Must See Briefing: Steve Bannon On Sarah Palin And “The Undefeated”

What Sarah Palin did as Governor in Alaska is a Harvard Business School case study in turnarounds

~ Steve Bannon

By Gary P Jackson

This is a powerful briefing on Sarah Palin and the new motion picture The Undefeated from Steve Bannon, the film’s creator. Bannon goes into great detail about why he made the film, and why he strongly supports Sarah Palin.

The movie heavily focuses on Sarah Palin’s strong record in Alaska. Bannon makes the challenge to compare 18 months worth of Sarah Palin’s time as Governor, and all of the positive acomplishments she made, against the best governors America has ever had. He also makes the same challenge to compare her with our last three presidents, Obama, Bush, and Clinton.

People who have actually followed Sarah Palin’s career for some time know this, but those who haven’t will be surprised to learn Sarah Palin accomplished more in her time as Governor than most politicians do in a lifetime. You’ll see in the film that Sarah is a workhorse who put in 16-17 hour days, 7 days a week to get things done. She has an incredible work ethic.

Bannon also mentions Sarah Palin’s high approval ratings. She had the highest approval of any Governor in the country, possibly any elected official. Her approval numbers were in the low 90s, high 80s until she got back from the campaign trail with McCain, and a concerted effort was made to drive those numbers down. When she left office, she still had one of the highest in the country, with an approval in the high 60s.

One gets the feeling The Undefeated is going to be a real game changer. Sarah Palin is an unconventional leader, and will run an unconventional campaign. Listening to Steve Bannon you feel the intensity he has and the desire for a serious course change in America.

Sarah Palin is the one leader capable of making that change.



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10 responses to “Must See Briefing: Steve Bannon On Sarah Palin And “The Undefeated”

  1. Joy

    I loved it!! It’s a terrific insider report – and totally compelling! Now, if only everyone in the USA has an opportunity to see the film after its public release, that message will go out a thousand-fold!!

    • Gary P

      This guy is intense! We’ll have more on the movie soon. I think it will change the entire game. I’ll be posting some reviews later on.

  2. Auggie56

    Unfortunately, we the Palin supporters will be the only one’s seeing the movie.

    • Gary P

      Not so sure about that. The movie has already garnered rave reviews from people who are definitely NOT Palin supporters.

  3. Socmodfiscon

    Gary, What’s with all the Palinistas getting pumped up for Perry. Frankly has me worried a bit. What’s your take? Can you do some time over at HotAir and set em straight please.

  4. Well, After listening to O’reilly tonight tell us for the 500th time about Palin’s negatives, and questioning her motives ,is it vanity , greed,etc. what’s she up to. She’s sucking all the air out of the campaign of others. She can’t win ,blah blah blah.
    It was nice to hear the truth for a change. These rats are upping the anty now,and as Sarah Palin says .It’s hard to pick a fight with those who buy ink by the barrel. I can attest to that.
    The Republican party has disappointed me terribly. Or may we call them the Whigs ?
    This is a hard road. But thanks for giving me a little reprieve from the garbage i hear every night…I got my popcorn ready.

    • Gary P

      O’Reilly’s pissed because Sarah put that blowhard in his place last time she was on his show. He’s totally unwatchable these days.

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