Preview of 2012 GOP Ticket? Sarah Palin and Allen West at Rolling Thunder

By Gary P Jackson

Sarah Palin and Congressman Allen West met up on Sunday and Rolling Thunder. Sarah talks about meeting him here.  Of course, she was one of the very first to endorse the Lt Colonel for Congress.

When asked, if they had a say, many, if not most would chose Lt Colonel West to be Sarah’s running mate, myself included!

Below West talks with Todd and meets Piper.

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5 responses to “Preview of 2012 GOP Ticket? Sarah Palin and Allen West at Rolling Thunder

  1. joydbrower

    That HAS to be THE photo!! Saw it on another C4P site yesterday, too – “iconic” is the only word for it!! Hey, from that shot to God’s ears, right? Or, maybe HE had a hand in putting them together at that moment…

  2. Socmodfiscon

    I just got a chill up my leg.

  3. Delicious. And Piper is so cute.

  4. Vote for this team in 2012 and I’ll bet they’d replace the wussie White House bowling alley with a pistol range! Skeet shooting on the White House lawn every Saturday afternoon. Can Harley armor up a Hawg enough to replace the presidential limo? šŸ™‚

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