU Need To Be Our Next GOP President

Conservatives can agree that President Obama must be a one-term President. America simply cannot afford more of his destructive policies. But what are the traits of the ideal GOP candidate who can defeat him?

(10) Someone with rock-solid executive experience. If you have successfully balanced budgets and conducted common-sense cost-benefit analysis, you’re already two up on our President.

If you have acquired your understanding of the free market and the effects of tax policy and overregulation via the ups and downs of your very own business, you’ve far surpassed our President’s ivory tower knowledge base.

(9) Someone with a strong and consistent conservative record. If you have significantly reduced spending in your city/state, invested in city/state savings, advocated for the protection of the 10th amendment, lowered taxes, generated a city/state surplus via fiscally responsible policy, and incentivized job creation, you are the perfect contrast to President Obama’s big-government, tax-and-spend, job-killing, bankrupt-our-country agenda.

(8) Someone who has persistently highlighted the President’s poor policy decisions. If you have been an outspoken voice against ObamaCare, the President’s disastrous energy policy, his class-warfare mentality, his lack of strong foreign policy leadership, and his complete aversion to fiscal discipline, you have a proven commitment to standing up to the Obama agenda. And that’s precisely what the GOP needs in 2012.

(7) Someone who is gutsy. When it comes to 2012, wimps need not apply. The GOP candidate who can defeat Barack Obama is one willing to respectfully, but boldly, counter his platitude-heavy, fictional discourse with, “Actually, Mr. President, that’s not what you did.”

Political figures with a history of bravely taking on the Left and the GOP in the name of upholding conservative principles are sure to draw a prominent line between our President’s contrasting record and rhetoric, which is an absolute must.

(6) Someone who connects with the American people, and who is also connected to his or her own words. There is nothing worse than a politician who talks at you, not to you … or one whose tone doesn’t vary when he/she addresses topics as diverse as unemployment, natural disaster, and American exceptionalism.

Barack Obama’s ideal challenger will have the unique ability to bypass the media and the distractions, and to speak directly to the American people. The optimal GOP candidate will have an authentic connection to his/her own words and won’t be aloof and detached, but approachable and involved.

[ …. ]

So, there you have it. Will most GOP candidates possess the majority of these traits? No, but some will come close. And there just might be one of you out there who has them all.

While Jedediah doesn’t mention her by name, this is indeed Sarah Palin’s record. Read the rest of the Top 5 Must Have Qualities here.

We think you’ll agree, Sarah Palin hits every mark.

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One response to “Jedediah Bila Posts Sarah Palin’s Presidential Resume

  1. My smile kept getting bigger & bigger as I read the list.

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