Sarah Palin: Hell No I Wouldn’t Raise The Debt Ceiling!

By Gary P Jackson

On Friday afternoon, Sarah Palin appeared on Special Report with Bret Baier. A wide range of topics were discussed:

Barack Obama’s complete and total lack of understanding of how the energy markets work. The debt ceiling debate.  What she thinks of the current crop of Republican presidential hopefuls. [and her own plans]

Sarah is none to pleased that Obama has already launched into campaign mode instead of doing his job, and how he may have illegally raised money from foreign donors using a shadowy credit card scam, something the FEC is looking into now.

She also scolds the Republican establishment for trying to mess with the nomination process. She wants everyone to have a fair shot.

I’ve noticed a different Sarah Palin since her event in Madison. When she said “Game on!” she meant it! Of course, she always says what she means, and means what she says. That’s why she has such a large. loyal, and devoted following.

What I’ve noticed in her interviews, her Facebook notes, and even her tweets, is a very determined Sarah Palin. I’ve followed this lady since her early days as Governor of Alaska, and I’m seeing a Sarah Palin who is more forceful, more determined, and more focused when she speaks. She’s in total control of every interview. She definitely has her game face on. It’s no wonder her high school teammates gave her the nickname “Sarah Barracuda.” There is a certain steely-eyed look about her.

Though she says she’s still mulling a White House run, one can’t help but sense she’s got her mind made up. Sarah has repeatedly said there are simply far more important things to do right now, and presidential politics cause everyone to lose focus.

She’s also pointed out numerous times that while it’s way too early to start running, there is no one who excites her as a candidate, no one that she feels she could get behind, though she says it’s too early for all of this too.

This Sarah Palin means business, and doesn’t have time for any foolishness right now. This is a lady on a mission.

Video courtesy of our friends at SarahNet.



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4 responses to “Sarah Palin: Hell No I Wouldn’t Raise The Debt Ceiling!

  1. By way of contrast, Rep West said this week that he would support raising the debt ceiling under certain conditions.

    • Gary P

      That’s shows his inexperience. I love Allen West, he is by far one of the best of the best, but nothing can substitute for the 20 years of experience Sarah Palin has. Being a Chief Executive matters.

  2. KingShamus

    I think Palin is running, but keeping her powder really dry. Which is the smart play. You’re right–she does mean business.

    2012 is gonna be very interesting.

    • Gary P

      Yeah, it really is! Sarah is very astute politically. She’ll let everyone else wear themselves out, and make all the mistakes, and look silly. Then she’ll show up and run the table. It won’t be a conventional deal.

      I look back at how she beat Murkowski and Knowles. Unconventional warfare all the way. In the Republican debates she hung back and let her two opponents fight and sound petty. She stepped in as the only adult present and cleaned their clocks. Smart people who want to be in politics should study her.

      Funny thing, the Huffington Post put together a highlight reel from those debates as a warning to Obama’s team not to take her lightly. Despite their spin, they know she is going to be tough, if not impossible to beat.

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