Flashback: Sarah Palin vs Mitt Romney Late-night

By Gary P Jackson

A funny bit from Jon Stewart at The Daily Show. This was during the re-launch of Jay Leno’s version of The Tonight Show after NBC had tried Conan O’Brien in the slot. Sarah Palin was one of Leno’s first guests, and it just so happens David Letterman had Mitt Romney on at the very same time.

Stewart goofs on both of them, but as the best comedy always has it’s basis in the truth, his comments on Romney are spot on.

Click on the image to watch.


Super special thanks to Ray at SarahNet!



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3 responses to “Flashback: Sarah Palin vs Mitt Romney Late-night

  1. lwjwl

    LOL! Mitt Romney needs to quit and save himself time and money. When Sarah Palin announces that she is running for POTUS Romney will be lost and swallowed up in Palin’s jet wash.
    Obama doesn’t stand a chance against Sarah Palin. She will win by a landslide. Romney would loose to Obama and the LSM. There is nothing more that the LSM can say about Sarah Palin unless they start making up more lies. So, “Game on!”

  2. Joy

    OMG – that was so damn funny!! So many times I’ve wanted to punch Stewart in the fact when he’s in his regressive mode, but when he applies punch and zing on an equal basis – as he does here – he’s a champ! I’m still laughing!! My God, Palin has GOT to use this great clip – or, at least, some of this type of material when she’s at a strictly pro-Palin fundraiser!!

    • Gary P

      When Stewart is on, he’s on. He also called out the idiot media for all of the e-mail nonsense.

      Jon is a typical liberal, but he does seem to have at least a little intellectual honesty. Hard not to respect that!

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