A 15 Year Old’s Review of “Not Afraid of Life: My Journey So Far”

By Madeleine McAulay

Not Afraid of Life, written by Bristol Palin with Nancy French, is a captivating story of Faith, Family, and a whole lot of Drama. Not Afraid of Life exposes the trials and the sufferings Bristol Palin experienced throughout her teenage years and the false exhibitions that were played out by the Main Stream Media.

Bristol Palin wrote this book in a way that is not only personal but that is charming. When she discussed her family and her childhood it was impossible not to smile. Many of the stories she told, from when she was a young girl, reminded me that her family is normal and very relatable. (And much like mine!)

Despite what the media is trying to make it seem like, the entirety of this book is not about Levi Johnston. Yes, she does discuss their former relationship in detail, but this book is more than just a little, petty love story that didn’t work out. It goes into the gritty details and the many regretful decisions Bristol Palin made as a teenager and how she overcame those decisions.

Not Afraid of Life does a fantastic job at debunking the false accusations and lies that the media has tried to throw at the Palin family. It also displays the thick skin and the hardworking family that the Palin’s are. Along with highlighting the unfailing love Bristol has for her precious son, Tripp. It describes the hard work and dedication it took for her to get where she is today. Her story is inspirational and one to be greatly admired.

Coming from a youth perspective, this book was very impactful. Not Afraid of Life reminds me that just because someone is not necessarily a “bad” kid, they can still get caught up and overwhelmed by the secular world. Bristol Palin said multiple times in this book, that she was a good, Christian girl, but that she got caught up with the wrong guy and her desires overwhelmed her since of right and wrong.

Bristol Palin has experienced a life she never thought she would. Some people say, “Why is her story any different than any other teen mom?” But Bristol’s story is different because of the way she overcame those trials. Most people would have given up if they would have had to endure what Bristol did. An average person would not have survived those trials. But not only did Bristol survive them, she faced them head on. Fearlessly she pushed through the many hindrances placed in her way with Grace and Integrity.

I would highly recommend Not Afraid of Life, to anyone and everyone. This book made me, smile, laugh, and cry. I applaud Bristol Palin for her Courageous and Gutsy spirit. This book has greatly impacted my life, and I know that it will do the same for everyone who reads it and gives it a chance. I look forward to seeing where God leads Bristol’s life, and the great ways He will use her to spread His good and perfect Word.

Madeleine McAulay is the co-founder of Youth For Palin. You can follow the group on Facebook, Twitter, and at their website. You can also find her at her new blog Faith Hope and Politics.


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