Michael Moriarty: Sarah Palin IS America

By Gary P Jackson

Michael Moriarty writes in Big Hollywood:

America is, as they say, “on” to the slick exterior of Barack Obama. Sarah is even beyond a breath of fresh air to the rancid, smelly corruptions going on in both the Republican and Democratic Parties.

I don’t see how the Republican Party can live without her!

I don’t see how America can survive without her!!

And if she doesn’t run?

Obama will be reelected. He’s the new Jimmy Carter and without a Ronald Reagan Carter would have been back in office.

So Palin is the new Reagan?

Better than a new Reagan. She’s the complete symbol of pro-life. Nothing less will put the United States back on track. She doesn’t talk pro-life. She and Trig are the very meaning of pro-life.

In the same way, she doesn’t talk the renewal of basic American values. She is America.

Are Americans really as “stupid” as Bill Maher says they are?

If so, then they all must, at heart, be as “stupid” as the elitist press of both the Republican and Democratic Parties say Sarah Palin is.

If the “stupid” American people see enough of themselves in Sarah Palin, they will, indeed, put her into office.

Ms. Palin is here! She’s the profoundest of quintessentially American realities! To not elect her is for America to sell not only herself out but the rest of the world as well.

To not elect her is to not know America’s greatest enemy and that enemy can be summed up in two words: the Obama Nation.

Lincoln predicted that America would not be destroyed by a foreign power. If she dies, it will be by suicide.

Sarah is the only life raft America has right now. Any other candidate for the Republican Party, Romney in particular, will eventually be in the back room cutting deals with a virulently Progressive Democratic Party, a radically Leftist’s poison that has, with Obama, proven its own promise: “the fundamental transformation of the United States of America.

After four years of Obama, the Dr. Jeckyll of America has already become Mr. Hyde. This radical experiment with a known Marxist in the Presidency?


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2 responses to “Michael Moriarty: Sarah Palin IS America

  1. Joy

    I love Moriarity’s sense of inevitability re Sarah Palin! As she herself has often said, “If, after looking over the field of GOP candidates I don’t see that leader who will accomplish what we must accomplish to save this nation,” she’ll be the one to step in! Well, with each passing day, we’re seeing the absolute weakness of EVERY candidate so far! Of course, it’s not that we didn’t see this BEFORE they jumped in, it’s just that their declaration and now their pathetic posturing has reinforced what we always knew: NONE of them stacks up favorably against Palin. She’s been the true North Star from the get-go – and, I think, everyone knows it, but is too “shakin’ in their boots” to so acknowledge (certainly, not publicly!!). Cowards…

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