Americans Stand With Trig Palin

This is OUR time…look at what we did for #TrigsCrew….that was us…not a political machine…us…

~ Janet Ney via Twitter

By Gary P Jackson

As you know, a vile website known as Wonkette decided to use the occasion of Trig Palin’s birthday to attack the special needs child, as well as his mother. I wrote about the coming together of people on Twitter and how Trig’s Crew was formed. These wonderful people were able to contact Wonkette’s advertisers, who when shown the kind of sewer rats their dollars were funding, immediately took action.

As Stacy Drake points out, Wonkette is paying the price for attacking a child with Down Syndrome.

At last count, 46 major corporations have vowed to never advertise with this group again. These are some of the nation’s biggest corporations, and all were horrified to see where their money was going.

It should be noted that no one threatened to boycott any of these companies. Members of Trig’s Crew, the name people on Twitter started calling themselves, merely pointed out the article and asked if the companies were OK with this. 46 were not. You can see the list and any updates here.

If you are looking to do business with good people, I highly recommend checking out the list of great companies and doing business with them.

This evil act by Wonkette galvanized a large group of Americans who have said enough is enough.

Debbie Joslin, the National GOP Committeewoman for Alaska, and friend of the Palin’s wrote a lovely letter in support that tells her own story of seeing a handicapped child bullied by thugs, which you can read here.

John Nolte talked with DaTechGuy on Saturday about all of this. John gives everyone a great accounting of how all of this came together. He also talks about the left’s treatment [and fear] of Sarah Palin. listen to the entire interview here.

Of Course, the left has gotten indignant about it. I mean how DARE America get pissed off when a bunch of gutter snipes attack a disabled child!

Andrew Sullivan, a pathetic conspiracy theorist with an unhealthy fixation on Sarah Palin’s uterus, and someone I refuse to link to, pulled out the old stand-by left wing talking point, that Sarah is just using Trig as a “political prop.” No other politician in my memory, who has children, has ever been accused of using them as props.

Funny, during the 2008 race, Barack Obama had his children with him and no one saw that as anything but a father with his girls. But for some reason, it’s all just political theater when Sarah Palin is involved. If Sarah had kept her children hidden, they would be attacking her for that, by the way. All the left knows how to do is attack. They have nothing else going for them.

Sullivan was quickly denounced by everyone in Trig’s Crew, which freaked the left out. They became very concerned that Trig’s Crew was about to take down Sullivan.

Even Sarah Palin’s creepy stalker Joe McGinniss got into the act. McGinniss jumped into the fray by tweeting a link to a website run by a member of Obama’s Alaska Mafia, the hand picked crew Obama and Pete Rouse put together to harass Sarah Palin. Our readers know the Alaska Mafia story well, so no need to go over all of that.

Anyhow, the website Immoral Minority is run by Jesse Griffin, a real winner who dabbles in amateur pornography, and was let go from his job at a day care center in Alaska. [for “undisclosed reasons“] He’s behind many of the conspiracy theories surrounding Sarah. He used his buddy, Denis Zaki, a stringer for CNN, to help “mainstream” his many deranged assertions.

Griffin along with Shannyn Moore and Jeanne Devon were frequent visitors with McGinniss while he was in Alaska stalking Sarah Palin and her family. I asked McGinniss, via Twitter, if he was just upset that no one was paying attention to him. He responded he’d never been happier. I bet.

It’s telling that all the usual suspects have decided to get involved in this.

The bottom line is, as Nolte points out in his interview with DaTechGuy, this is all about attacking Sarah Palin, and sending her the message that the left will “weaponize” her children when she runs for President. The left has nothing left. None of their attacks on her have worked, because none of them are based in truth. Understanding they can’t compete in the marketplace of ideas, they have decided to pull out their dog eared copies of Alinksy’s Rules For Radicals and attack.

The problem with this is Sarah Palin probably understands Alinsky better than these losers do. She has proven she can turn Alinsky type attacks on her, back on the attackers. The people who attack her do so at their own peril. Sarah Palin knows how to fight. She fights like a girl!

