INCOMPETENCE: High Costs And Less Care: RomneyCare’s Unhappy Anniversary

By Gary P Jackson

Just how bad is Mitt Romney’s “crowning achievement“?

THIS bad: [emphasis mine]

The Massachusetts Medical Society found that 56% of physicians are not taking on new patients. Wait times for appointments are climbing. Just two years after reform took root, one clinic in Western Massachusetts had amassed a waiting list of 1,600 patients…

Of the previously uninsured individuals who have signed up, 68% are receiving free or subsidized coverage.

Many of these people aren’t even citizens of Massachusetts. A recent report from the Massachusetts Inspector General found that state agencies have failed to implement controls to prevent ineligible people from making claims. In 2010 millions of dollars were spent on medical services for individuals from 48 other states and several foreign countries.

Read more from Sally Pipes’ stunning report here.

For those still holding on to hope that ObamaCare might just work, RomneyCare is the canary in the coal mine.

This has been a failure on every level, and while it’s costing those poor devils in the Bay State millions of dollars in waste, fraud, and abuse, ObamaCare will cost Americans billions, if not trillions in the same manner.

People need to wake up and demand ObamaCare be repealed ASAP.

Now I know a lot of people are working desperately to excuse Mitt Romney from any responsibility from this fiasco, or rationalize it away, but that dog just won’t hunt.

One of the talking points I see people test driving now, is it’s not really RomneyCare, but “PatrickCare,” named after Massachusetts Governor Duval Patrick who took Romney’s place. You see it’s all those rascally democrats fault that Mitt’s “glorious gift to mankind” is all screwed up.


Look, Massachusetts is a liberal state. The fact that Romney couldn’t foresee this happening, when he gleefully signed this horrific piece of legislation into law, speaks volumes about Mitt’s complete lack of common sense and understanding of the consequences of his actions.

In 1961 Ronald Reagan warned Americans that liberals would use socialized medicine to gain control of every facet of government, as well as control of many facets of everyone’s personal life. To impose Socialism on the people.

Now this was 50 years ago. You mean to tell me a “conservative” like Mitt Romney [snort] never heard Reagan’s Operation Coffee Cup message before?

I mean Romney once told us he was a “Reagan Conservative.” Of course that was before he teamed up with Jeb Bush to tell everyone “the era of Reagan is over“! Romney is a lot like Barack Obama. It seems, like Obama,  all of Mitt’s statements and proclamations have expiration dates.

Recently Romney has been trying to do major damage control by crying ObamaCare’s individual mandate is unconstitutional, which it is. It’s also immoral. However, Romney had absolutely no problem forcing citizens of his state to buy insurance. In fact, As Jennifer Rubin points out, Mitt was all in: [emphasis mine]

Gruber tells me, “What I can tell you is that there was an active debate on the individual mandate.” He explains,On one hand, Romney felt people were free-riding” on the health care system — that is, remaining uninsured but burdening the government health care system when they became sick or injured.

On the other hand, Gruber says, was the “freedom” argument about the mandate. He says, What I’d like to think carried the day was that I pointed out that without the mandate you would spend the same money and cover fewer people.”

Gruber says in the one face-to-face meeting he had with Romney, it was clear Romney had made the “final call.” Gruber tells me: “He was the champion of the plan. He really was the consummate management consultant.”

And, Gruber says, the plan that passed and is now operating is not fundamentally different from the individual mandate plan that Romney “championed.” Gruber says, “The framework is basically the same.” Moreover, Romney understood that the bill would be a framework, with the details to be filled in later (e.g., the definition of “affordable” health care). “He said so at the signing ceremony,” Gruber recollects. So the notion that the plan was hijacked by the Democratic-controlled legislature is simply not so, he asserts.

It is equally true in Gruber’s mind that without the Massachusetts example, Obama’s individual mandate plan in all likelihood would not have passed.

Read more here.

Interesting huh. Gruber, who wrote the RomneyCare legislation, is calling Mitt a bald faced liar for blaming democrats for his own stupidity.

And make no mistake, that’s exactly what it is, stupidity. Stupidity with gross incompetence mixed in for good measure.

Mitt Romney, not some random democrat, is the Father of Socialized Medicine in America.

Not Nancy Pelosi.

Not Harry Reid.

Not Barack Obama.

Mitt Romney owns it.

A lot of people are still pushing Mitt Romney for President. Why I have no clue.

The man’s record as Governor was nothing to brag about. And he’s proven he doesn’t even understand basic human nature. Anyone with an ounce of common sense, and even a modest amount of working knowledge of how Big Government boondoggles always turn out, could have told Romney that his RomneyCare plan would end up exactly like it has: A complete and total disaster.

Mitt Romney simply doesn’t have the character, intelligence, or ability to comprehend the unintended consequences of his dubious actions. The man isn’t qualified to be the president of the local yacht club, let alone the President of these United States.


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7 responses to “INCOMPETENCE: High Costs And Less Care: RomneyCare’s Unhappy Anniversary

  1. loopyloo305

    He is definately not my choice, but if it comes down to him and Barack, I’d hold my nose and vote for him!

    • Gary P

      No way in hell would I vote for Romney. Think about it. At BEST he would slow us down from 200 mph to 190 mph on the road to hell. If America collapses I just as soon Obama is at the wheel rather than a pretend “Republican.”

      The day of picking the lesser evil is over. We need a leader who will not only put the brakes on everything, but turn it all around and head us in the other direction, away from the abyss, at warp speed. That ain’t Mitt Romney.

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  3. Joy

    I’ve asked myself that same question, Gary: Namely, if Romney were to be the GOP nominee, would I vote for him? Anybody but Obama (ABB)?? Well, I think you’ve given me a damn good argument NOT to vote for Romney (let alone Obama – YIKES!!), but my old standby, the Libertarian (lost vote – I get it!).

    But we Palinistas have faith that it will NOT come down to that sad choice – not when Sarah Palin is the OBVIOUS choice for the GOP – and, in November, for the entire country!

    • Gary P

      Yeah. This “anybody but Obama” mentality is the sort of thinking that’s got us where we are today. Seriously, as bad as Obama is, a ham sandwich on day old bread stands a pretty good chance of beating him in 2012. But what would you have?

      Honestly, Romney might not be able to beat Obama. Same with Huckabee. Both are week as hell, and vulnerable for hundreds of attacks. But lets say one of them actually wins. What have we won? These guys are just as liberal as Obama. But even if they are only slightly less, they are still Big Government liberals.

      All any of the GOP candidates like Romney, Huckabee, Pawlenty, Daniels, and Newt would do is slow us down a little bit. We’d still be heading straight over the cliff, just in slow motion.

      We need a leader who will turn things around and hit the accelerator, taking us away from the abyss as fast as humanly possible.

      This is the most important election in our nation’s history, and we can’t screw it up. We have to lose the “anything would be better than Obama” mentality and shoot a lot higher. If not, we might as well stick with what we got. I’d rather just get it over with quickly!

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