Sarah Palin Absolutely Crushes All In Latest Hot Air Reader Poll

By Gary P Jackson

Yet again Sarah Palin destroys all comers in the latest Hot Air straw poll, with 36.48% of the vote, compared to 14.07% for second place finisher, Texas Governor Rick Perry. Since January Hot Air has taken at least one, sometimes two of these polls monthly, and Sarah continues to absolutely own them. This poll was taken to measure the impact of the latest Republican debate.[which she did not attend]

Governor Palin also has the highest approval rating, with 48% saying they “highly approve.” Of those considered top tier candidates, Mitt Romney and Tim Pawlenty are tied for the lowest approval, with each getting a 7% “highly approve” rating. Newt Gingrich, no longer a serious contender, pulls in a whopping 1% of the “highly approve” nod.

Though these are in no way scientific, the moderator, Patrick Ishmael, does a good job making sure no one can spam these things, and also asks interesting questions. Hot Air tends to be a pretty good representation of Conservative thought, at least among it’s readers. 6056 people participated in the poll.

First, the overall results:

Something new, a few head-to-head match-ups:

In a Palin/Bachmann contest, the Governor beats Bachmann handily 56 to 44 percent. It’s a taste closer, but Sarah beats Rick Perry 54 to 46. Rick Perry crushes Tim Pawlenty 73 to 27.

As this chart shows, Governor Palin, represented by the top blue line, has been the one to beat since last November-December:

80 percent of Hot Air readers describe themselves as Conservative, including 32% very Conservative.

Read the full results here.



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3 responses to “Sarah Palin Absolutely Crushes All In Latest Hot Air Reader Poll

  1. lwjwl

    This is not surprising, as Sarah Palin has been the only one who has beating Obama with an ugly stick since he took the presidency in ’08 because Obama has been steering this great country into bankruptcy and third world status from his beginning, which Sarah Palin has been fighting hard against.
    The majority of Americans want someone who will fight hard for them and see Sarah Palin as that fighter.
    She can win this fight for us and will do the same great things for us that she did for the people of Alaska. She fought against both political parties and won for the people. There were many fraudsters in Alaska that, either had to pay hefty fines, or went to jail because of Sarah Palin’s effort to clean up corruption in Alaska.
    She will do the same in D.C. This is what makes the fraudsters in D.C. quake in their boots. This is why they fear Sarah Palin.
    She will fight for us to keep what little freedoms and hard earned money that we have left and fight to give us more freedom and more money in our pockets.

    Sarah Palin has a proven track record of fighting and winning for the people of Alaska. Also, she fought for and helped very many good conservatives get elected in 2010, which slowed down the Obama’s agenda and gave us real hope that we can finally stop Obama’s agenda with the 2012 election.

    Most Conservatives know that there is nothing that the left can throw at Sarah Palin, except lies about her. She has been vetted more than any other GOP POTUS candidate.
    Any other candidate who gets the GOP nomination for POTUS will get trounced by the liberal media and Obama will win another 4 years as POTUS.

    This poll shows what the majority of Conservative Americans know about Sarah Palin.
    That she is electable, can win POTUS and will fight for us.

  2. Wake up america ignore all the liberals who laugh at her THEY ARE PETRIFIED OF HER. The so called cons. rep. are too she will not be told what to do like a puppet. That is why they keep saying she is not electable!!! RUN SARAH RUN!!!

  3. AJ Steele

    Governor Palin is the only candidate that can compete with Obama in the
    media. She will be all over the news allowing her to get her message out to independents. Some democrates may even be reached when they see her for the truely competent person that she is. To be standing after the continual assaults
    that were thrust upon her is a testimony not only to her abilities as a politician but to her power as a woman. And, I think she uses it wisely.


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