A Time For Choosing

By Madeleine McAulay

September 3, 2008. That was the day. That day was the day that changed my life. 12 years old, a young mind, and a heart wide open, I sat and I watched the Vice Presidential hopeful, Sarah Palin give a compelling, heartfelt, and passionate speech. As I watched my heart, spirit, and soul were completely engulfed. I had never experienced anything like it. Typically a 12 year old would not be compelled to watch an hour long speech, I was no different, but this woman, this mom, she was unlike anyone I had ever encountered before, I sat and I watched the entirety of the speech holding on to every word the Alaskan Governor, Sarah Palin said.

Why Sarah Palin? Why not Sarah Palin? Sarah Palin is not just your everyday politician. She is a wife, a mom. She is a mother who got involved in her local community because she saw corruption. She saw dirty crooked politicians and she was determined to change it. She did not want to change it for selfish gain. She wanted to change it for the sake of her Children, her children’s futures. Starting with the School Board, to Mayor, to Governor, to Vice Presidential Candidate, Sarah Palin busted through doors as a storm. She was a whirlwind of passion, dedication, and love for her God, her Family, and her Country. What is next in store for Sarah Palin? Can you say Madame President?

These Heels are made for Walking and that’s just what they will do, Obama, in 2012 Sarah Palin is going to walk ALL over you! (My Favorite) 

In one ear I have the Palin haters telling me she won’t run and that she is unelectable. But then I have the facts coming in the other. The facts that Sarah Palin is a True American; she is an American willing to do anything in sacrifice for our Great Country. She is a Mama Grizzly ready to attack when someone tries to mess up the Fundamental Values of our country, which is exactly what is going on. She is the only Republican Candidate willing to do what is right no matter the party affiliation.

She is the only Republican Candidate willing challenge the Current Administration without fear of being criticized by the Lame Stream Media. She is the only Republican Candidate willing to take on the GOP when she sees corruption. Quite frankly she is the only Republican Candidate I trust, she is the only one willing to get her hands dirty, for the mission of saving our country and restoring it to its former greatness.

Sarah Palin is the change I can believe in, the leader I can believe in. And I am 100% positive she can conquer and defeat the Current Administration in 2012.

Governor Palin’s Vice Presidential Nomination Acceptance Speech:

Madeleine McAulay is the co-founder of Youth For Palin. You can follow the group on Facebook, Twitter, and at their website.


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