Video: Sarah and Todd Palin Pitch In To Help In Alabama

By Gary P Jackson

From Samaratin’s Purse:

Todd Palin, four-time winner of the Iron Dog off-road snowmobile race across Alaska, along with his wife, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, joined Samaritan’s Purse volunteers to help tornado victims in Birmingham, Alabama, on Wednesday.

I came here to work hard,” Todd said. “There’s no point in being here if you’re not going to work hard.

After getting a safety briefing and talking with volunteers, the Palins joined a crew assisting homeowner J.L. Price. The couple helped haul off brush and debris, and with the rest of the crew, prayed with Mr. Price.

It feels great to be working out here,” Sarah said. “I hope more people sign up with Samaritan’s Purse so they can be blessed like I am today.

The Price home took a direct hit from a tornado and sustained extensive damage.

It’s hard to imagine anyone surviving this,” Todd said. “What a terrifying time it must have been for them. This just really gets you.

While going through the debris, Todd found a wooden plaque bearing the Price name and nailed it to a tree, one of the few things remaining standing on the property.

This is the third time the Palins have participated in Samaritan’s Purse relief efforts.

In December 2010, Todd, Sarah, and daughter Bristol joined Franklin Graham for a two-day visit to Haiti. They surveyed our work with cholera patients, handed out Operation Christmas Child shoe box gifts to children, and visited a shelter community Samaritan’s Purse built in the aftermath of the January earthquake.

In 2009, the governor joined Graham to hand out food parcels to families in Alaskan villages facing hunger because of a harsh winter.

I appreciate their willingness to bring hope to people in need,” Graham said.

Samaritan’s Purse is helping out all over the South with relief efforts and they need your help. They are asking for volunteers who want to come and help clean up, the first step to rebuilding. Money is also needed to help the people whose lives have been turned upside down.

Please go to the Samaritan’s Purse website and get involved.


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10 responses to “Video: Sarah and Todd Palin Pitch In To Help In Alabama

  1. Joy

    Gary, your link to Samaritan’s Purse website does NOT work. Please check it out and send one that does, so I can make a teeny contribution – THANKS!

  2. Joy

    Thanks, Gary, I did the deed – just wish it could have been more!!

  3. Brandon

    Politics: Obama coming to Alabama with cameras in tow following his every move and handshake!

    Compassion & Concern: Sarah Palin coming to Alabama, avoiding media and moving debris and handing out supplies to those in need!

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