N.Y. Times And WaPo Ask Readers To Do Anti-Palin Research For The Obama Regime


By Gary P Jackson

This is simply breathtaking. Just when you think it couldn’t go any lower, the corrupt blood libel media, proves us all wrong. This bunch isn’t even trying to hide their slobbering love for Obama any more. Not only are they actively trying to re-elect Dear Leader, they’re asking their readers to join in with them.

The State of Alaska has released all of Sarah Palin’s official e-mails, around 24,000 of them. Now the hacks at the New York Times and the Washington Post are asking their readers to help them “research” all of these e-mails by signing up online and going to town.

Now this is the same bunch that was just covering up for major pervert, democrat Congressman Anthony Weiner, who was blaming a “right wing hacker” for the photos of “Little Anthony” that he, himself, tweeted to a young girl. Of course, the perv has now admitted he’s a liar, and in fact, sent the tweets, but these same corrupt media bastards still have his back.

In 2008 the Democrat Industrial Media Complex ™ conspired to kill reporting on Barack Obama’s vile anti-American, pro-Hamas terrorist preacher, his ties to murdering domestic terrorist Bill Ayers and his cop-killer wife. They covered up all reporting of anti-American Communist Frank Marshall Davis, Obama’s mentor from his early years. Oh, and the Los Angeles Times still has the tape of pre-election Obama at a dinner for a Hamas terrorist where Obama praises the terrorist and slams Israel. [according to those who’ve seen it] Of course the Times thought that tape had no value whatsoever during the 2008 election.

No.Value. Whatsoever.

On the other hand, the Associated Press put, what, a dozen “fact checkers” on Sarah Palin’s books looking for grammatical errors!

What’s interesting to me is the democrats, their media partners, the liberal loons who stop by here to comment, and the GOP establishment elites all tell us that Sarah Palin is insignificant, unelectable, uneducated, and so on. For someone who supposedly couldn’t get vote one in an election, and matters not in the grand scheme of things, all of these groups sure seem to spend every waking moment worried sick about her.

Could it be all of these groups, the democrats, their media partners, and the GOP hacks are fibbing to us?

The dems, their media mouth pieces, and the GOP squishes all tell us Mitt Romney is the one leading the pack, and some poll just put Romney ahead of Obama in a head to head race. And yet, there is no “Stop Mitt Romney before we all die!” campaign going on. In fact, these same democrat media mouthpieces are saying good things about Romney. Of course the fact that he shares an ideology closer to Obama, than any random Conservative on the street, might have SOMETHING to do with that, but still, if Romney was really a threat to take out the most radical leftist the dems have ever managed to get elected, wouldn’t they be jumping up and down trying to stop him?

We’re not talking about the general election yet. We’re talking about the Republican primary, and the only one who puts the fear into the hearts of the Ruling Class, in both parties, is Sarah Palin.

The Ruling Class knows that if Sarah Palin enters the races as a candidate for President, she will win the primary, and the general handily. If there was any doubt about this, her successful bus tour on the East Coast should have ended that.

Sarah Palin’s record in Alaska is that of strong leadership. She got things done. As Governor alone, she accomplished more than most politicians will in a lifetime. She’s a reformer who puts principle over party. After all, it was corrupt Republicans she sent to prison. For the Ruling Class [in both parties] a President Sarah Palin means it’s game over. No more business as usual. No more “good old boy” deals.

The Washington Post has created a Twitter account for their little scheme: @PalinEmails. In my opinion that would be a great vehicle to use to ask the Post if they are going to investigate the $10 billion Obama sent to Brazil’s Petrobas three days after George Soros bought controlling interest in the oil company. As well as his recent trip there, where he told the nation’s leaders he wanted the United States to be their biggest customers.

Or maybe they can look into the big Soros/Al Gore/Maurice Strong/Goldman Sachs/Obama $10 trillion Chicago Climate Exchange deal. Or maybe you can ask WaPo if they’ll pressure the L.A. Times to release that tape where Obama praises a Hamas terrorist, and trashes Israel. Then we can see if the rumors, that the dance troupe that was there performed simulated ritual beheadings as part of it’s performance, are true.

There’s a lot that America doesn’t know about Barack Obama’s shady past. Might as well start asking the corrupt media to look into it!

On the other hand, I think it’s safe to say that Sarah Palin is the most vetted candidate for any office in modern history. If there was anything bad out there, it would have surfaced by now, that’s for certain. 

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One response to “N.Y. Times And WaPo Ask Readers To Do Anti-Palin Research For The Obama Regime

  1. mfirebrand1

    All I can say is this is so Bogus. Allen west + Sarah Palin 2012.Save the USA

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