Flashback: Newt Gingrich Wanted To Reinstate The Anti-American “Fairness Doctrine”

By Gary P Jackson

I think most Conservatives are pretty used to the idea that Newt Gingrich will betray anyone and everyone. His wives could never trust him, including the one on her sick bed with cancer. Anytime the chips were down, whether it was backing a far left liberal “republican” like De De Scozzafava instead of a solid Conservative in New York, hopping on the couch with Nancy Pelosi while shilling for Al Gore’s global warming hoax, shilling for the ethanol farmers, or wanting to replace one giant government boondoggle with another, you could always count on Newt Gingrich to betray you.

Gingrich has betrayed Conservative principles. The principles of good government. He even betrayed the laws of nature by supporting the global warming hoax and shilling for ethanol.

Then there are the wives. It’s not JUST the fact that the man is a serial adulterer, it’s his pathetic excuse for doing it. You see, this nimrod couldn’t just come out and say he was weak and loved to chase skirts, oh no, that would be too pedestrian, too ordinary. Newt actually said he was working so hard and that he so passionately loved America, that things just happened.

In other words, it’s patriotic to screw around on the wife, if you’re Newt Gingrich!

No man is perfect. We all have flaws, and one tryst might be forgivable, but this? Gingrich wants to be President [snort] being President is really hard work. If I was Newt’s wife Callista, I’d be very concerned.

Something else. Any man [or woman] who will continually betray their mates, with no remorse, would have no problem betraying the American people at ever turn. Case in point, look at how he betrays Conservatives at every turn now.

Which leads me to this. Not only has Newt betrayed wives and Conservatives, he actually betrayed the Constitution. Our buddy Ray sent this to us a couple of days ago. This is a real shocker.

For those old enough to remember, the so-called “Fairness Doctrine” was put in place to kill free speech on the radio. It forced station owners that presented one viewpoint to give equal time to the opposing view point.

Now this sounds awesome on paper, but in reality it makes running a business impossible. Most radio stations opted to just play music instead. It effectively killed free speech.

Of course, certain “news” programs were exempt, so what you ended up with was a completely biased news delivery all slanted to portray the left wing point of view.

As President, Ronald Reagan signed an Executive Order suspending the act. This would eventually give birth to a vibrant talk radio industry which helped advance the Conservative movement.

The “Fairness Doctrine” was a direct assault on the First Amendment.

Seaton Motley writes this:

Newt Gingrich Co-Sponsored the 1987 Pro-Fairness Doctrine Bill

The so-called Fairness Doctrine is the anti-First Amendment now unenforced Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rule which chilled free speech on the radio from its FCC creation in 1949 until the Commission voted to stop its enforcement in 1987.

The Fairness in Broadcasting Act of 1987 (H.R. 1934) sprung up immediately after this latter vote to try to turn the Doctrine into law. Then Georgia Congressman Newt Gingrich was one of its 71 co-sponsors.

I can’t for the life of me find the final vote, so I do not know if Gingrich voted for it – though it would be a might strange for someone to co-sponsor a bill and then not say Aye.

I did find a pro-Fairness Doctrine video that says the bill passed the House by a 3-1 margin – and that Gingrich voted for it.

It also passed the Senate – but President Ronald Reagan thankfully then broke out his veto pen.

This was all of course in the midst of the dark days of the Republicans’ 40+ years spent wandering in the House Minority wilderness, so there was rarely any need for any Elephant to sponsor anything – they were an irrelevant species.

The makeup of the 100th Congress was in fact 258 Democrats (59.3%) and just 177 Republicans (40.7%) – an overwhelming Donkey Majority.

Gingrich was not the lone Republican co-sponsor of the Fairness Doctrine – there were a total of twenty-one. Including several names you’ll know – conservatives (Illinois’ Henry Hyde and Phil Crane, California’s Bob Dornan) and…not so much (Mississippi’s Trent Lott).

Make of Gingrich’s co-sponsorship what you will – in the context of some of his other unconservative actions ( Dede Scozzafava, his pro-global warming commercial with Democrat then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and his saying that his philosophy could “involve a very activist government” to name but a few).

Read more here.

Reagan vetoed this nonsense and that was that. Talk radio was born and the rest as they say, is history. Today, within the Obama regime, there is a dedicated group of socialists and communists who want to bring the “Fairness Doctrine” back. Left wingers always want to limit knowledge. So do GOP establishment hacks.

The smarter the electorate is, the less likely they are to fall for their B.S. The Ruling Class can’t have that!

Ironically, it was the defeat of the “Fairness Doctrine,” the birth of talk radio, and Rush Limbaugh, that made Newt Gingrich a household name and GOP “star.”

As a listener from his earliest days, I remember well how Rush put Newt up on a pedestal. He built Newt up and made him seem like a giant to listeners. This led to the Contract With America and the Republican revolution in the House. The first time Republicans controlled the House of Representatives in over 40 years!

Had this genius Gingrich had his way, none of that would have been possible.

Gingrich announced on Monday that he is going to announce on Wednesday that he is running for President. The Ruling Class says Gingrich is the smartest guy they got.

This serial adulterer. This serial betrayer of all things Conservative. This betrayer of the very Constitution itself. This is the establishment’s “best and brightest.”

And we wonder why the Republic is about to slip into the abyss.

God save us from these people.



