A Most Wonderful Day

By Gary P Jackson

Social media has become an important part of our lives. Especially Twitter. I know a lot of folks spend time on Facebook networking, and hooking up, but Twitter is the undisputed king when it comes to getting information out fast, and is by far the best way to organize a group of people, and inspire them to act.

In the Middle East, Twitter was used with great effectiveness by Liberty and Freedom seeking protesters. People in Iran, Egypt, Bahrain, Syria, Saudi Arabia, and Libya have all used this social media to help effect change, or at least attempt change. The only reason some attempts failed is because the nation’s leaders shut down internet access, thus thwarting this very effective communication tool.

This, by the way, is why many are extremely troubled by attempts in this country to give the president full authority to shut down the internet “in case of emergency,”a chilling thought with this president, but that’s a whole different issue.

The story I want to tell, this wonderful coming together of good and decent people was actually several days in the making. You see, Sarah’s beautiful son Trig just turned three years old! A nice time indeed.

Well, it seems the sewer rats over at Wonkette decided they’d “celebrate” Trig’s birth as well. What’s a “Wonkette” you ask? It’s a vile democrat website that smears anyone and everyone they hate [it’s a long list] hiding under the guise of “satirical license.” They are the darling of the democrat party, and a shining example how morally bankrupt the base of the party has become.

It’s one of those places that helped further the conspiracy that Sarah Palin is not really Trig’s mother, something started by Barack Obama’s hand pick crew in Alaska that we refer to here as the Alaska Mafia. [Google it] People like amateur pornographer Jesse Griffin, one of the Alaska bloggers, frequently see their delusional writing about Sarah Palin and her family “glorified‘ on this website.

To commemorate Trig’s birthday, a really sick bastard by the name of Jack Stuef wrote what can only be called a despicable piece of crap. So vile it defies description.

One has to wonder what kind of sub-human trash would attack a 3 year old child with Down Syndrome, just because they have an irrational hatred for the child’s mother.

This pile of human debris called Trig “retarded” then went into the whole “Trig Truther” nonsense, even going so far to suggest that maybe Todd Palin raped one of his daughters and thus, the whole cover up about who Trig’s real mother was. He also included what I’d characterize mildly pornographic images next to Trig’s likeness.

Oh, and this loser threw out the democrat’s favorite talking point, that Trig is only a “prop” for Sarah and her family. You know, because no other person in politics has ever had family or brought them out in public.

The left would never be caught dead with someone like Trig in public. You wanna know how the sainted Kennedy family treated on of their children?

In 1941, when Rosemary Kennedy was 23 her father, Joe Kennedy, had doctors perform a lobotomy on the girl because she had “mood swings.”

For what it’s worth, I just had a mood swing writing this!

In the end, Rosemary lived her tormented life in an institution. Out of site and pretty much out of mind. After all, Joe couldn’t have his sons JFK, RFK, and Teddy “embarrassed” by their sister.

The left’s hatred for Trig [and Sarah] can be boiled down to the fact she chose not to murder this beautiful child as is the case with most Down Syndrome children. Around 90% of women who are told their children may be born with Down Syndrome chose to abort these babies. A tragedy of unspeakable magnitude.

The cult of death among liberals is also a cult of hatred for all who choose life. All of the hatred for Sarah, the attacks, the lies, are all because Sarah Palin, by keeping her beautiful son, reminds them how disgusting they truly are. It brings out the self loathing in them.

By the way, my newest fantasy is that Todd and Mr Stuef have the opportunity to meet some day. I’ll leave it at that.

The face of today’s democrat party

Now you’re probably wondering where all of the “wonderful” is that I alluded to in the tittle. Well ….

First let me say that two of the real heroes of this story are John Nolte Editor-in-Chief for Andrew Breitbart’s Big Hollywood and Derek Hunter from The Daily Caller These two got the ball rolling, and kept it rolling. with that said, this story has a cast of hundreds, if not thousands, including some great companies who sent a strong message to people that would attack a 3 year old disabled child!

It started early Wednesday, after the vile article had been discovered earlier. Twitter, being the vibrant network it is, went to work.

Now I want to point out early on, that mass calls for boycotts were not part of this effort.

People involved simply found out who the advertisers on that vile site were, and then found their twitter accounts and simply sent them a tweet, including a link to the article, asking them if this was the sort of thing they wanted to be involved with.

There was no intimidation, none of the thug tactics we’ve seen used by the union protesters nationwide. People simply showed these great companies how their hard earned dollars were being used. The sort of thing they were funding.

To their credit, in short order reps from the makers of Huggies and Papa John’s Pizza were very vocal saying they wanted no part of it. Vangard Financial was right behind them.

Now before you ask why they were advertising in this cesspool to start with, you should know, they likely had no idea.

