Sarah Palin Dines With Donald Trump

By Gary P Jackson

Sarah Palin is having a blast pointing out the nation’s history, what makes this the greatest nation on earth, while she she tours historical sites on her One Nation Tour

She’s also having incredible fun tweaking the press, who weren’t invited, but have decided to tag along. [and bitch the entire time]

Tuesday night found the Palin’s in New York City. They plan to visit the Statue of Liberty and other sites on Wednesday. While in town, Sarah and her family had a standing invitation to visit Donald Trump, so they stopped by.

The whole crew went to a pizza parlor in Times Square.

The Washington Post had this to report: [emphasis mine]

On day three of Sarah Palin’s unconventional bus tour came the most surprising moment by far. The former Alaska governor and her daughter Piper dined tonight with media mogul Donald Trump and his wife Melania at a pizza place in Times Square. Palin met Trump at his apartment in Trump Tower, near Rockefeller Center; they rode from there in his limo to the restaurant, part of a New York City chain.

Asked on her way into the restaurant about Trump’s past political donations, Palin responded, “I think I’ll go change his mind and make sure he’s contributing to constitutional conservatives.’’

She didn’t ask me [to run with her] but I’ll tell you, she’s a terrific woman,” Trump said as they walked in. Trump’s special counsel, Michael Cohen, told reporters that the pair had talked in the past about meeting up whenever Palin found herself in New York.

The group shared pepperoni, sausage, and meatball pizzas.

Palin is staying in Jersey City, where she arrived via bus this afternoon after a short trip to Philadelphia. Tomorrow, she is expected to take an early morning boat from there to Ellis Island, before the crowds of tourists arrive. Then she will greet the first ferry of visitors before taking her boat back and hitting the road.

From there, Palin’s plans are something of a mystery, although she is expected to head for New Hampshire. Details of her week-long tour of historic Northeast sites have remained secret at every step. Reporters have been scrambling to trail her at each stop.

[ …. ]

Every time you go to New York, you’ve got to see Donald Trump,” Palin said on her way out. “I approve of his independence.” She did an interview inside the restaurant with television reporters. Trump refused to comment as he left, saying only that he thought Palin was “good” and that they talked about “different things.

Two members of the U.S. Navy, Daniel Delgado and Daniel Johnston in for Fleet Week and hanging out at a friend’s bar down the street, ended up being enlisted by both parties’ bodyguards to perform impromptu crowd control as the stars walked out.

The first person who approached Palin outside the restaurant was Diane Barone, a union activist from Youngstown, Ohio in town for IUE-CWA contract negotiations. She shook Palin’s hand and would not let go, telling the former governor she disagreed with her positions on unions. Palin responded calmly that her father had been a union member and that making things better for working people “is something on which we can agree.” She said afterwards that she doubted she could change Palin’s mind, but you never know: “I thought she would ignore me and she did not, she shook my hand.

The Miami Herald adds:

NEW YORK — Sarah Palin and Donald Trump exchanged words of admiration Tuesday after a brief meeting at the real estate magnate’s penthouse in a Manhattan skyscraper bearing his name.

Palin, the former Republican vice presidential nominee, said she and Trump shared similar ideas for improving the U.S. economy, while Trump called Palin a “terrific woman and a terrific friend” who he hoped would seek the GOP presidential nomination.

[ … ]

What do we have in common? Our love for this country, a desire to see our economy put back on the right track,” Palin told reporters after a 15-minute meeting with Trump outside the Trump Tower, where he owns a three-floor penthouse.

To have a balanced trade arrangement with other countries across this world so Americans can have our jobs, our industries, our manufacturing again. And exploiting responsibly our natural resources. We can do that again if we make good decisions,” Palin said.

Trump demurred when asked if he would support a Palin presidential candidacy.

She didn’t ask me for that. She came up as friends,” Trump said. “She’s a great woman, a terrific woman and a terrific friend. I’d love her to run.

Palin added, “We both agree that competition is good and the more folks in that primary, the better.

After the meeting, Trump and his wife, Melania, rode in a stretch limousine with Palin, her parents and youngest daughter, Piper, to have dinner at a pizza restaurant in Times Square. The Palins planned to visit Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty Wednesday morning.

Interesting how two different media outlets report the same event, huh?

We’ll have a lot more on the tour and the media later in the week when the dust settles. Suffice it to say, watching the media this week, and listening to their caterwauling, is entertainment better than you can buy at price.

Here are some more photos of the Trumps, The Palins and the Heaths dining:

Shushannah Walshe posted a photo on her site here.

The lamestream media waiting on the Palins to show up at Trump Tower:

BTW, if you’ve never watched a member of the lamestream media have a nervous breakdown in real time, I highly recommend following Shushannah Walshe on Twitter. She’s a fine example of how wee-wee’d up the media is over Sarah Palin’s One Nation Tour!

More to come ….



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2 responses to “Sarah Palin Dines With Donald Trump

  1. joydbrower

    Love the tweets from Shoshanna Walshe – and loved a clip I saw earlier of Matthews/Hardball with Eugene Robinson & Howard Fineman – all 3 (4, incl. Shoshanna) totally off their mark, frustrated, guessing and out to lunch!! As you say, “highly recommended” for some long-overdue payback and “gotcha” sparring with the LSM!! If nothing more comes from this (first of several!!) bus tour(s) than just watching the LSM scramble and try to seem “in control,” (but basically admitting that she’s got them on a string), it would be well worth it! Rush’s analogy of the cat “toying mercilessly with the cornered mouse” is SO spot-on, too! Drive ’em wild, Sarah – drive ’em nutz!!

    • Gary P

      Sarah Palin is having fun. She’s driving the media over the edge!

      I have a big stack of stuff I want to talk about all at once, because it’s so insane! Today the media was worried that she was “making them follow her” and it would cause an accident, and someone would DIE!!!!!11!!!!! ROFLMAO.

      Seriously, the media weren’t invited, and yet, they are so obsessed!

      I love what she’s doing because she’s just talking to folks on the street while she does her thing. AND she’s doing it in deep blue states.

      I knew she would be unconventional but I had no idea it would be this fun!

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