Yes America, Sarah Palin Was Invited To Rolling Thunder

By Gary P Jackson

On Friday we published an article talking about patriot riders of Rolling Thunder praising Sarah and Todd Palin’s acceptance to ride in their event Sunday to raise awareness of former P.O.W.s and those still missing in action.

Rolling Thunder is a wonderful organization full of real patriots, and Sarah Palin, the mother of an Iraq War veteran, as well as a former Commander-in-Chief of two military forces supports the military, and military charities regularly.

Sadly, Rolling Thunder’s “legislative director,” Ted Shpak, instead of checking with others, ran to the nearest MSNBC cameras and started trash talking.

Long story short, Shpak created a real mess. Even as we reported Nancy Regg had confirmed days ago that Sarah and Todd had been invited, the damage to the organization, and Sarah Palin’s reputation was being done.

Now it seems Rolling Thunder’s media director, Christine Colborne, has set the record straight. Yes, Sarah and Todd were invited to ride. Ed Morrissey at Hot Air was able contact Colborne and set the record straight:

After I read this story last night, I got in contact with Christine Colborne, who handles the media for Rolling Thunder. She explained that Shpak didn’t know that Palin had been indeed invited to ride at the event. The invitation came from a retired board member, Michael DiPaolo, who had connections in Alaska and got Palin to agree to attend.

Requests for high-profile personalities to attend the event are not new. Colborne mentioned that actor Robert Patrick (Terminator 2: Judgment Day) attended at least one of the Rolling Thunder events, as have other celebrities, usually just to ride with a lower profile. Most times, though, those requests don’t even get responses, let alone acceptances. That’s a shame, because the Rolling Thunder event highlights the issues surrounding American POWs and MIAs from the Vietnam War and later conflicts, as well as providing support to their families, who really need the emotional support they get from this group of volunteer veterans.

Colborne spoke with me on the phone in the middle of an all-night car ride to Washington DC, and explained that the last-minute RSVP didn’t get communicated through the echelons of Rolling Thunder. Everyone is either in transit or already in DC, and internal communication broke down as often happens before a major event. Shpak (and Colborne) were taken by surprise by Palin’s announcement. Shpak does have the authority to speak for the organization, Colborne says, but he had no idea that Palin was invited by DiPaolo, and Shpak worried that Palin’s arrival might be a “big distraction” from the issues on which Rolling Thunder wants people to focus. Obviously, Shpak — a Vietnam veteran himself — feels passionate about defending the organization, but went on NBC with faulty information. Shpak, Colborne, and almost everyone else at Rolling Thunder are volunteers, just ordinary people doing extraordinary work, and that means they get the occasional hiccup.

Read more here.

Ed is too kind. Having worked events that need coordination, and a bit of media savvy, one thing I learned the hard way is to never go shooting one’s mouth off before one has all the facts.

Now I may be wrong, maybe Shpak made a good faith effort to contact someone…. anyone …. to see if the Palin’s had been invited, and got no answer, or even a faulty answer. What I don’t get though is why Shpak went directly to the most far left “news” organization on the planet to spout off. What purpose did it serve? Having a high profile leader attending your event is not a “big distraction.” The reason people like Sarah Palin are invited to these events is to help spotlight them. BTW, these events are open to any and all, and no invitation is needed.

Now we have an entire issue surrounding an event that is all about honoring our nation’s heroes.

The members who ride with Rolling Thunder are incredible. They do great work. That’s why this entire event makes me sad.

I could go on and on about speculating if Shpak has a political agenda.I could speculate why Shpak went to MSNBC, a company whose CEO is in bed with the Obama regime, and runs hit pieces on Sarah Palin daily. I could also go on and on about the amount of positive attention having a world leader like Sarah Palin in attendance brings. What I really want to know though is who does Sarah Palin need to see to get her reputation back?