Our man on the East Coast, Greg Tartaglia, did a bit of digging and found that Ken Layne, the owner of the Wonkette hate site, also owns a company called Blogads. It’s one of those companies, like Google Ads, that places advertising fairly randomly around the internet. Blog owners get a small piece of the pie as readers click on these ads. If you visit blogs that feature advertising, you’ve seen this company in action.

From their website:

Today Blogads.com connects 3500 blogs with a joyful stew of advertisers ranging from corporate giants to mom&mom T-shirt peddlers. Advertisers include NBC, Audi, PBS, Time Warner, JohnKerry.com, The Republican National Committee, The New Republic, Rhino Records, O’Reilly Media, Bagnews,Paramount Pictures, Random House, Network Solutions, Turner Broadcasting,eChristianWebhosting, Nokia, VH1, and Budget Renta Car.

Doesn’t Layne’s company sound so wonderful? A “joyful stew” even. [WTF?]

No one would ever know this guy was nothing more than a filth peddler, who traffics in hate, if they read this cheery little description.

As the Twitter effort gained steam, companies like Reliant Energy, Starkist Tuna, The San Diego Zoo, Holland America Cruises, Coldwell Banker and many more all joined in.

Here’s a sample of some of their Twitter replies:

JJIll: “All: Please know we do not condone the Wonkette story. Thank you for bringing it to our attention. We have taken action to remove our ads.”

Holland America Cruises: “Thanks for letting us known, we have blocked that page from running our ads.”

Nordstrom: “Thanks for letting us know. The ads have been removed. We’re sorry to disappoint you.”

Reliant Energy: “Thank you for alerting us. We did not choose this site and are working to have this removed immediately.”

Bob Evans: “Our ad is not supposed to be running on that site. Agency has been alerted to pull it immediately.”

Coldwell Banker: “We are in the process of pulling our ads from Wonkette.”

DealSwarm: “We’ve pulled our ads from the site — we wouldn’t have approved them running next to that blog post. (Trig is a cutie pie.) Thank you for alerting us — we weren’t aware our ads were running alongside a blog post like that. Ads have been pulled.”

MetroPCS: “We don’t condone @Wonkette, have removed the ad and ensured that our ads won’t appear on this site in the future. Thanks for bringing to our attention.

Oh, and there are many more.

As the day went on, the people at Wonkette really started to feel the heat. Eventually they would scrub the author’s name from the story, as well as many of their fan’s comments about Trig and the rest of the Palin family.

These scrubbed comments were actually as bad, if not worse than the original article, as hard as that may be to believe.

At this point the entire post has been deleted by the Wonkette crew.

The Huffington Post, CNN, and others, who gleefully reported Wonkette’s “birthday greeting” have scrubbed the offensive mess from their websites as well.

Even Google scrubbed the original cashed link, something we didn’t think was possible! The progressives were working over time to send this way down the memory hole.

Speaking of HuffPo, they were feeling the heat as well. The hate mongering site, who’s creator is basically running AOL’s news division now, announced they were banning all talk of Trig Trutherism. Ben Smith reports this here.

This is significant, because HuffPo and Wonkette trade in hateful attacks on Trig, and both have published shocking photoshopped “art” of the young man. If adhered to, this will be quite a blow to Obama’s Alaska Mafia, as they have always been given carte blanche on the Huffington site to post any smear about the Palin’s they could cook up!

Tommy Christopher from Mediaite, a left leaning website was even more forceful, going after Wonkette in a major way. Christopher separated the men from the boys with his very strong piece. Updated several times, it includes a back and forth between Mediaite and Wonkette’s Ken Layne a morally bankrupt loser. This is a must read.

As the day went on, and as bloggers started reporting on this, more advertisers rejected Wonkette, and more hate started flying from the embattled group.

In particular, Wonkette’s people were angered by Papa Johns Pizza, calling for the bottom feeders who read their website to boycott the company.

It’s interesting to note Wonkette had no problem with taking their money, but as soon as they pulled out, they became the worst pizza on earth, and evidently developed homophobia too! I’m surprised they weren’t called racists as well, but I guess since Wonkette seems to only hire white people ….

You can see screen grabs of Wonkette’s tweets here.

The bottom line is this, within the confines of one business day, a whole bunch of good and decent people used Twitter to educate corporate America about a vile group of nasty democrats, and corporate America responded responsibly.

What really struck me was, unlike the strong-arm tactics we have witnessed lately by union thugs nationwide, no one was threatening companies or suggesting boycotts. People on Twitter simply showed these companies the content of the website, and it was on!

Other things started to happen as well, particularly with Papa Johns and Huggies. A whole bunch of people suddenly got hungry for Papa Johns Pizza, and Dana Loesch pointed out that diapers ain’t cheap, and people should go to the store, load up the family truckster with Huggies, and take them to the nearest shelter that helps women with babies.

