Pawlenty’s Hometown Newspaper Puts Presidential Announcement In Obituary Section

By Gary P Jackson

Is Tim Pawlenty’s hometown paper trying to send a not so subtle message to their former Governor?

If they read Tim Pawlenty: “The Era Of SMALL Government Is Over”, maybe so.

From City Pages:

Tim Pawlenty’s presidential campaign is Dead On Arrival, according to his hometown newspaper.

The St. Paul Pioneer Press hilariously ran the announcement of T-Paw’s presidential campaign on the Obituary page this morning.

Any other day, it would have made the front page. But that’s what he gets for making his big publicity push the day after a deadly tornado rips through his home state.

Here’s the scan of the newspaper page:


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One response to “Pawlenty’s Hometown Newspaper Puts Presidential Announcement In Obituary Section

  1. joydbrower

    Too funny – if it weren’t a bit pathetic. I actually kinda feel sorry for the guy! Rush gave him a good grilling this AM, and, no surprise, he (TPaw) didn’t really acquit himself all that impressivley. Sounded a bit defensive (in trying to explain away that deadly remark about small gov’t, etc.) and even whiney. His video & the audio portion seemed just so STAGED and phoney – i.e., he doesn’t have it in him to sound all that convincing and certainly not very leader-like! I doubt if he’ll ever emerge from the single digits…

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