Exclusive Youth For Palin Ground Report From Pella, Iowa And The World Premier of “The Undefeated”


Youth for Palin administrator Austin Harris with Sarah Palin in Pella, Iowa

By Gary P Jackson

Austin Harris, the 15 year-old administrator and Iowa coordinator for Youth For Palin was at last night’s world premier of The Undefeated in Pella, Iowa and along with Youth For Palin co-founder Elizabeth Hawkes gives us a report of the event from their perspective:

By Austin Harris and Elizabeth Hawkes

In early May of this year, I discovered that a movie was being produced about Governor Palin and dismissed it immediately as another attack video.

It is reasonable to consider liberal movie producers deviously conjuring up a project to undermine Governor Palin as so many in the LSM have done in the past. “They’re just up to their old tricks again!”, I thought.

Indeed, who is not aware of those well crafted tricks dedicated to misrepresenting Governor Palin as diva, bad person, selfish mother, and just another self absorbed narcissist in it for the money? But to my surprise and relief, I soon discovered that there was actually someone that understood Governor Palin and he was, shockingly, a conservative movie producer from Hollywood, Stephen Bannon.

The day of the premiere was filled with excitement. At 4 o’clock in the afternoon we finally arrived in the beautiful town of Pella, Iowa. The journey took us over an hour to drive but, in hindsight, it was well worth every minute as my anticipation of seeing Governor Palin reached unparalleled levels.

Every place I looked there was the media and the “common folk” of Iowa surrounding the Pella Opera House eagerly waiting for just a glimpse of Governor Palin.

As I pondered that not even President Obama could attract so many fans, I maneuvered my way to my seat and sighed with relief, “I was finally and actually here!”.

Larry Peterson welcomed people to Pella by giving us a lesson on the rich history of the Pella Opera House. We then sang the Battle Hymn of the Republic and This Is My Country. What transpired next was better than any Hollywood studio stage editing or director’s cut. Halfway through our second rendition of these patriotic songs, Governor Palin walk into the theater. All around me, cheering supporters were taking pictures as Governor Palin took her seat, not in an isolated roped off area by herself but right in the middle of the crowd with everyday, average Americans.

The Mayor of Pella, Darrel Dobernecker, welcomed Governor Palin to Pella by cleverly telling her, “You like to rock the boat and it is better to rock the boat then to sink the ship.”

Next, Stephen Bannon introduced the movie, we prayed and appropriately ended with the Pledge of Allegiance.

The Undefeated kicks off with cinematography of Governor Palin on the stage with John McCain announcing her as Vice President. Then the film spends a few minutes showing pictures and video’s of Governor Palin during her childhood years. It talks about Exxon oil spill and why people love Alaska. It provides a well choreographed perspective on why she ran for Mayor and Governor. It describes, in detail, why Governor Palin did these things, how she did it, and how the people benefited from it in Alaska. It talks about a wide variety of issues that go from oil to corruption to budgets to resigning and what she did after she resigned.

The documentary depicts her as a dedicated and hard working Mayor and Governor that never lost her perspective of being an everyday, average American.

Sarah Palin didn’t care if the corruption was in her party or not; she took it on where she saw it and won. The film correctly portrayed her as a person that really cared about the people and not just about herself.

The crowd in the theater was very energized and clapped and cheered numerous times during the movie.

If Governor Palin does decide to run for President in the 2012 primary, this movie will really help her with those voters that are still undecided.

The Undefeated is a huge game changer.

My level of support, respect, and enthusiasm is much higher then it was before, and trust me, it was very high before.

If you have not seen this movie please do. It will change your perspective on Palin dramatically.

Austin Harris with Andrew Breitbart in Pella, Iowa

Austin Harris with Robert L. Vander Plaats, 3 time Iowa RepublicanGubernatorial candidate, in Pella, Iowa

This was an exclusive by Elizabeth Hawkes and Gold Coast Chronicle Original article here.


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6 responses to “Exclusive Youth For Palin Ground Report From Pella, Iowa And The World Premier of “The Undefeated”

  1. Patrick

    Sarah Palin is the most vetted candidate ever.

    Has anyone, ever, had their entire career of emails, as a public official, poured over by thousands in the media? Never finding ONE gaffe, mistake, or questionable conduct?

    She ran the affairs of 15,000 state employees and an operating budget of $11,000,000,000 billion. Larger than Visa, Hershey’s, Weyerhaeuser, Charles Schwab, or Bank of Ireland.

    She did it with 93% percent “bipartisan” approval while governing from the center. She delivered honest government for once.

    Sarah is the conservative ‘star quarterback’ on issues, values, and media attention and has continuously grown stronger year after year. True grit and rugged individualism

    The Media is terrified that another Ronald Regan “is poised to take flight” and are well aware the danger to “the good ole boy network” if that plane takes off.


    Similarities between Ronald Reagan and Sarah Palin

    Both were born in February and are Aquarius
    Both were born in the Midwest
    Both are Protestant Christians
    Both graduated College in the Midwest with Four Year Degrees
    Both started their careers in Media Broadcasting
    Both moved out west.
    Both became Governors of the States they moved to.
    Both are Conservatives
    Both were trashed seven ways from Sunday for their “folksy speaking style”
    Both were trashed for being “stupid country bumpkins”
    Both were trashed by “their own party”
    Both bypassed the media “and went straight to the people”
    Both beat the odds!

