Corrupt Washington Post Hires Disgraced Former Palin Staffer As E-Mail “Expert”

By Gary P Jackson

You just thought the Washington Post hit rock bottom with their Palin e-mail nonsense, which BTW, has produced the exact opposite results they intended. These e-mails are proving Sarah Palin was a hard working Governor, a solid reformer, and an incredible CEO.

Liberals are stupid though, especially those in the media, so WaPo is doubling down. They’ve went out and hired disgraced former Palin staffer Frank Bailey to be their e-mail “expert.”

If you remember, Bailey, the only Palin staffer to ever be forced to take ethics training by the state, because of his behavior, allowed far left loon, and Obama blogger, Jeanne Devon, to put his name on a fantasy book she wrote, pretending to be a serious work discussing Bailey’s time on Sarah Palin’s staff, using e-mails stolen from the state archives.

For his efforts, Bailey is under investigation by Alaska’s Attorney General.

Alas, the book has been a dismal failure sales wise, so Bailey, a crapweasel of the highest order, is looking for a new way to scam someone out of money while cashing in on the job he once had on Sarah Palin’s staff.

The Post is only too happy to oblige. They will be hosting a “chat” with this nimrod on Monday at 11 am, Eastern time. They are asking for questions. I’m sure our readers will be happy to ask some good ones.

You can submit your questions now by clicking here.


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17 responses to “Corrupt Washington Post Hires Disgraced Former Palin Staffer As E-Mail “Expert”

  1. Joy

    Thanks, Gary, for the never-ending update on the PDS continuum…

    My question, just posted at WaPo is as follows: “What were the circumstances, Frank, of your being remanded to “ethics training” while you were still on Palin’s staff?”

  2. dirgeledig

    Everyone knows the circumstances of Bailey being remanded to ethics training. He was following Sarah’s orders in her vendetta against Wooten and her brother-in-law.

    • Gary P

      No, he wasn’t. But thanks for being a mind numbed robot. In fact, Bailey took it upon himself to get the Palins involved in that mess.

      BTW, if you look through those 24,000 e-mails just released, you’ll see that Wooten had nothing to do with Walt Monegan being fired, and as we reported three years ago, Troopergate was a put up job headed by Barack Obama’s then Senate chief of staff Pete Rouse.

      Monegan was fired because he refused to follow the simplest of orders. Palin offered to reassign him, he got a case of the red ass, resigned, and then was coerced by Team Obama into cooking up his story. This is documented in the report Timothy Petumenos put together.

      But again, thanks for playing.

  3. mistah charley, ph.d.

    when I heard about this I didn’t think they were hiring him. I thought of it as a one-time appearance, basically a call-in radio show except by texting on the web.

  4. Celia Harrison

    Are you trying to say WAPO is liberal? That’s funny. Jeanne Devon is certainly nowhere near the far left. I’m on the far left and from where I sit she appears very much to the right of me. Lots of Alaska state employees have had to take manditory ethics traning because of the poor standard of ethics here to begin with. I’m no fan of Frank Bailey, but the book does contain accurate material, backed up with his emails and parts have been confirmed by the email dump from yesterday. The value of the Bailey book is to expose the truth about Palin to protect the country from her.

    • Gary P

      The entire book is Jeanne Devon’s fantasy. You can go through her crap website and find old posts almost word for word. Bailey’s a dope and a fraud. And yeah, WaPo is a liberal rag.

      Lots of Alaskan’s my have had to take ethics training, but Bailey is the only one in the Palin administration.

      The guy is useless. Palin even got him a job AFTER she left office, and the loser couldn’t keep it.

  5. Charlie

    What an embarrassment this is turning into for the liberal media. All one can say is, keep on making fools out of yourselves WaPo, et al.
    As the saying goes, “When your enemy is destroying himself…get out of the way.”

  6. John Scotus

    Of course they hired him. In fact, for the WaPo, one could say that he is actually a bit overqualified.

  7. lwjwl

    Just caught the weekend edition ABC National News segment on this. They got nutin, I tells ya, nutin.
    They mentioned that these emails probably won’t change many minds about Sarah Palin, “Pro, or Con.” Do I think that they were reaching out to ‘Progressives and Conservatives’ with the, “Pro, or Con,” verbiage part of their statement? Could it be some form of subliminal suggestion to keep people away from reading the emails because ABC only found that Sarah Palin worked hard for the people of Alaska? Knowing the Loony Left and their evil ways, I would have to say that some writer added that bit just to try to make people believe that they don’t have to check into the emails because the people will find out and trust that Sarah Palin will be working just as hard for ‘We The People’ of the U. S. A. when she is elected POTUS in 2012. ABC and any other LSM news source couldn’t have us find out anything good about Sarah Palin, so they will want the emails to disappear. No dirt and only hard work? Backfire!

  8. Joy

    Hey, Gary! You’re getting a lot of traffic tonight – HOO HAW!! Some great new Palinistas heard from, plus even the naysayers were fun to read (and then watch you shoot fish in a barrel – too easy by half, Tovaritch [Comrade]!!). I can see that this is heating up; but still, even as the PDSers fling their their lies & insults, we emerge, stronger than ever!

    BTW, Frank Bailey is one of those people for whom Andy Warhol must have invented that clever phrase, “Everyone has his 15 minutes of fame” (alternatively, “Your 15 minutes of fame are UP, Senor!”).

    • Gary P

      Oh yeah. The e-mails have proven that Sarah Palin is exactly who she says she is. They also prove she was a hard working Governor and a solid CEO.

      All the left has now is to throw childish insults. Their day is over, and they know it.

  9. vhtg

    Before denouncing the book Blind Allegiance by co-authors Frank Bailey, Ken Morris and Jeanne Devon as full of lies, shouldn’t you actually READ it?

    • Gary P

      I’ve read Bailey’s book, or should I say Jeanne’s. It’s a work of fiction written by a hateful loon. Bailey is nothing more than a whore.

      Bailey approached several of Palin’s staffers about writing a PRO Palin book, and when they told him to get lost, he hooked up with the Obama bloggers who have been lying about Palin for years. They guy is the worst sort of loser.

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  11. Joy

    Some LSM outlets are now spinning that the REAL “poop” or “hot stuff” is in the emails that have been withheld (for good and legal cause, of course) and/or in those emails that have been partially redacted (which one sharp-eyed pro-Palin supporter debunked as “the redacted parts were only or mostly NAMES!”).

    The lies, distortions and false accusations will continue, of course; but, in time, it’ll be like the little boy who cried, “Wolf!!” No one will pay any attention to their empty protests…

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