Thursday morning people were reminding others that food banks are always looking for Starkist Tuna packed in water. Having volunteered in a soup kitchen, I can attest to that myself. Something tells me a lot of shelters are going to benefit from this. Next time you go to the grocery store stock up and take some to the local shelter. Put some in your own pantry as well.

Something else that was just plain awesome, a real hero went out and bought the web domain http://jackstuef.com/ when you click on it, it redirects you to the National Down Syndrome Society’s donation page!

Early on people were tweeting messages to Sarah telling her not to worry, we had her back. Wednesday evening, Sarah sent this tweet:

Big thanks from the Palin family to folks on Twitter today who took a stand for children w/special needs. Happy Easter!Thank you #TrigsCrew

In case you wonder, the #TrigsCrew hashtag, thanks to my hero, John Nolte, is now the identifier that we’ll use on Twitter any time there is a call to arms to fight the kind of evil we saw from Wonkette!

A fitting way to celebrate the day thousands came together to stand up for what was right.

This tweet about Nolte kind of says it all:

Let the world know that @jjmnolte is a fully-functioning badass who can organize a community better than certain Presidents I know.

John, Derek, Dana and a cast of thousands renewed my faith in mankind, and made Wednesday a most wonderful day indeed.

There was a lot of reporting on this event. Far better writers than I.

John Nolte actually was quite prophetic by writing: Twitter Power: Mock the MSM and Watch Them Launch Phony Attacks against Sarah Palin. before the Wonkette story broke. This is a must read for everyone who wants to use Twitter as a tool to effect positive change.

Le-gal In-sur-rec-tion has a good look at the entire mess, and notes, as we have, this isn’t the first time the crapweasels at Wonkette have attacked Sarah and Trig.

Dana Loesch kept up with the timeline of advertisers jumping ship, which you can read here.

Speaking of which, here is a list of companies that have stood up for decency and dumped Wonkette.

As of this writing, 32 companies have taken steps to see their advertising never appears on that website again. Send them a thank you and buy their products. Mention #TrigsCrew in your tweet.

Here’s a partial list of Wonkette sponsors courtesy of Jersey-Texan-Mich-Mash. It includes those that have, and those that have not stopped advertising. There is also a link at the website to screen grabs of the Wonkette post, since they have scrubbed their website trying to act like it never happened, an old trick the Soviet Union was very good at. Check it all out here.

Life News has their take here.

Here’s what Voting Female has to say.

Ad Age had their say.

Greg Gutfield hammered author Jack Stuef and Wonkette as only he can.

Iowahawk [David Burge] tweeted this little diddy poking fun at Stuef’s kindergarten level artistic ability:

@iowahawkblog In which I attempt @wonkette-grade humor: portrait of Ken Layne and Jack Stuef http://bit.ly/fiswT

In closing, I have never been prouder of the American people. Just when you think evil is about to win, evil gets it’s ass kicked.

I would be remiss if I failed to point out that all democrats aren’t like the rabid base of the party. People like Mediaite’s Tommy Christopher went ballistic. Fox’s Kirstin Powers and even lefty Alan Colmes were quick to denounce Wonkette.

On the other hand, the GOP, as usual, was silent as one of their own was savaged. As Sarah says, the GOP has the fighting instincts of sheep.

There was one exception. Herman Cain was quick to join Trig’s Crew and stand with all of us. A class act indeed.

This incident proves that it only takes a relatively small, dedicated, determined group to change things for the better. There were no threats of violence, no vicious name calling. Just good and decent people out there pointing out a grave injustice. It made me realize how strong the people are. How good America really is. How bright our future can be.

It was truly, and completely A Most Wonderful Day.


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13 responses to “A Most Wonderful Day

  1. Joy

    Gary, you did yeoman’s duty chronicling that truly “Wonderful Day” on Wednesday!! I learned SO much!! And, as you said, great things were accomplished when common decency prevailed and not a single violent action was threatened or angry word leveled at anyone!! Decent people (and, of course, Conservatives!) rock!! The best part, of course, was how the truly BAD guys were not only whupped, but taken to the cleaners and lost some top-rated A-1 advertisiers! Also, not to be overlooked, was the totally bad rep that stupid & crappy Wonkette now “enjoys!” Pound sand, you turds, pound sand!!

    • Gary P

      Thank you Joy. It was fun to be involved with this effort.

      Whitney has her take as well, make sure you check it all out.

      Yesterday restored my faith in mankind.

  2. lwjwl

    Yes, this has been a wonderful day because of all the tangible good that has risen up.
    We can add this wonderful day to our gratitude lists, which will help perpetuate more of the same.
    Thank you for bringing to light all the many facets of what it took to make this day wonderful for all of us.
    Because of one special little man, Trig, we are better people.