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12 responses to “Flashback: Newt Gingrich Wanted To Reinstate The Anti-American “Fairness Doctrine”

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  2. loopyloo305

    The only way I would vote for him is if he and Obama were the only choices!

  3. John Manuola

    I find it ironic that someone would speak ill about a conservative promoting the Fairness Doctrine in 1987. You either are too young to know what it was like for conservatives on air in 1987, don’t remember, or conveniently choose to tell a half-truth simply because you already made a choice NOT to vote for Newt, for whatever reason.

    In 1987, there was no Rush. There was no conservative radio at all. There was no Fox News and virtually every source of on air news in the country was liberal leaning. Virtually EVERY conservative of the day supported the Fairness Doctrine in a naive hope that it might help them gain a voice on air. Little did they know what was soon coming as a result of the bill NOT passing.

    • Gary P

      My God, Newt apologists will say and do anything to promote that lying con man.

      First off, the “Fairness Doctrine” was WHY there was no Rush, and no Conservative talk radio. If you’d read what I wrote instead of just blindly supporting one of the most despicable human beings in politics, you’d know that.

      The “Fairness Doctrine” made it impossible for station managers to have any sort of political programming. This allowed the left wing to control the narrative by putting out their propaganda by posing it as “straight news”

      Oh, and most Conservatives were NOT behind it.

      BTW, the bill DID pass, Reagan vetoed it.

      Again, you should have read the article rather than just blindly supporting the worst of the worst, Newt.

      Changing the facts of History isn’t going to help Newt. The man is beyond help. He’s a Big Government liberal who has embraced every insane left win idea ever expressed. He’s not a Conservative. Never has been.

      Newt is more dangerous than even Romney, a hell of a thing in itself, and not any better than Obama.

  4. That’s not true. Newt was uning sarcasm concerning The Fairness Doctrine”. Here is his exact quote during an interview.
    I think a conservative ought to introduce a bill that calls for equal time in Hollywood, equal time on college campuses, equal time in the “New York Times” editorial page, equal time at CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, and “Time” and “Newsweek,” and then we could have a conversation. But, as you point out, this is an absurdity. You’ve got — Congressman Mike Pence has the right bill. He’s introduced a bill to block any effort to impose government censorship on talk radio.

    And isn’t it fascinating that a week when Democrats were trying to pass a bill to strip the American worker of the right to a secret ballot election and being forced into a union, they’re also trying to muzzle talk radio because it represents the American people? And they just can’t stand the American people being allowed to speak up, either in a secret ballot election for a union or on talk radio. “

    • Gary P

      Linda, bless your heart, Newt was one of the CO-SPONSORS of HR 1934, which would have reinstated the “Fairness Act” and forced the FCC to start enforcing something the President of the United States, Ronald Reagan, had just gotten stopped.

      Newt is a liar, and a con man. The sooner people figure this out, the better.

      • Micha Elyi

        I remember seeing that interview of Newt that Linda mentioned. He was gleefully looking forward to using the pinkos’ own so-called Fairness Doctrine against them if that bill went into law. Unlike the days of the first incarnation of the Fairness Doctrine, by 1987 there were plenty of conservative groups with the cash, legal savvy, and guts to go to work turning the Left’s own judicial-bureaucratic regulatory machinery against them.

        Meanwhile, anybody seeking to be ‘pure’ as Gary P is ‘pure’ was spending a lot of time trying to make Ron Paul the Libertarian Party’s nominee for the ’88 election and harassing passers-by into signing petitions begging state governments for an L.P. line on their ballots.

        Just look around you. Who got more done for the cause of liberty – Ron Paul or Newton Gingrich? Well, the former is still a crank and the latter broke the Left’s four-decade hold on the House of Representatives, passed welfare reform, got several federal budgets closer to balance than ever seen in your adult years, among other accomplishments. Utopia wasn’t an option – a cold, hard fact fanatics like Gary P overlook.

        The shriller political babes like Gary P get with their hate on Newt, the more I’m reminded of the good Newt has already done and his track record of real-word accomplishments for actual on-the-ground liberty. And I’m becoming one of the millions who are taking a second look at Newt, giving him a clear eyed, clear headed examination, and liking what I see.

      • Gary P

        You must be joking.

        The “Fairness Act” was one of the most un-American things ever to happen. It was a DIRECT THREAT to free speech.

        I know Newt cultists will excuse absolutely everything that Big Government con man has done, is doing, and will do. Sadly, you can’t fix stupid.

        As for a “political babe” I’m sure I’ve been at this longer than you have. I KNOW I understand it all better than you do.

        Oh, and if you think I’m a Ron Paul supporter, you’ve obviously not read our blog before, or our comments to Ron Paul supporters when they get their panties in a wad!

        I’m a CONSERVATIVE, therefore there is no way in hell I could support a corrupt liar like Newt Gingrich. EVER.

        The Newt you see in the debates and giving speeches is a fictional character. The REAL Newt is as big of a Statist as Barack Obama or any other lefty.

        Remember, a Statist is nothing more than a Marxist in denial, and it doesn’t matter whether they have an “R” or a “D” after their name!

        BTW, Ronald Reagan, the greatest president in our lifetime is the one who STOPPED the enforcement of the unconstitutional “Fairness Doctrine” and when communist sympathizer Newt got his bill passed trough Congress, President Reagan VETOED the bill.

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