Governor Palin and Destroying the False Narratives

by Whitney Pitcher

The recent release of Governor Palin’s emails during her first year and a half in office have destroyed the media-created narratives of  her supposed lack of intelligence, unseriousness, and vindictiveness. However, another narrative continues to circulate– Governor Palin should not run for President.  There’s not room for two women in the race, as if women in presidential politics are like a grocery store coupon–limit one per election–the narrative says. The narrative ties into her electability and supposed extremism, as the media ignores polls that show Governor Palin leads or is with in the margin of error in nationally for the GOP nomination and is shown to represent the views of Republicans better than any other candidate or potential candidate. The narrative states that potential candidates with very little name recognition and little grassroots support are more than able to jump into the race this summer, but  it’s too late for Governor Palin, even though she has higher favorability numbers than most of candidates have name recognition numbers. “She cannot win”, says the Establishment and the media, yet if that were true, they would be all to willing  to let her run and lose. Despite all of these reasons to the contrary, the narrative continues to propagate across the media and Establishment.

In 1964, Margaret Chase Smith, a moderate Republican Senator from Maine, became the first woman to run for the presidential nomination of one of the two major parties.  As it is with Governor Palin, Smith also had to overcome false narratives regarding her potential candidacy, namely the narrative that a woman could not withstand the rigors of running for President. The following video is from the New Agenda--a group that strives to support and defend all women across the professional and political spectrum. This video does an excellent job of highlighting the history of women who have achieved the highest position of political leadership in their respective countries, as well as highlighting the history of women in American presidential politics. I encourage you to watch the entire clip, but  I do want to draw attention in particular to a brief section in this video which contains the audio of Smith’s presidential announcement (starting at about the 5:40 mark):

Here is the text of that section of the clip:

It is contended that as a woman, I would not have the physical stamina and strength to run. So because of these very impelling reasons against my running, I have decided that I shall.

Especially for anti-Establishment candidates, there will always be false narratives to destroy. Governor Palin’s decision to run for the presidency will ultimately be made by prayerful consideration by her and her family. Should she choose to run, she will have destroyed yet another false narrative, which is nothing new for a woman who has made a political career of beating the  odds and destroying false narratives.



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3 responses to “Governor Palin and Destroying the False Narratives

  1. Rock

    Every time Sarah Palin hits a home run ,like she did on Memorial day weekend ,and blows the other sitting ducks out of the water. These freaks come out of the woodwork for the next solid two weeks ,and blast her 6 ways to Sunday.
    .She never jumps high enough,she never hit the ball far enough, she’s disorganized,she’s vain, she’s greedy,she’s not specific enough,to high of negatives.She is sucking the air out of the others campaigns.
    Now ,that the e-mails are a big bomb, liberal punks like John Stewart, are chastising the media for spending so much time on her,when you know damn well if they had found something he would have been the first one to dance on her grave. It’s now the bait and switch.
    I am shocked at this whole Pathology. I never dreamed how rotten this apple is.
    There is no other candidate, in my mind, than Sarah Palin. A leader like this comes along only every 100 years or so,i wonder if people undrstand that. Sorry Rove…No retreat ,no surrender.

  2. Joy

    Rock – you just took the words out of my mouth (that began in my heart): Namely, “there is no other candidate”, etc. And you’re right – Palin’s leadership, her very aura, and what she can accomplish come only once in a very long time! And absolutel NONE of the other candidates possess “IT” as they used to say… (even The One at the height of his Adoration Phases!).

    I think EVERYONE – on both sides of the aisle – would be disappointed if she DOESN’T announce her candidacy; it’ll be as if “Elvis had left the building” – before the concert had even begun!! The other acts just wouldn’t cut it for the audience hungrying for La Palin!!

    Game ON!! And, Go, Sarah, Go!!

  3. Hi Rock and Joy,

    Those who are threatened by Sarah’s obvious and ongoing successes and massive popular appeal are losing all sense of reality. I might remind you both that that “sucking all the air out of the room” bit ORIGINATED on FOX News by Dick Morris and was repeated at FOX News over and over and over again.

    Too flippin’ bad all the other candidates are so weak, lukewarm, and tepid they need “Affirmative Oxygen Action” in order to get attention. Life sucks for the mediocre, huh?

    This is the big girls and boys arena, Sink or swim, or get the hell out of the way.

    FOX News management want so desperately to put their boy Mitt Romney out front that they feel compelled to use negativity against Sarah in order to do it. Thing is, I TAKE NOTICE and so do all of Sarah’s backers. I don’t use the word “Fans” though it is a good one. I use the term “Backers.” I carries the meaning of “We Have Sarah’s Back, dirtbags.” Mess with her and you are messing with ALL OF US.

    The more these adult children on the left and those on the right pull schoolyard stunts, the more they are dismissed as relevant.

    Thing is, Sarah knows how to use their impulsive stunts against them. That really drives them crazy. I watched some asshat FOXNews berate Sarah to her face last month badgered her saying… “You are an analyst for FOXNews! So analyze!” To her face!

    My temper went nuclear…

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