It tells you how morally bankrupt the left has become though. Having nothing going for them, no ideas, no solutions, they are reduced to attacking disabled children in hopes of beating Sarah Palin. It’s rather sad, when you think about it.

All I know for sure is I witnessed something last week that renewed my faith in mankind. I saw thousands of people come together and make a real difference. I saw great companies react to a vile attack on a beautiful boy. I also saw a lot of people come together and realize they indeed had the power to stand up against evil.

A lot of people realized their voices matter.


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12 responses to “Americans Stand With Trig Palin

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  2. Elmer Goldman

    Sarah is a breath of fresh air. She’s a beautiful woman with courage. Destiny is calling her. She is coming unafraid. It is bashert. It is fated.

  3. Joy

    I love that, Elmer Goldman – bashert! Sometimes Yiddish is the only language that expresses something so profoundly!

    Meantime, a little side note about the big Democrat money bags enabler of the Alaska Mafia (among other dastardly enterprises): Stewart Resnick (yes, whose wife Lynda runs that rip-off – but irresistible! – company, Franklin Mint; I should know – I’ve been a big customer years ago!! Instant kitsch! Weakness is my only excuse…) also owned a company called Fiji Water – yes, he bottled water in Fiji and sold it all over the map! What a deal – what a scam!! But the bottled water crowd loved it – what can I say? Anyway, inside track info: He no longer has the company: The Fijian Gov’t decided they wanted more bakshish from Mr. Resnick (who was already making out like a bandit – while, as some – including Mother Jones! – claimed, ripping off the native Fijian workers and others in the process!); but when he demurred, they gave him 24 or 48 hours to close shop, pack up and leave Dodge! I got this from someone related to one of his managers, but I didn’t probe too much further, ’cause this source thinks Resnick walks on water – and the whole lot of them are libtard Dems, naturally…

    One thing the Resnicks did do last year is donate mucho dinero to the LA County Museum of Art for one of their major collections, which is now housed in an addition on the Plaza level and
    named, appropriately, the Resnick Pavilion. So, acc. to what I read last year, it was Resnick’s money that funded all those vermin in Alaska as they mounted their smear campaign. Maybe losing Fiji water and being kicked out of Fiji was Divine Justice – God’s acting to remind those who would smear Lady Sarah, that she’s been touched by the Man upstairs to save our country – and there’s absolutely NO place for the Resnicks of this world to gum up such an important – and Divine! – project!! This is only conjecture, of course, on my part, but it does seem that Karma has bit that entrepreneur on his backside for meddling in dirty politics – when he should just stick to business, for which, obviously, he has a more effective flair (Fiji Water notwithstanding…).

    • Gary P

      Joy you are all over this one!

      The Resnicks are tight with Arianna Huffington. Huffington is godmother to their daughter. They have their fingers in everything. They own Roll Industries, which we wrote about a while back.

      Remember when Levi Johnston and his “body guard” Tank Johnson were doing that stupid commercial for pistachio nuts? That was his payoff for trashing Sarah and Bristol. the Resnicks own the advertising agency that put it all together.

      Lots of evil within that one family. I understand they are funding one of the tabloid websites out of Alaska now.

      We’ll be re-visiting all of this as we come closer to 2012. All of these people will be identified.

  4. Joy

    Thanks, Gary, for the reminder about Scumbag Johnston and his 15 minutes of fame – thanks to Resnick, who, at least, remembers his henchmen and does come up with the payoff $$. Here’s another example (and how I know about the Fiji Water enterprise):

    Congresswoman Mary Bono Mack has won several terms now in Congress, having had the good fortune of “inheriting” that seat from her late husband, Sonny Bono – and who also has had the good fortune of doing very little to upset the apple cart (very little of anything, for that matter, just “safe” legislation & other Congressional activity, etc.).