  2. Patrick


    Eliot Spitzer Democrat Governor of New York QUIT (criminal)
    Rod Blagojevich Democrat Governor of Illinois QUIT (homosexual)
    Jim McGreevey Democrat Governor of New Jersey Jersey QUIT (criminal)
    Anthony Weiner Democrat Representative of New York QUIT (sex offender)
    Barrack Obama Senior QUIT raising and supporting his Family (deadbeat)
    Bill Clinton Democrat QUIT respecting his wife Hillary (philander)

    Sarah Palin (R) Resigned Oil & Gas Commission over corruption (integrity)
    Sarah Palin (R) Resigned Governorship over nuisance lawsuits (selfless)

    There are good and bad reasons to stop what you’re doing….

    Had she not resigned, how many hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees would the People of Alaska, and The Palin Family, have to pay in nuisance litigation?

    Had she not resigned, would the 67% of those candidates she endorsed in the 2010 Midterm elections have won?

    She delivered successful and honest Governorship of 15,000 employees and an Operating Budget of $11,000,000,000 billion all with 93% bipartisan support.

    Sarah Palin did the right thing for the People of Alaska and The Palin Family

  3. Patrick


    1974, Ronald Reagan gave a political 11th Commandment, “…Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican. It’s a rule I followed during that campaign and have ever since…”

    He said this because of “personal insults about his intellect” by those in his own party, Gerald Ford and his advisers to name a few. Ron accepted that it is fair game to attack policies but not them personally. So he never did it. He showed class. Reagan won.

    Reagan knew the camera very well but Palin is a natural. Both were impugned for the exact same reasons; Intellect, Folksy Speaking, Country Bumpkin Stereotypes. Both had their accomplishments belittled and dismissed. Reagan was my first Vote, I saw it firsthand.

    Republicans and Conservatives inherently realize that Sarah Palin has greatest the name recognition in the field. She has that certain je ne sais quoi, that “it factor” that “draws the crowds” to hear her message, which is “Our Message”.

    Remember what Bill Keller, NY Times Editor; lamented recently, “…I was startled my 13 year daughter thinks she is cool. This from a girl with a Hillary Clinton Sticker on her door…” It must be unsettling to such a devout liberal unable to “control that appeal” of Sarah’s persona.

    Many on the right think she should “skip this cycle”, or go back to Alaska and read up the “approved list of publications”. Many on the left think she should go off and die. Blah… blah… blah… Focus!

    Governor Sarah Palin ran the affairs of 15,000 employees and an operating budget of $11,000,000,000 billion. Larger then Visa, Hershey’s, Weyerhaeuser, Newmont Mining, Bank of Ireland, and Harley Davidson.

    Her emails display what we need “right now” in government, diligent attention to the affairs of the people while governing from the center to accelerate successes.

    No more talking heads and bureaucrats, mired in the minutia of their self important issues. Get to the point or get out. Most of what goes on in Government today is manufactured importance. That is why it has grown out of control.

    Sarah Palin has the most “dependable conservative” credentials in the field.

    She can be trusted to be “our principled nominee” that we did not get from the George H Bush’ fiasco with Ross Perot and Clinton, or Mitt Romney today. Now is the time to “restore our foundational principles”.

    She is the single most “vetted” candidate EVER IN HISTORY.

    She is our Star Quarterback on issues, values, and media attention.


  4. Patrick

    Sarah Palin is the Conservative “Star Quarterback” on issues, values, and media attention.

    She delivered “honest government” in Alaska with 93% bipartisan support by governing from the center. Read that again and compare with anyone, ever.

    (1) Gay rights: She is for “equal benefits” for same-sex partners. Her college room mate openly lives in a same sex marriage. Are you still getting up off the ground?

    (2) Abortion: She is Pro life “except” if life of mother is at risk. Betcha you didn’t know that!

    (3) Gun Control: She is for “2nd Amendment Rights” and self protection, obviously. She can drop a Caribou at 200 yards, dress it, and serve it up too. (Standard Military Rifle Range distance is 547 yd – 1,094 yd)

    (4) Worker Compensation: She promised to “cut her own pay” as Mayor, and did. Her husband is a member of the United Steel Workers Union.

    (5) Corruption: She resigned, as Chairman of the Oil & Gas Commission ($118k per year job) over corruption between Big Oil and Republican cronies Frank Murkowski, Don Young, and Ted Stevens. That took balls and selflessness. She can’t be bought.

    (6) Government Waste: She reduced Alaska Federal Earmarks by 80%. She protected the State of Alaska by refusing $28.6 million in Federal Stimulus with onerous strings attached. She got rid of “her own perks”: State Jet, Limousine, and personal Chef.

    She holds Conservative “Smaller Smarter Government” ideologies regarding: Excessive Regulations, Boarder Security first, Entitlement Reform (no death panels), Earmark Reform, Domestic Energy Independence (drill baby drill), No Bailouts of any private companies, etc.

    Elected Governor of Alaska ran the affairs of 15,000 employees and an operating budget of $11,000,000,000 billion. Larger than Visa, Hershey’s, Weyerhaeuser, or Bank of Ireland. She performed with 93% bipartisan approval by governing from the center.

    Chairman of Alaska Oil and Gas Commission
    Elected Mayor of Wasilla ran the largest City in metro Anchorage, Alaska.
    Elected City Council of Wasilla, Alaska (twice)

  5. AJ Steele

    Patrick- Awesome commentary on Palin. But, will she run? I’m dreaming of a Palin/Bachmann ticket.

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