President Palin’s Western White House?

By Gary P Jackson

By now many folk have read the stories speculating Sarah and Todd Palin have bought a new home in Scottsdale, Arizona. This of course, is seen as yet another sign that Sarah Palin is close to announcing her White House bid.

Now we have a photo of what appears to be Todd and Sarah at the home.

What we know for sure is a company know as Safari Investments LLC closed on the home on May 13. Safari Investments is a Delaware limited liability firm formed May 12, the day before the deal closed. Delaware does not require the name of individuals connected to limited liability companies to be disclosed, and LLCs [limited liability corporations] are often used as a tool for high-profile people to purchase homes under the radar.

The nearly 8,000-square-foot dark-brown stucco home is secluded with a guard gate for privacy. It’s got six bedrooms, seven bathrooms and a six-car garage. There’s also a swimming pool, spa, and a basement with a home theater, billiards room and wine cellar.

From ABC15 News:

It’s the best place you could buy a second home in the entire United States,” said realtor Jeff Sibbach, who sells high end homes for John Hall & Associates.

Sibbach, who has worked with several celebrity clients said it’s normal for high profile people to use an LLC.

He said this property, which has views of Pinnacle Peak, would be ideal for Palin. He also noticed there’s a new jungle gym set up in the back.

It’s definitely a low key area, but a little bit of a compound,” he said. “You got four and half acres, you got almost 8,000 square feet. A place to move around and be private.”

[ ….]

The head of Arizona’s Republican Party. Tom Morrissey and his wife Kris said they have open arms for the Palins.

Her daughter lives here, she was John McCain’s running mate,” said Kris Morrissey. “I think it’s going to stimulate the economy, she offers job opportunities to people.

The Morrisseys said the Valley is exactly the place where Palin, who’s nicknamed “Mama Grizzly” should launch her 2012 bid for presidency.

I think it would be great for the state, great for the party and ultimately great for our country,” Morrissey said.

Real Estalker points out that the Palins own lake cottages near Safari Lake in Petersville, Alaska. Hmmm.

Obviously Scottsdale would make a great place to base a presidential campaign out of. Phoenix is close by, and the airport has direct flights to Alaska and every major American city. And let’s face it, Alaska is just too far from the lower 48 to base a presidential campaign out of there.

This is a nice home, and has some land with it, which will make it more private and easy to secure, thus making it an ideal Western White House for President Palin and her family.

Here are some photos of the home:

The real estate site Trulia has a lot more photos here.



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7 responses to “President Palin’s Western White House?

  1. joydbrower

    Thanks, Gary, for donning your Page Six persona again and ferreting out this vital info – “Enquiring minds want to know!!” LOL!!!

    • Gary P

      Yeah I held off on this until photos surfaced of what appears to be Todd and Sarah. I love juicy rumors as much as the next guy, but try to report the ones about the Palins that seem to be true. It’s a nice property. Will make a great HQ.

  2. Nice spread. Horse stables across the street, view of the mountains, etc.

  3. What is interesting is that, per the trulia website, the property last sold in March, 2010 for $804K. That’s a far cry from the $1.6M price being speculated about in the media. I find it hard to believe that the home would have appreciated 100% in value since the last time it sold. I would guess that they may have bought it for a price well below the $804K.

    You’d think the idiots in the press would have done a little more investigating to report a more realistic sales price. Then again, they probably want to push the meme that it’s a mansion and that Sarah and Todd are not mainstream.

    • Gary P

      Maybe. But it’s not uncommon for someone to scoop up a foreclosure and flip it. The house Bristol bought was a hell of a deal, but I think it the seller, who flipped it did OK on the $$$$.

      Most states aren’t doing well like Texas and the real estate market is soft. Looking at the home, and the land, and comparing it to comparable homes around Austin, it looks like they may have gotten a bargain! Granted, it would be in Austin, but I think that home, with that much land, would bring twice that down here.

      I agree with you though. The media is trying to spin it like she bought a “mansion” when she and Todd just bought a very nice house, with their own hard earned money. That USED to be what America was all about!

  4. fb274

    The purchase price on the REO property was in an unfinished state. The house is finished and there is the possibility the entire CASH price might have even included the furnishings–thus allowing the Palins the capability of moving into a home without having to spend their time furnishing it themselves. Interior decorators do this all the time. Good way to handle it as well to give themselves the privacy. Not having the goons of the MSM/LSM photographing each and every piece of furniture going in.

    The Palin’s watched the screening of the rough cut “The Undefeatable” a movie about Sarah Palin which will premire later in June in Iowa, next in N.H., then S.C., and following in Nevada. After these 4 showings will then be shown in 50 to 100 markets throughout the U.S. Looks like a good move and prior to tossing the hat in the ring——therefore no FEC campaign contribution can be hollered at by the opposition. The lady is NOT dumb. You can read about the movie at Real Clear Politics.

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