    Every two years, the Dems put up another straw man to challenge her, but the Dem has always gone down to defeat. Usually, the Dems put little money into the race, but a few cycles ago they did put big bucks into the race and used a very charming and intelligent – but still leftist, of course – fellow whose career was in education. Not a teacher, but, I think an administrator out of the LA area. They moved him to our district and he began a good grassroots campaign to meet one & all (I even shook his hand at a non-political event that he used to ingratiate himself to “the folks,” but was polite and didn’t identify my party affiliation!). In the end, however, he didn’t fare any better than the others (this has been a relatively “safe” GOP district ever since I can remember!); but the next thing I know, he has this job in Fiji!! He was appointed “Manager” of the bottling operation – he, without any business experience, to boot! But, obviously, that was not what was required for the job – just someone to look after matters that had all been set up in advance – and, to his credit, he’s smart enough and a quick study, so he happily fell into the “good life” in Fiji – that is, until the Fijian Gov’t interrupted the money flow…. I’m not sure what his next move is, but think he’s trying to stay in the South Pacific, hooking up with another of Resnick’s enterprises or possibly working for someone else.

    Again, Resnick makes good on his promises! I’m rather amused at that whole situation in the South Pacific – but NOT up in Alaska!! And I just hope that he’s properly smeared when the time comes!!

    • Gary P

      Won’t have to smear him, just point out the truth. There are a lot of these devious people within the democrat party. They have their fingers in everything. Very troubling.

      The thing that gives me solace is none of these people are capable of competing in the marketplace of ideas. The people are sick of not having people who can compete. People like Sarah can compete, and win. This scares the hell out of the left, and the GOP elites.

      Mary Bono Mack is a mixed bag. She’s not the biggest RINO in the mix, but she’s no Conservative, that’s for sure.

      I had high hopes for Mattie Fein last year when she ran for Jane Harmon’s seat. She just didn’t resonate with enough people. Had some great ads though!

  5. Joseph Durocher

    Jesse Griffin, the “real winner” referred to above, has an article over at everyone should read: “Did Sarah Palin’s constant compulsion to play the victim cost a young man with emotional difficulties his job?” Of course, he does not use his real name; his handle is Gryphen.

    Griffin’s Gryphen article is about Shawn Christy, the young man from McAdoo, Pennsylvania, whose Sarah Palin obsession has led to a restraining order. This young man – who has an unemployed mother and disabled father – spent what little income he had to visit Alaska in February, 2011. His travels and his obsession bring to mind both Mark Chapman and John Hinckley.

    Is it possible that Christy was in Alaska at the invitation and with the assistance of Griffin, who lives in Anchorage? Is it possible that – with his own obvious Sarah Palin obsession – he would like to see Shawn make international headlines, a la Chapman, Hinckley and Jared Loughner?

    • Gary P

      Jesse Griffin is a known liar. Proven to be time and time again. He’s also a hand picked member of Barack Obama’s Alaska Mafia, a group of malcontents and bloggers who’s entire life revolves around making up shit about Sarah Palin and publishing it as fact.

      It’s interesting you bring up that there may a conspiracy between Griffin and Shawn Christy. A while back Griffin published a map to Sarah’s home, with highly detailed instruction on how to get there, and even instructions on how to “sneak up” on the frozen lake!

      Now we got a deranged stalker who wants to rape Sarah’s daughters and kill Sarah being promoted by Griffin. BTW, this turd also threatened to kill one of Sarah’s friends.

      Disturbing to say the least.

      • Joseph Durocher

        Gary, if you-know-who wants to terrorize – if not endanger Sarah Palin and her family – perhaps he could be given a taste of his own medicine. I’m not particularly computer savvy, so I don’t know how or if it could be done, but what I would love to see is the Danish cartoons wind up on the The Immoral Minority website. Or, perhaps, those cartoons might be posted elsewhere – using the handle Gryphen – with an accompanying essay written in the style of you-know-who; a clever essay dismissive of Mohammed and the religion formed in his honor – laced, of course, with the kind of language the former kindergarten teacher likes best.

        If we – who love the former governor of Alaska – could do something of the sort I’ve suggested, I suspect that you-know-who would have his hands full. He would be one member of the Alaska mafia too preoccupied to concern himself with the Palin family.

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