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18 responses to “Yes America, Sarah Palin Was Invited To Rolling Thunder

  1. Richard_Iowa

    Looks like it is going to take a whole bunch of toilet paper to clean up the crap that is coming out of Shpak’s mouth. What got his undies in a bunch? Palin is about as big of a partriot that this country has and Shpak appears to have politicized Rolling Thunder by saying indicating that certain people are not welcome. I have always had a lot of respect for Rolling Thunder, and would have liked to ride my Harley Fat Boy in one of their events. After Shpak’s little hissy fit I think I will pass.

    • Gary P

      Yeah, it’s most unfortunate. But Shpak and the left wing media achieved what they wanted. They’ve got it out there that Sarah Palin tried to make this “all about her” and there are people stupid enough to believe it. It’s how the corrupt media works.

      It pisses me off because Rolling Thunder is an incredible organization and has some of the best people as members. This one guy with an obvious agenda tarnishes that, and that’s not acceptable. I honestly hope people will look past this guy, and at the group as a whole. They are not at fault here, just Shpak and MSNBC.

      e are blessed to have such brave me who will lay their very lives on the line for all of us. That is what is important. That’s the focus.

  2. joydbrower

    Listen, the entire Left-Wing Conspiracy – let by Dumbo himself – ganged up on Palin after the AZ shooting! Indeed, they even were despicable enough to use Rep. Giffords as their “poster child” for that supposed right-wing “climate of hate” (led, of course, by the hated Sarah Palin)!! That was as despicable and as cynical a ploy as I’ve ever seen. It angers me to this day – and every time I hear the name, Gaby Giffords (totally unknown ’til the LSM & the Obamabots plucked her from near-obscurity to make her a “cause celebre”), I still get angry. Of course, on a human level, I suffer for what will undoubtedly be a life-long burden; but, remember, they also totally ignored the (Republican!) judge who was MURDERED! Instead, they cynically used her to promote their sicko, ignorant and wrong-headed cause. And, of course, in the end, they were WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!!

    And when Sarah merely tried to defend herself and dared to used the perfectly appropriate and accurate term, “blood libel,” those marxist bastards piled it on her all over again!! But Palin, like the Phoenix rising from the ashes, is indomitable – and with each rotten and pathetic instance of left-wing hatred and lies, arises anew and comes back to fight – IN THEIR EFFIN’ FACES!! – another day.

    When you put this latest, almost forgettable flap in that light, you can see how comparatively insignificant it is. Meanwhile, what is becoming clearer with every misstep Ms. Beeyatch Mitchell makes, she’s obviously gunning for the Helen Thomas Award and, in fact, is, de facto, filling the shoes of that despicable POS has-been, Helen “Don’t Make Me Hurl My Cookies” Thomas…

    All in all, the harridans of the Left are their own worse enemy – but, ironically, they’re also the most effective messengers of their lies, distortions and manipulations. In the end, Palin’s reputation was never in jeopardy – and she will emerge from this contretemps with only a trace of mud…

  3. joydbrower

    I might add – no slouch in the cynic department myself! – that now that the Left has elevated Giffords to near sainthood, they’re also stuck with following her slow and arduous – and maybe never complete – recovery. The public’s interest is, naturally, waning, but the cynical leftist bastards can’t just DROP her – they need to prop her up and keep that story going! – even if it has outlived its usefulness to them. They would probably just as soon drop her altogether, but they know they can’t. They created this “creature” (not the lovely Rep. Giffords, but the false image!) – and, just like Dr. Frankenstein, the creature’s creator, they can’t rid themselves of the sob-story narrative they created – not with the purpose of genuine sympathy for Rep. Giffords (although, of course, she is a Dem), but merely as a symbol of the depths to which “right-wing hate” (which, of course, they had to create out of whole cloth) can lead. I have rarely seen such a sickening display of cynicism – even in politics!

