A Passion for Freedom: Why America Loves Sarah Palin

Guest blogger and friend C.A. Bamford shares with us her wonderful words on why America loves Sarah Palin

America was born under a lucky star. Never before, and perhaps never again, could everything come together to create such a nation. The courageous early explorers who came to this bountiful land were followed by strong, determined people willing to work hard and to endure much hardship for the opportunity to build a good and free life for themselves and their children. Those who were strong enough, survived and prospered.

The first settlements grew into towns, cities, and colonies that were still under the control of the British. As we grew, those who ruled began to demand more and more from the independent Americans.

When the freedoms of these early citizens were threatened, they protested. They gathered in the homes, the taverns, the churches, and the streets of the villages where they lived. When the British elite refused to listen, they rose up to fight for what they were not willing to lose. They fought with whatever weapons they had; muskets, pitchforks…or their bare hands. As the war dragged on for months and then years, this ragtag army often went without food, without pay…and sometimes without boots, their feet wrapped in burlap. They lost battle after battle. Many grew discouraged and returned to their homes. But those who remained had a passion for freedom and they had exceptional leadership. On Christmas Day 1776, when it seemed certain the war was lost, the colonial army, led by General George Washington made one last desperate attempt with the few thousand men who were all that remained of the original 30,000. Hungry, cold, exhausted and ill-equipped, Washington and his men knew all they had left was faith and determination. But in the darkest hours of the night, in a freezing rain, Washington’s men crossed the iced-filled Delaware to surprise the British soldiers, and turn the tide of war in favor of the colonists.

The new country was blessed with wise men of good character, who willingly stepped forward to lead the building of our republic. Washington, Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Thomas Paine…and so many more extraordinary men who came together to create one of the greatest governments the world has ever known. This foundation, built on the faith, determination, and courage of our founding fathers and ordinary heroes has lasted for almost two and a half centuries.

Now once again our country and our freedoms are threatened by enemies both without and within. We are threatened by complacency, by greed, and by ignorance. But once again, citizens who have a passion for freedom have gathered to protest…and to fight for what we are not willing to lose. The unchecked threat of terrorism has invaded our nation. The strong constitution that our founding fathers gave us when they created our extraordinary republic is under attack and our freedoms are being taken away one by one. Our weapons are the ballot box and our legislative process. And our army is the American people and the few good leaders we have in our halls of government.

But alone, among the many courageous voices that are speaking out for our country, one woman stands out. Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin stepped up when asked by John McCain to be his running mate in 2008, only to be met with such vitriol and hatred on the part of the elite that our nation had never before seen. She has endured the attacks of those who would see our country become a powerless pawn in the pool of world serfdom envisioned by a small coterie of fanatically power hungry lunatics.

For almost two years, our citizens suffered defeat after defeat at the hands of these people. But like General Washington, Governor Palin has faith in our country and like him; she has the determination, the knowledge, and the courage to continue fighting. She knows our nation’s history, and believes in its greatness. She leads with fairness, wisdom, and ingenuity. And against all odds she almost single handedly unified working Americans to turn the tide against the enemies of America on November 2, 2010.

Palin understands that faith, family, and hard work are the solid bedrock of our country’s greatness. Like all of us, she has experienced success and failure. Like us, Sarah and her husband have struggled to meet the day to day needs of their family, and she has rolled up her sleeves and worked along side him just as so many of us do. She knows that the most precious gift our founders gave us is opportunity…not a government to take care of us. Like Ronald Reagan, she knows that it is not government, but “We the People” that makes our nation strong.

Our country is again blessed to have wise and good leaders step forward to lead the re-building of a nation that so many generations of patriots have given their toil and blood to defend and preserve. But it is to Sarah Palin that we look for fearless and outspoken leadership. Sarah symbolizes the resolve of courageous Americans who grow in number every day…Americans who have a passion for freedom, and who will not let it die.

C.A. Bamford is an author and Conservative activist. We look forward to publishing more of her excellent writing in the future.



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One response to “A Passion for Freedom: Why America Loves Sarah Palin

  1. Kelly Marinkovich

    What a poignant and well written piece. I hope this goes viral! Like they say if they’re chasing you, it’s because you are in the lead! The left continues to show us who they fear. Keep it up Sarah and keep writing C.A. Bamford.

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