Andy Barr’s Strange Definition of “Fans”

By Stacy Drake

First of all, I would like to boldly state that I take offense when people refer to Palin supporters as “fans.” The notion that we are “fans” infers that we are not serious in what we do. It also infers that Governor Palin is not serious, as if she is just some celebrity with a fan-club. Nonsense. We are serious activists with a serious cause. Governor Palin is a serious leader, during a serious time. Don’t let them diminish any of our efforts by downplaying our motives.

That said, Andy Barr wrote a piece recently for Politico titled “Palin fans tire of 2012 question.” The title itself insinuates that supporters or “fans” (because that’s what the leftist media calls us) of Governor Palin are tiring of the governor, and are running to Andy Barr to go on record about it. Rubbish.

As you look through the list of people he cites as alleged “fans,” you will notice that they all have something in common. Every one of them are current or former GOP officials. Since when has Sarah Palin had a large number of “fans” within the Republic establishment, on any level? Um, try never.

Barr writes (emphasis):

And the frustration is starting to build: key early state players are tiring of trying to read the tea leaves about whether she’s in or out. They’ve reached the point where they just want to know the answer.

Trying to figure out Sarah Palin reminds me of the ancient practice of extispicy, divination by examining entrails for meaning,” said former New Hampshire GOP chairman Fergus Cullen.

I’ve become convinced that there is no grand strategy behind Palin’s activity,” Cullen added. “There is no rhyme. There is no reason. The only common theme to her schedule of activities, statements and appearances is her seemingly unending ability to attract media coverage.

Now, there is nothing to say that a former GOP official couldn’t be a supporter of Governor Palin. I’m sure she would appreciate the support, and I know her real supporters would as well. However, in Mr. Cullen’s case, he appears to be a pretty big “fan” of somebody else. Back in May of this year, Cullen wrote a piece for the New Hampshire based Union Leader called “Why I’m giving Mitt Romney the benefit of the doubt.” In it, he writes:

Conservatives rightfully celebrated the defeat of Hillarycare in 1994, but then they failed to move market-based alternatives to big-government healthcare. Meanwhile, people had the audacity to keep getting hurt and sick. Others worried about affordable coverage and staying insured. Swelling costs threatened federal, state, and local budgets. The issue didn’t heal itself. It metastasized politically while most Republicans did little.

An exception was Mitt Romney, who tried to address the public’s desire to bring predictability to insurance, cover the uninsured, lower costs, and protect taxpayers. We can, and should, debate aspects of his approach and whether it’s worked, but Romney deserves more credit and less criticism than he’s getting for addressing an enormously complicated issue, and the benefit of the doubt for trying when others would not. Governors and Presidents are elected to lead. Romney did.

It’s not enough for Republicans to say they want to repeal Obamacare. It’s not enough for Romney’s opponents to shoot at the Massachusetts model. Candidates need positive plans to replace Obamacare with something better, that relies on market forces instead of government, that expand coverage and lower costs.

Does he sound like a Sarah Palin supporter to you? Me neither.

Nice try Andy, but you are going to have to coordinate your story better with the headline writers at Politico to get a bogus meme like this to stick. At the very least, next time pick a Romney “fan” who hasn’t been so public with their support.

We Palin supporters aren’t ‘tiring’ and we aren’t running to reporters to talk about our feeeeelings. We know what we’re doing, and if Governor Palin wants to drive the press mad for awhile making them wait on her decision, it’s fine by me.


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One response to “Andy Barr’s Strange Definition of “Fans”

  1. Joy

    The GOP Establishment are beginning to look like petulant children! And they still think that they’re relevant – fancy that!! They’re so used to having candidates court them for big bucks and Party support, that they can’t see that Palin is underscoring their irrelevance in today’s political world every day that she DOESN’T sit down, shut up and go home! Tough tiddy, boys – she’s “fighting like a girl” and giving you a VERY big run for your money! In a word, “Deal with it!!”

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