    This is what Palin is up against – and she’ll have to fight these fiends from Hell at every turn. But what WE, her loyal base, can do, is fight them right along side of her! We need to give as much as she/we gets! In fact – and, IMO – no LEGAL ploy is too dastardly or cruel to play on these pondscum human diseases…

  4. His name is pronounced: shit-pak

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  6. I can’t imagine how much the turning of her good intentions into an arrow to harm her must have hurt Sarah. I pray for her daily, and confront the Left online daily in her defense.
    I understand the good that Rolling Thunder does…but every time I hear that name from now on, I will only think of the hurt and humiliation to Sarah that’s associated with it.

    • Gary P

      It happens every time. Liberals are so afraid of her they stay up nights thinking up ways to attack her. Thankfully, she’s one tough mama, and can not only take it, but thrive.

      BTW, I’m hearing reports on the ground, from a CBS reporter no less, that the riders are very “anti-media” and are being very protective of Sarah. I’ll have more later.

      • Ray

        “BTW, I’m hearing reports on the ground, from a CBS reporter no less, that the riders are very “anti-media” and are being very protective of Sarah. I’ll have more later.”

        This is great news!

      • Gary P

        Bikers are the best people. Many years ago, in my drag racing life we used to promote all-bike events, and also attended many all-Harley events. Great people.

  7. I’m completely disgusted with Ted Shpak. Is he Jane Fonda’s son?

    It would appear that the Left has successfully infiltrated one of the most patriotic organizations in the US, and has manipulated the organizations as their propaganda tool.

    So long as this infiltrator remains with the organization in any capacity, I can no longer support Rolling Thunder. The POWs and MIAs would be disgusted.

    LTC, USA [ret]

  8. Jack MeHoff

    I think he Hero’s should be up front and the celebs and VIP’s get to the back of the bus. Since when did Rolling Thunder turn out to be a support our troops rally? Rolling Thunder started off years ago to keep the focus on the POW/MIA issue. Somehow our MIA’s are getting left out of this. I have been to over a dozen Rolling Thunder rallys and this one was the most disappointing. I plan on making the 25th next year to be my last RT rally. If VIP’s want to ride they should be spread out through the pack. That is how they would improve attendance. Hell even most of the Rolling Thunder members were back at their motel rooms while other supporters where still in the parking lot. That is a really discusting thing to brag about. Way to lend support to your cause. I think Rolling Thunder has lost its direction.

    • Gary P

      You realize how many people who never heard of Rolling Thunder know of it now because Sarah Palin was invited to ride with them? The number is quite significant.

      Oh, and Palin wasn’t “up front” she was just another rider in the pack.

      The only reason this became a big story is because Ted Shpak, a left wing loon, made it one by lying and saying she wasn’t invited.

      Rolling Thunder does GREAT work. Guys like Shpak do it a great injustice.

  9. joydbrower

    Good rebuttal, Gary. If what Jack MeHoff says is true – re all the logistics problems with the huge number of riders that showed up for the event – then that’s Rolling Thunder’s problem/challenge to address – not Palin’s! From what little video I saw of the event, it seemed that the biker folks around her (and those with whom she actually rode) were beaming with delight that she was there and among em! And this seems to be the case wherever’s she’s stopped this week on the One Nation bus tour.

    Frankly, it was a GREAT move on her part to set all this up (starting with her appearance at the massive RT event) – and “test the waters” while she’s making her away around the Mid-Atlantic States & New England. I think we’re all seeing a bit of pre-CAMPAIGN activity, but the extra bonus, of course, has been watching the LSM go slightly nutz over their being left out of the main action! Ah, revenge is sweet – no matter how short-lived, ’cause you just know that those creeps will be plotting their own revenge down the road…

    • Gary P

      Everywhere she goes people surround her. She’s a;ll over the East Coast and is being well received. Obama doesn’t stand a chance.

  10. joydbrower

    And I just read your item about Palin in Bean Town – and also some of the other Herald stories about her, too! Wow! Score one for OUR team!!

    • Gary P

      She made a huge impact up there. It seems the stories that she can’t connect with people may have been slightly exaggerated!

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