Sarah Palin’s Chief Of Staff: Ed Rollins Has Long History Of Sticking Foot In Mouth

GOP Establishment hack Ed Rollins

By Gary P Jackson

Michele Bachmann’s hired GOP establishment attack dog, Ed Rollins, has stirred up a hornet nest among Conservatives and Tea Party members, as the guy has a record of trashing both. It’s still hard to fathom why Bachmann hired someone like this. At any rate, Sarah Palin’s Chief of Staff Michael Glassner talked to POLITCO about the loose cannon:

Sarah Palin’s chief of staff blasted Michele Bachmann strategist Ed Rollins today after Rollins criticized the former Alaska governor and suggested to POLITICO that his candidate would benefit by comparison to her

Beltway political strategist Ed Rollins has a long, long track record of taking high profile jobs and promptly sticking his foot in his mouth,” said Sarah PAC chief of staff Michael Glassner in an emailed statement. “To no one’s surprise he has done it again, while also fueling a contrived narrative about the presidential race by the mainstream media. One would expect that his woodshed moment is coming and that a retraction will be issued soon.”

A Bachmann aide blew off Rollins’ nastiness by saying he was “working in his role in his media analyst” at the time he spewed his nonsense. Where I come from those are weasel words. Bachmann hired this loser knowing what he was, and it’s doubtful he went on the attack without her approval. Bachmann needs to own this. If she can’t keep this loon on a leash, how does she think she’ll be able to serve in an executive position?


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7 responses to “Sarah Palin’s Chief Of Staff: Ed Rollins Has Long History Of Sticking Foot In Mouth

  1. PalinGuy

    I could not agree with your last statement more. What a jerk. For someone who pretends to be so “Tea Party Friendly”, Bachmann sure does surround herself with cocktail party GOP henchmen. Rather than inciting this low blow towards Palin, perhaps Bachmann should take ownership of all the pork she’s sought to pass in congress for her home state of Minnesota. It is anathema to true tea party members, and shows who she really is…

    • Gary P

      Very disappointed in Bachmann. Sarah Palin has been VERY good to her, helped her raise a lot of money for re-election in 2010. Past that, most Palin supporters were Bachmann supporters. Not that they’d vote for Michele over Sarah, but if for some reason Sarah decided not to run [chances of which are almost nil] Bachmann would have benefited from some support.

      I think we can safely say that’s all out the window now.

  2. PalinGuy

    Definitely Gary…Over at Conservatives4Palin, people are saying the same thing. If (God forbid) Sarah does not run, Bachmann is no longer in line to absorb her support. People are incensed, and rightfully so. As you said, Palin endorsed Bachmann and helped raise TONS of money for her. What a snake.

    BTW, I just discovered your site and love what you’re doing here. Please keep up the excellent work!

  3. This will definitely cost Congresswoman Bachmann the nomination, whether Governor Palin runs or not. Governor Palin’s devotees are more sensitive to slights against her than they are to slights against themselves. And they don’t easily forgive people who trash Governor Palin; or who hire people who trash Governor Palin. And as a devotee of Governor Palin, I can say that. The Good Governor doesn’t carry grudges herself, but where Governor Palin is concerned, many of us who support her do.

  4. Joy

    I must have missed Rollins’ latest foot-in-mouth statement, but Bachmann’s even hiring this also-ran, out-of-date pol shows lack of judgment on her part and undermines any good feeling Palin and other Conservative supporters may have had for Bachmann. Good Lord in Heaven, these GOP hopefuls sure do run, stumble and fall, don’t they? Even the more experienced ones (i.e., retreads from 2008 and even earlier!) aren’t doing themselves proud much, either! So far (knock on wood!), Palin appears as a virtual statesman!! GO, Sarah!!

    • Gary P

      Yeah. Hiring Rollins proves Bachmann has poor judgment. Can’t be trusted to do things like pick Supreme Court justices.

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