  3. loopyloo305

    Amazing to watch the reaction of the companies that had the good sense to remove themselves from the filth that was spouted by this person and site.

    • Gary P

      Yup. A lot of these companies had no idea their product was being advertised on this filthy site. Many ads are place randomly.

      It was wonderful to see how swiftly they took action.

  4. Pingback: Americans Stand With Trig Palin | A Time For Choosing

  5. Wes in MT

    Next to Jack Stuef in the dictionary should be a picture of a weasel, if that wasn’t so offensive to weasels. . . . what a punk.

  6. brad

    While all your insidental points of data paint a cute partisan picture it lacks accuracy. Iam the father of a wonderful girl who happens to have DS. She will be 3 this summer. While Republicans are prolife….they offer minimal path to participation after birth to this population. Budget cuts proposed focus primarily on programs that impact the ability of this population to gakn independence and achieve.

    What Wonkette did is toilet water, but what is being proposed in the budget is 1000 times worse. I cannot imagine an America where my kid is excluded from participating in private healthcare thru pre existing restrictions and then has her public option erroded simultaneously…….shameful

    • Gary P

      Sorry, but you are as wrong as any reader I’ve ever had comment.

      Not sure if you have bought into the lies democrats have been telling for decades, or trying to further perpetuate them.

      I suggest you learn about government health care rationing. All nations that have government controlled health care severely limit access to life saving care. Great Britain is a prime example. Canada is not a lot better.

      Rather than quote it, I suggest you look up Ezekiel Emanuel’s “Complete Lives System” the blueprint ObamaCare would use for rationing. Emanuel, brother of Rahm, is Obama’s health care adviser. His document detailing who “deserves” health care and who doesn’t would make Joseph Mengele proud.

      Why do you think Sarah raised so much hell over ObamaCare? As she pointed out, she didn’t want her son, or parents to have to stand in front of Obama’s death panels and have to justify their worth. That’s exactly what happens if ObamaCare isn’t abolished.

      All one has to do is look at the disaster Mitt Romney created in Massachusetts with RomneyCare, which was the blueprint for ObamaCare, to see what a clusterfark this fiasco is.

      Not sure where you live, but most states have high-risk insurance pools to cover people such as your daughter.

      What’s 1000 times worse than you and democrats demagoguing the Republicans over the budget, is the fact that our debt has risen to the level of unsustainability and the democrats STILL want to spend like drunken sailors. [no offense to drunken sailors] We are at a 100% GDP to debt ratio. Nations collapse at half that.

      Frankly I can’t wait until Sarah Palin becomes President in 2013 and we finally have adult supervision in Washington.

      Check your state resources though. There are plenty out there to help your beautiful daughter.

      • loopyloo305

        There have been programs out there for many years that apply for the disabled. I have a son that is disabled and has been receiving help since he was diagnosed at two and a half. What is needed is better education for the parents to be able to find it, but every state has a coordinator available to help find the programs. There are always people who can’t be bothered, but that would be the case in any system. The Healthcare plan that Mr. Obama and the Democrats have put in place, are cutting many of those programs out and trying to install a one size fits all program. This is going to lead to the loss of some very good state run programs. The problem with having people that know nothing about the programs in place, and the problems faced by the disabled, make decisions for all of them, is that they do not understand that they are all individuals, and need to be treated as such. At the very least, with the insurance companies, you could always go public and get other people to put pressure on them. With the government, you can go no further. They have even precluded taking it to the courts.

      • Gary P

        Exactly right.

        Thanks for the great information. It’ll be of good use to our readers.

  7. bob johnson

    You do know the President does not make laws. He can only sign or veto them. Please educate yourself on the process to pass bills so that all conservatives can participate in meaningful and impactful conversations. I hate it that the few controlling the media mislead our folks into believing the President is to blame. It’s those shady snakes we voted into office that put these stupid laws into the books. We need to vote them out once and for all and replace them with real, middle class Americans that are not millionaires.

    • Gary P

      Dude, of COURSE we know who writes laws and who signs them.

      What does that have to do with a bunch of sewer rats attacking a 3 year old boy? [other than they represent the typical thinking and activities of the democrat party]

      Obama is to blame though. He sets the pace and he controlled Washington for his first two years in office. He had the White House and both houses of Congress. The democrats had been in charge of Congress since 2006.

      As for getting middle class people who “get it” what exactly do you think the Tea party and the effort to elect Sarah Palin in 2012 is all about?

      Palin is one of us. And a strong, successful leader to boot.

      If she had been President since 2009 things would be a lot different right now. The economy would be booming and we’d have people back to work.

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